Monster Paradise
896 Killing Spree Mode
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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896 Killing Spree Mode

In the central region of the Fallen God Land, the Union Government, the Hunter Association and Adventurer Paradise had gathered their high management around.

The eight of them present were imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses.

There were four of them who were dressed in the Union Government's military uniform and donned military cloaks on their backs while the other four were dressed rather casually.

A hunk with messy hair and an unshaven mustache, carrying a big golden bow who was dressed in a military uniform asked, "Is the news confirmed? Are Huang Tianqi and the rest really dead?"

He was Tu Yu of the Hunter Association and the leader for the mission this time. He was also the top person below demigod level in the association. His ability easily ranked No. 1 among all of the imperial-level powerhouses who had entered the Fallen God Land this round. He was more powerful than the four imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses from the Union Government.

"We had our spies confirm that Huang Tianqi from Dynasty, Lei Jie from the Purple Crow, Xie Pengshan from the Saints and Yu Hong from Charm are all dead. Apart from the four of them, there were nine imperial-level white gold-rank bodies at the scene too," added Wei Xia who was dressed in military uniform in all seriousness.

"Old Wei, it really wasn't you guys who did it?" Leader Chang Ling from Adventurer Paradise could not help but ask.

"If we did it, do you think the four of us could stand here speaking to all of you unwounded?" Wei Xia frowned slightly.

"Huang Tianqi's ability was no lesser than mine. We might not even be able to kill him if the four of us imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses were to fight him together, let alone having Lei Jie and the other three fighting on Huang Tianqi's side.

"Moreover, the three organizations had nine imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses with them. That's only one imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouse lesser than us. It would be a bloodbath even if we could defeat them. At least half of our team would be killed. It's impossible for us to kill them all."

"Huang Tianqi was really powerful. It would've been difficult even for me to kill him." Tu Yu nodded in agreement hearing that. "Judging by the team that they assembled, we might be able to kill them all if we combined three organizations together but it's difficult to defeat them without any injuries."

"There're no other bodies at the scene. Could the assailant put his comrades' bodies away?" Chang Ling asked again.

"That's possible." Wei Xie nodded. "But even if his comrades died, the team must have a terrifying overall ability to kill Huang Tianqi's team. We might all be killed if any of us were to encounter them."

"Did you investigate why did Huang Tianqi's team appear in that area?" Tu Yu asked again.

"According to insider news, throughout the 20 days or so, the regions terrorized by underground organizations had been attacked by an unknown organization. The unknown organization would kill all the underground organization's residents every region they attacked and they annihilated all the immortal-level rank-9 and imperial-level monsters."

"The Purple Crow estimated the unknown organization's route after confirming the news and invited Huang Tianqi and the rest to collaborate with them. Never did they think… that this would happen. Huang Tianqi and the rest were all killed by the bunch of fighters."

"Is the unknown organization attacking the 12 regions terrorized by the underground organization?" Tu Yu asked again.

"Yes," Wei Xia confirmed, "According to the news that we heard this morning, the unknown organization's already attacking region No. 8 yesterday. Looking at their hunting speed, they'll proceed to region No. 9, at the earliest, on the day after tomorrow."

"Judging from their progress, they'll need around 14 days to clear all 12 regions. It's 16 days to the day that the Fallen God Land's closes." Tu Yu frowned as he spoke to this point. "They might attack the region we are in for the remaining two days."

All of them turned pale when they heard that.

The overall ability of the three organizations including the Union Government, the Hunter Association and Adventurer Paradise was much more powerful than Dynasty and the other two underground organizations. However, none of them here dared to say they had the confidence to defeat the unknown organization that had killed Dynasty, the Saints and the rest.

"But there are regions that we occupy around the 12 regions which the underground organization have terrorized. They didn't attack the regions in which our people reside. Maybe they bear no ill intentions toward us?" Chang Ling could not help but voice his speculation.

"Until now, we have yet to identify who this unknown organization is, so we can't be reckless," Wei Xia agreed with Tu Yu's point that they must always have their guard up before identifying who the person was.

"Why not we send someone to try to talk to them?" As an adventurer, Chang Ling was always curious about the unknown.

Everyone rolled their eyes at him.

The death rate of the members in Adventurer Paradise had always been higher than most organizations. The reason being that they were always asking for death.

"Fine, we won't talk to them. Why are you guys staring at me like that?" Chang Ling mumbled softly with his head stooped down.

The people ignored his mumbling and proceeded to discuss the ways to tackle the potential crisis.

"To prevent unnecessary casualties of our members, I suggest that we bring some of our members back respectively, especially in those regions that are close to the underground organization's territory. We might as well just vacate the regions. We will then gather people with high combat strength to the central region to prevent the unknown organization from attacking," Tu Yu voiced his idea.

"I agree with Boss Tu's suggestion. Although we will lose part of our resources, keeping our members safe is our priority. Considering it as a whole, such a strategy could minimize our loss," Wei Xie stated his opinion.

The people looked at Chang Ling subsequently.

"Why are you guys looking at me? I didn't say that I object to the idea." Chang Ling had disdain written all over his face. Noticing that Tu Yu and Wei Xia were still staring at him, he nodded helplessly. "Fine, I agree."

"Old Zhang, please watch him. Don't let him do something stupid." Wei Xia glanced at Chang Ling and shifted his focus onto the old, plump man next to him.

The old man smirked. "I know that. Don't worry about it, Boss Wei."

"Old Zhang, you really are the spy from the Union Government targeting us Adventurer Paradise!" Chang Ling turned and glared at the old man madly.

"Heh!" Old Zhang responded to Chang Ling with his expressionless face.

Tens and thousands of kilometers away, Lin Huang found out about the gathering of high management from the union organizations, but he had no idea what they were talking about at all.

Throughout the next few days, the union organizations got their members who were close to region No. 8 to leave immediately, followed by region No. 9, region No. 10 all the way to region No.12.

From their reaction, Lin Huang guessed what the union organization's meeting was about roughly.

Their vacating the regions should be the result of their fear after Lin Huang defeated the underground organizations. The union organization was afraid that he might fight their members, so they chose to leave without being asked.

Naturally, Lin Huang was elated that his area of hunting was wider now.

Initially, he decided to hunt the 12 regions terrorized by underground organizations before the Fallen God Land closed. Hence, he had been holding his hunting speed back whereby he was in a relaxed mode.

However, now that the union organization had left him with more space, he would take them all for himself naturally.

Lin Huang got Bloody's parasitic army and the Warlord's mechanical army to join the battlefield. They boosted Bai and the rest's hunting rhythm and activated their killing spree mode.


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