Monster Paradise
902 It“s Your Era!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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902 It“s Your Era!

In the next few days, Lin Huang only allowed Bai and the rest to stay at his villa for a day as Mr. Fu might come at any time. He then recalled all the monster cards except for Bloody and the Witch.

Since the seventh rotation of the Twisted Fate Scripture was equivalent to the combat strength of an imperial-level, Lin Huang did not want to mess up the training system in his body. This was why he stopped training this skill and remained at the sixth rotation.

He was trying to digest the sword skills that he had obtained over the past few days.

He then discovered that for all the sword skills, as long as he had seen them once, he did not need to train on his own. The little Sword Spirit in his body would have mastered it.

It seemed like the little Sword Spirit in Lin Huang's body would not feel fatigue at all. It practiced all the sword skills Lin Huang inherited repeatedly.

Lin Huang also noticed that he did not need to practice the skill for hundreds of times in order to obtain skill pieces. What he had to do was learn from the little Sword Spirit and the number of skill pieces he obtained would increase rapidly.

With his current Sword Dao's comprehension ability, it would take him at least two to three days to accumulate a sufficient number of skill pieces to obtain a complete Skill Card for a legendary-level sword skill. However, he managed to obtain a legendary-level sword skill card within an hour.

In just two days, Lin Huang managed to obtain 35 complete legendary-level sword skill cards. It was fantastically efficient.

Lin Huang initially intended to digest these sword skills with the Epiphany Card after the New Year. However, it seemed like he did not need to use the Epiphany Card at all. He just had to please the little Sword Spirit.

After having mastered more than 220 legendary-level sword skills, Lin Huang could clearly feel that his level-5 Sword Dao had already reached its peak. It was approaching complete-stage. Perhaps, in just a short while, there would be a breakthrough in his Sword Dao. He would achieve level-6 real soon, which was Deity.

Lin Huang then focused on his sword skill training and completely forgot that Mr. Fu would come at any time.

On New Year's Eve, which was the seventh of February, the doorbell of the villa rang early in the morning.

Lin Huang was in his training room whereas Lin Xin was playing Gunmaster. The Witch was the only one on the living area of the first floor.

The Witch was startled when she heard the ringing of the doorbell. Still, she opened the door.

"Who are you looking for?" The Witch was alert as it was a stranger that she had never seen before.

Seeing the Witch, the young man, who wore a baseball cap, frowned. He then said, "I'm looking for Lin Huang. I told him a few days ago that I'm coming over before the New Year."

Although she was doubtful, since he knew her master's name and said that he had told him about this, she allowed him to enter.

"Please wait for a while. I'll let my Master know." As the guest entered the living room, she served him some water. After that, she went upstairs and knocked on Lin Huang's door.

Lin Huang immediately exited his state of training. After listening to what the Witch reported, he knew who had come.

However, when he saw a young man holding a teacup and sizing up the surroundings, he was startled.

He looked like he was 20 and he was about 1.85 meters tall. With such towering height, he was completely different from Mr. Fu. However, Lin Huang soon noticed that he looked somewhat similar to Mr. Fu.

"My dear apprentice, are you shocked to see me in this disguise?" The young man's voice sounded exactly the same as Mr. Fu's, so Lin Huang could then confirm his identity.

"Sir… To be honest, I'm shocked." Lin Huang smiled, confirming his surprise.

"This is how I looked like when I was 20 years old. Am I handsome?" Mr. Fu's voice sounded young and he was evidently proud of himself.

"Hey, you are quite handsome." Lin Huang could only agree with him, nodding his head. However, he thought to himself, 'Are you sure that you were 1.85 meters tall when you were 20 years old? That'll be two centimeters taller than me.'

"Are you wondering if that's really my height?" Mr. Fu seemed to know what Lin Huang was thinking.

"No." Lin Huang immediately shook his head in denial.

"Let me tell you, I really was 1.85 meters tall last time," Mr. Fu explained in a very serious manner, "I was cursed in the battle that happened 800 years ago. I suffered from bone structure deterioration and soon, I became the little old man that I look like today."

"Did you become short because of a curse?" Of course, Lin Huang did not believe what Mr. Fu said. It puzzled him. Still, he nodded at Mr. Fu and said, "Yes, I believe you."

Mr. Fu could see that Lin Huang was just trying to put him off. "If you don't believe me, you can ask Liu Ming about it. He knows."

"Don't annoy Senior Liu Ming. I trust you," Lin Huang answered with a serious expression.

Staring at Lin Huang for a short while, Mr. Fu knew that no matter what explanation he came up with, he would not trust him. He shook his head unhappily and gave up explaining to Lin Huang.

"Let's get back to the point. Show me the jade slips that you mentioned earlier."

Lin Huang then took out two Virtual God-level jade slips, passing them to Mr. Fu.

Mr. Fu then took the jade slips and inserted Divine Telekinesis into them. After a short while, he roughly went through the two techniques and there was a strange expression on his face.

"Is there a problem with the two skills?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"There isn't any problem with the skills and they're indeed Virtual God-level skills which can be used until one reaches Virtual God-level." Mr. Fu shook his head and soon, he continued, "However, the Twisted Fate Scripture is much more difficult compared to the two skills. An ordinary immortal-level will be able to practice those skills. Moreover, as long as one's body is compatible with the skills, the probability of a talented and potential individual to become a Virtual God is pretty high."

"Does it mean that the God-level skills we gained from this place will allow many of us to achieve God-level?!" Lin Hung had been worried about this previously.

"Yes, it is." Mr. Fu frowned.

Both of them remained silent.

One of the reasons was that the world needed those who were on God-level to face the upcoming adversities. However, once these skills got about, Mr. Fu would not be the only one who was on God-level in this world.

"The skills…" Lin Huang had no idea whether the skills should be sealed or be made public.

Mr. Fu seemed gloomy. He then took a deep breath, passing the two jade slips to Lin Huang. "Sell them to the Union Government or the people from the Hunter Association. The price of these skills must be higher than a god relic. You can exchange them for many training resources."

"But you…"

"I can't live a long life. This world needs more people to be on God-level." Mr. Fu eventually came up with a decision. "It can benefit humans if the skills were promoted."

"My era has already ended 800 years ago. It's your time now." Mr. Fu then turned back to Lin Huang as he said this. "I know that there'll be tonnes of them that can surpass me in this era. However, I hope that you'll be the first to do so!"


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