Monster Paradise
908 The Royal Trial
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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908 The Royal Trial

Lin Huang did not waste time the days after the New Year.

In order to get Bai, Tyrant and the rest to learn human combat skills faster, he took an entire day to talk it through with Bloody and Grimace. They eventually came up with an idea.

Lin Huang got Bloody to collect a massive amount of combat skills as its database, analyze the core composition of all combat skills, extract them and merge them into combat skills that were suitable for Bai and the rest.

The reason he wanted to spend so much time doing this was that it took a long time to learn high-grade combat skills.

Even an immortal-level human powerhouse who was talented in Sword Dao would need at least a year to master a legendary-level sword skill perfectly.

Lin Huang's ability to learn one sword skill an hour did not come from his talent but from the cheats that he collected.

Getting Bai and the rest to spend hundreds to thousands of years to learn combat skills would be a waste of time, so he would rather create exclusive combat skills for each of them. Even though the combat skills were more difficult, they would only take two to three years to learn.

Bloody had collected combat skills on the Heart Network before and later, its parasitic army cast parasites on many human powerhouses. Hence, it mastered quite a number of combat skills.

However, to fill up the database, Lin Huang shared a copy of all of the combat skills including Sword Dao that he had in his head. He even retrieved an extensive number of combat skills from Mr. Fu for Bloody to memorize.

To reduce its workload, Bloody delegated a portion of work to Grimace. It shared the database with Grimace.

Grimace was very curious about human combat skills, so he soon immersed himself in the study of it.

Both of them put aside the cooking competition they had agreed on earlier.

Apart from practicing sword skills every day, Lin Huang became Bloody and Grimace's consultant at the same time. They would ask Lin Huang whatever combat skills they did not understand. After all, the data that they obtained was more theory than practical.

Although Lin Huang did not cultivate many combat skills, he had achieved a certain standard in Sword Dao. Just like the saying 'a principle passes a hundred principles to be bright', the epic-level and legendary-level combat skills were not obscure to him now when he looked at them. He could give an elaborate explanation on most of them. Otherwise, he would ask Mr. Fu if there was anything he could not comprehend.

Although the exclusive combat skills were still new to Bloody and the rest, most of the imperial monsters had their own elevation techniques.

For instance, Lin Huang shared all Witchcraft Runes with the Witch. Meanwhile, Lin Huang shared the Seamless skill with the Imp and Grimace who were experts at telekinesis. For Killer, Lin Huang shared all of his Sword Dao inheritance and sword skills with him. Lancelot, on the other hand, had Bloody sharing all of the Saber Dao combat skills with him.

Killer and Lancelot were different from the other imperial monsters. They had rather terrifying talent and comprehensive ability in Sword Dao and Saber Dao. Both of them learned human sword and saber skills insanely fast. Although they could not compare with Lin Huang who had shortcuts, picking up one type of legendary-level combat skill in a day or two was normal to them.

Lin Huang figured the reason they were like that was not that they were on pseudo-mythical-level. Instead, they were born with an extraordinary affinity toward the nature of their combat skills. The Evil Dominator was on pseudo-mythical-level too, but he learned human combat skills. Its efficiency was nothing higher than Bai. In fact, it was even slightly lower.

As Bloody and Grimace got on track with the exclusive combat skills, Lin Huang had more time to cultivate his sword skills. The legendary-level sword skills that he mastered were growing every single day.

On the 13th of February evening, Lin Huang finally obtained 30,000 card pieces for the 300th legendary-level sword skill that he cultivated. Xiao Hei notified him that a complete legendary-level sword skill card had merged with him.

Just when the card became one with Lin Huang's body, he could feel that his Sword Dao was closing its gap rapidly. It was like the very last puzzle piece being fixed into the frame.

He instantly comprehended some of the questions that he could not understand in Sword Dao. It was like a layer of membrane that was pried open, and he could now see a bigger world.

Lin Huang shut his eyes for a long time and realized that his Sword Dao had reached the legendary level-6 when he opened his eyes again. Deity, level-6 of Sword Dao!

If Mr. Fu had not told him this a few days ago, perhaps Lin Huang might think that his Sword Dao had reached its peak now. However, after listening to Mr. Fu explain the true meaning of Sword Dao, Lin Huang knew he was still far from his goal. His determination and will were pumped.

The breakthrough of his Sword Dao gave Lin Huang a deeper understanding which accelerated his speed in the cultivation of his legendary-level sword skills.

Initially, he would have taken more than an hour to accumulate a complete sword skill card by cultivating legendary-level sword skills together with his Sword Spirit. However, he would only need slightly more than ten minutes for one legendary-level sword skill in order to get a complete sword skill card. He could obtain four to five sword skill cards within an hour.

The boost in the learning of his sword skills gave Lin Huang more confidence which made him cultivate his sword skills even more diligently.

However, figuring that it was still the New Year, Lin Huang would still spend time eating and shopping with Lin Xin every day.

He also took the time to contact Leng Yuexin, Li Lang, and the rest of his old friends to find out how they had been.

Leng Yuexin had elevated to immortal-level rank-2. She had already been on blue flame-level 11 months ago after all.

On the other hand, Li Lang had elevated to immortal-level rank-1. His skin was much tanner now. Having looked like a brat before, he now looked mature. It was clear that he had gone through a lot in the past year.

Lin Huang did not contact Yi Zheng, but he was almost sure that he was more powerful than Leng Yuexin. The resources in Division 3 were richer compared to Division 7, and since Lin Huang had introduced Yi Zheng to the Genius Union, his growth must have skyrocketed.

On the night of the 14th of February, Lin Huang's Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated when he was practicing his sword skills.

Seeing that it was Yang Ling on the communication page, he figured that the Emperor's Heart Rings must be unlocked. He picked up the video call after disguising as Lin Xie.

Surprisingly, Yang Ling did not show any body parts this time in the video call. Instead, he was wearing a smart suit.

"Yo, you dressed up today."

"It's a must since it's a special day today," Yang Ling said while smiling.

"What's so special about today?" Lin Huang was stunned to hear that.

"It's obvious that you're a single dog." Tang Ling had disdain on his face. "You don't even know it's Valentine's Day today."

"Aren't you a single dog as well?" Lin Huang pouted.

"Not exactly. I met this goddess the other day, so today might spell the end of my singledom," Yang Ling said with full confidence.

"You might end your singledom today, but you'll become single again tomorrow." Lin Huang seriously had no comment on Yang Ling's messy private life. He was lucky to not have contracted any diseases by now.

"It's different this time." Yang Ling nodded in all seriousness. "I'm really in love."

"Sure, I'll congratulate you in advance then." Lin Huang was a little surprised, but he did not plan to delve into Yang Ling's private life.

"Are you contacting me this time to tell me that you've unlocked all of the Emperor's Heart Rings?"

"I've taken a few days off during the New Year and spent half a day yesterday unlocking all of them." Yang Ling put his private life aside as soon as it came to business. "Your rewards are pretty dope this time!"

Yang Ling could see all of the items in the Emperor's Heart Rings via projection after unlocking them. However, he could only see the projected items and not take them away since the rings were physically with Lin Huang.

"But there's something that I must tell you. There's this one item among all of them that you must get rid of as soon as you can, or else, you might get yourself into major trouble." Yang Ling could not help but frown as he warned.

"What's that?" Lin Huang asked doubtfully.

"It's Dynasty's Royal Trials token," Yang Ling announced while projecting an image.

It was a golden token with the character 'royal' imprinted right in the middle amidst complicated sigils around it.

"What does this thing do?"

"It's the trial token that's only owned by Dynasty's Princes. Every Prince has one," Yang Ling explained, "Dynasty will have a Royal Trial every decade. All of the Princes must participate in it. The person who passes the final elimination will obtain the Royal Title and became the leader of Dynasty. It has been over 600 years since Dynasty was established and there's only been one person who won the title. He was Dynasty's founder.

"If I'm not mistaken, Dynasty should have the Royal Trials this year. Huang Wuji of Five Princes will most probably win the title and become Dynasty's new leader."

"A trial token would mean a place in the Royal Trials. Dynasty won't allow the Royal Trials token to be wandering out there. Having this token with you spells big trouble, so I suggest you get rid of it as soon as you can."

"Can they sense where the token is since it's in the Emperor's Heart Ring?" Lin Huang raised a brow.

"They can't, but they have their way of locating it as soon as you take it out." Yang Ling shook his head and added, "I've changed the positioning of those Emperor's Heart Rings that you obtained this time before I activated them, but we can't get rid of the possibility that they might find out about the rings being activated and retrieve the items from far away. I honestly suggest you get rid of them as soon as possible."

"I understand. Thanks." Lin Huang nodded.

As soon as they were done talking, Lin Huang heard someone knocking on Yang Ling's door when he was going to hang up on the video call.

"I think it's my goddess. Don't hang up. I'll show you how gorgeous my goddess is!" Yang Ling stood up to get the door instantly.

A delicate and shy girl appeared standing at the door.

Lin Huang was completely bewildered when he took a closer look. He almost exclaimed out loud, 'Hong Zhuang?!'

The girl was Hong Zhuang, but her make-up seemed completely different than before. She looked like a naive student now.

"You're here, Hong Hong!" Yang Ling looked shy which was a rare sight. "Oh yeah, I was just talking to my client. Let me hang up now."

Yang Ling turned around and winked at Lin Huang's projection at his work desk as he walked over. It only took him a few steps to reach his desk before he ended the call.

Looking at the empty communication page before him, Lin Huang could not snap back to reality for a long time.


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