Monster Paradise
903 It’s Fine to Not Change My Appearance
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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903 It’s Fine to Not Change My Appearance

The sun was hanging high up in the sky, releasing warmth and light. It felt like summer and Lin Huang then looked at the surroundings.

Waves washed over the golden sand.

Impressively, there were Mr. Fu's favorite sunlight, beach, and the sea…

"Is this the place?"

Lin Huang found it odd. He was discussing the training techniques in the dreamland with Mr. Fu who then mentioned, "Show me the results you've obtained over the past half year."

Soon after that, he felt dizzy and appeared at this unfamiliar place as he regained his senses.

"This is my Kingdom," Mr. Fu explained, "This so-called Kingdom is actually a territory that's been transformed to a mini world after leveling up to virtual god-level."

Lin Huang was immediately reminded of Kylie's mini world. It might be a Kingdom as well. However, he had no idea why the Kingdom had no King and how Kylie was able to take advantage of it.

Before Lin Huang managed to ask anything further, Mr. Fu suddenly tossed a puppet doll out.

"Fight it. I can test the functionality of the new toy as well."

Of course, Lin Huang could recognize the puppet doll as he had just bought one for Ghastly previously.

However, Mr. Fu's one was obviously a luxurious version of a puppet doll. It looked about 70% human and took on the appearance of a teenage boy with its ancient white robe.

The one which Lin Huang bought for Ghastly was just a basic one. It did not even have human features, let alone an elaborate outfit. It was just a puppet in a human form.

Its price was exceptionally high despite the fact that Lin Huang had only bought a basic one. It was double the price of an ancient telekinetic weapon.

On the other hand, Mr. Fu had bought the luxurious version. Its price must be more than three times of the basic version. However, its functionality was only equivalent to 1.5 times better. Since only the materials for the ancient relic were used, there would be little difference in functionality. As for the price, it would be equal to the price of changing one's appearance.

Lin Huang used to be a pragmatist and he did not see the need to change his appearance.

Although he knew that the ability of the puppet doll would not be weak under Mr. Fu's control, he was still unhappy as he actually looked forward to fighting him.

"Just a heads up, I'm not going to pay for anything if I happen to damage it."

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it," Mr. Fu answered straightaway.

Instantly, Mr. Fu's Life Power transformed into threads and was inserted into the puppet doll. The inert puppet was alive all of a sudden.

Seeing that the puppet was all ready for the battle, Lin Huang dared not underestimate it. He took out an ancient relic that he had not used for a long while – the Air Slicer.

With the combat sword in hand, Lin Huang's aura immediately expanded.

Mr. Fu did not panic. Instead, he waited for Lin Huang's aura to reach its peak before moving his fingers slightly.

Standing on tip-toe on the sandy beach, it rushed towards Lin Huang, creating traces that were barely visible.

Lin Huang was thrilled. He was never afraid of any of his enemies even if he had to fight them face-to-face.

He initially thought that Mr. Fu would mess with him as he mastered the puppet doll, showcasing his controlling skills. He did not expect it to be a frontal attack.

Although Lin Huang was in mid-air and was more than 10 centimeters away from the ground, when he stomped hard, trails were formed on the beach. He sped towards his opponent as well.

In mid-air, the two figures were approaching each other rapidly.

Exhilarated, Lin Huang lifted his sword with his right hand, slashing down on its left ribs. It was an angle where one could hardly defend themselves against an attack.

Under normal circumstances, his opponent either had to dodge his attack or defend against it.

However, the puppet struck a heavy blow right at the back of Lin Huang's sword. As a result, the direction of Lin Huang's sword deviated.

Before Lin Huang could launch another attack, the puppet's right leg transformed into a whip, tearing toward the left side of Lin Huang's waist.

His kidney could explode if he were hit by the attack.

Lin Huang's face turned grave and he changed the direction of his sword and slashed down toward his opponent.

If his opponent did not retract its feet, the blow was powerful enough to chop its feet off.

Seeing what just happened, the puppet pirouetted on its left foot in the air and retreated tens of feet away, managing to dodge the blow.

Its attacks were fired at lighting speed and Lin Huang was unable to take advantage of it.

Mr. Fu seemed to be satisfied. "Your sword skills are close to complete-stage level-5. I guess you'll be able to get to level-6 really soon. That's just a test for your skill. Things will get real now. I hope you'll do your best and show me your true abilities."

"No problem," Lin Huang agreed.

After the trial attack, he could clearly sense that if he did not take it seriously, the puppet might probably pin him down.

"Let's begin the second round then." Before Mr. Fu could finish his words, the puppet appeared again. Its speed was a few times faster than before.

Lin Huang's pupils dilated and he immediately activated his Seraphic Speed and chased it.

Two white figures flickered in mid-air and collided with each other.

Circles of terrifying waves formed in the air as both of them collided with each other and the impact waves spread out.

On the coastline which had a length of more than 100 kilometers, strong waves were stirred. A variety of tropical trees and the rest of the plants that grew along the beach were all uprooted and fell hundreds of kilometers away.

The two figures backed off from the area of the explosion. Soon after that, they blasted off and crashed into each other again.

In mid-air, a terrifying wave was created in the air again…

The sand was stirred up and covered the sky as if the apocalypse was about to happen.

Over and over again, the two figures smashed into each in mid-air. Lin Huang could clearly sense that Mr. Fu was constantly pressuring him.

Although the puppet doll's combat strength stayed on crimson gold-tank, its skills became more precise. There was a subtle increase in its strength and speed.

The battle lasted for more than three hours. In addition to not summoning any combat souls, asking for help from his summoning monsters, and not using any Combat Strength Upgrade Cards, he had used up almost all his skills.

Mr. Fu had upgraded the puppet doll's combat strength to crimson gold-rank, and Lin Huang was slowly being pinned down. After enduring the battle for almost an hour, the puppet doll struck him and he fell into the sea.

Lin Huang burst out of the sea and wanted to continue the fight. However, he saw that Mr. Fu had recalled the puppet doll.

"That's good enough. Your combat strength is currently on immortal-level rank-4. However, your abilities can be compressed to a crimson gold-level's, so you can kill a black gold-rank with ease. Basically, you're capable of protecting yourself."

Mr. Fu was quite satisfied with the results of the test.


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