Monster Paradise
904 Flimsy
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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904 Flimsy

Mr. Fu changed the topic suddenly after commenting on Lin Huang's personal abilities.

"The lady Xiao Wu who opened the door earlier… Is she your imperial monster?"


"I see that her combat strength is already on imperial-level black gold-rank. Is she your most powerful imperial monster?" Mr. Fu asked again.

"No, all of my imperial monsters are on imperial-level black gold-rank now," Lin Huang explained with a grin.

"All of them are on imperial-level black gold-rank already? How many are there?" Mr. Fu was stunned to hear the update.

"Over 20 of them." Lin Huang did not hide the fact.

"Why don't you summon all of them within your limit and let me test their abilities?" Mr. Fu guided his puppet doll again. It was clear that his fun from battling Lin Huang earlier was not over yet.

Lin Huang raised a brow and summoned a total of 13 monsters including Bai, Tyrant, Thunder, Bloody Robe, the Malachian Fiend, the Imp, Charcoal, the Herculean King, Bing Wang, the Death Knight, the Fallen Knight, and the two Dark Crescent Snakes at once.

Bloody was coiled up in his sleeve while the Witch was in the living room on the first floor, hence occupying two summoning quotas. That was why he could only summon 13 imperial monsters to fight.

Mr. Fu was clearly stunned when he saw the 13 monsters appearing at the same time. It was his first time seeing Lin Huang summoning all of his imperial monsters within his limit.

"Can you really control so many imperial-level black gold-rank imperial monsters?" Mr. Fu asked with surprise written all over his face.

He clearly sensed that each monster had an aura that was much powerful than the typical triple mutated monster. They clearly had powerful bloodlines.

Although he was not an Imperial Censor himself, he knew that the more powerful the imperial monster was, the more burden it was to the Imperial Censor's soul. Judging from Lin Huang's immortal-level rank-4 combat strength, theoretically, controlling one imperial-level black gold-rank monster should be his limit. However, now it seemed like not only was he controlling more than ten imperial-level black gold-rank monsters, but he also did not show any signs of suffering burden on his soul at all.

"The most I can control are 15 monsters. I can't control more than that," Lin Huang stated.

Mr. Fu looked deeply into Lin Huang's eyes and faintly guessed that his disciple might have some hidden secret. However, he did not dwell upon it.

"Each and every one of them has a notably powerful aura. I wonder how their abilities are like." Mr. Fu glanced through all the 13 imperial monsters. "Fight me at once. We can save time by doing that."

Bai and the rest looked at Lin Huang, seeming to be miffed that they were being underestimated.

"This is my Master. He'd like to see all of your abilities. Fight him together and don't hold back." Lin Huang nodded toward Bai and the rest.

He knew it was pretty impossible for Bai and the rest to win even if they were to fight together. Under Mr. Fu's control, the puppet doll's combat strength could easily rise to imperial-level purple gold-rank which was on par with a supreme genius's abilities.

Bai and the rest had been killing everywhere they ventured recently. It was not a bad thing for them to suffer a setback occasionally. At least, it would encourage them to become more powerful.

Despite their reluctance, Bai and the rest obeyed Lin Huang's order and soon got into their battle mode. They raced towards the puppet doll Mr. Fu was controlling.

Initially, Bai and the rest thought that a puppet doll would not be that powerful even if it was controlled by a formidable person. However, the imperial monsters soon fell into hardship.

The puppet doll Mr. Fu was controlling maintained its combat strength of imperial-level black gold-rank which was the same with Bai and the rest. Its body was like a specter moving among the monsters at ease, reining Charcoal and the rest under its control.

Bai and the rest did not bond at all when they were fighting as a team. Each of them only exerted 50% to 60% of their abilities.

Even Lin Huang frowned as he observed them. He had never gotten his imperial monsters to fight together; the most were two in a group. He would use his army directly when he encountered compelling enemies, but he could tell that they were lacking in that aspect now. The cooperation between one another was horrible. Their overall ability was at least twice as worse compared to the sword formation of Lancelot's 18 sword servants. One must know that their personal abilities could suppress the sword servants.

"Their personal abilities aren't bad, but I could tell that your imperial monsters have never fought together," Mr. Fu commented.

At that moment, Bloody could no longer take it.

Just when Mr. Fu was ready to stop the fight, Bloody spoke to Bai and the rest through voice transmission. Soon, they formed a simple battle formation following Bloody's order, carrying a different imposing manner now.

"A battle formation?" Mr. Fu raised his brow and peeped at Lin Huang's left sleeve.

With his virtual god-level combat strength, he sensed Bloody that was hiding in Lin Huang's sleeve since the beginning. He had also heard Bloody's voice transmission earlier loud and clear. Although he initially planned to stop, his interest was now piqued. He wanted to see what the little fella hiding in Lin Huang's sleeve could do.

"The two combined knights will be the center of the battle formation. The rest will attack following the duo," Bloody instructed their next moves through voice transmission.

The Death Knight, who was already on imperial-level yellow gold-rank, attacked first as soon as the battle formation was formed. He swung the spear in his hand like a dragon. The air would be sliced wherever the spear passed by. The deathly sharp spear tip was like a cannibalistic poisonous snake that was directed at the skull of the puppet doll.

Mr. Fu had elevated the puppet doll's combat strength to imperial-level yellow gold-rank and it did not hold back. It threw a punch at the spear tip. Immediately, there were explosions coming from the punch, and the air in the affected areas was evacuated.

The two collided in the air.

It sounded like millions of thunderbolts exploding at the same time and circles of turbulent air current spread towards all directions like ripples.

The Death Knight only retreated three steps away from this collision while the puppet doll shot out and fell into the sea with a loud splash.

"Interesting!" The collision made Mr. Fu's eyes light up.

As he moved his fingers slightly, the puppet doll came out of the sea immediately and dashed towards the battle formation formed by the imperial monsters.

Under Bloody's instruction, within the entire battle formation, the two merged knights were the center. One was in charge of attacking and the other was in charge of defending.

Bai and the rest bonded more and more whereby Bloody did not really have to instruct them after that and they would know how to work the formation.

Mr. Fu did almost everything he could by controlling the puppet doll, but he failed to break the formation after trying for almost two hours.

Eventually, he helplessly elevated the puppet doll's combat strength to imperial-level white gold-rank and spent over 20 minutes breaking the formation completely.

Bai and the rest were eager to proceed with the fight, but Lin Huang stopped them.

"Not bad. These imperial monsters of yours have very strong learning abilities that are on par with humans." Mr. Fu recalled the puppet doll completely and nodded in satisfaction. He then looked at Lin Huang's left sleeve. "Of course, the most powerful one would be this little thing up your sleeve."

Bloody crawled out of Lin Huang's sleeve following his signal and clung onto his left arm.

"If I'm not mistaken, this little thing should have Supreme Intelligence, shouldn't it?" Mr. Fu figured easily.

"Yes, Bloody's my adviser," Lin Huang acknowledged.

"Isn't it purple?" Mr. Fu looked at Lin Huang in confusion and thought to himself, 'Could this disciple of mine be color blind?'

Lin Huang figured what Mr. Fu was thinking about looking at his expression and explained immediately, "Bloody's body was initially red and its color has changed since its elevation. I've gotten used to calling it that, so I didn't change its name."

"I can change myself to other colors too," Bloody responded and changed itself to crimson.

"Monsters with Supreme Intelligence aren't easily tamed." Mr. Fu could not help but look at Bloody again. A monster that mediated for its master should have been completely tamed.

He had encountered many types of monsters and some of them possessed Supreme Intelligence. However, most monsters with Supreme Intelligence would have superior intellect and it was rather impossible for them to humble themselves to humans.

'Its body looks flimsy. I don't think it has any combat ability. That's why it was tamed easily," Mr. Fu secretly concluded after observing Bloody for a while.

He had no idea that Bloody was definitely one of Lin Huang's most powerful imperial monsters when it came to overall abilities.


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