Monster Paradise
894 That Doesn’t Make Sense!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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894 That Doesn’t Make Sense!

A few breaths had passed. Huang Tianqi and the other three had regenerated their severed limbs.

However, before they could do anything, a white ray of light flashed through the sky while blood sprayed everywhere.

Huang Tianqi and the rest felt agony coming from their limbs again. They turned to look and realized that the limbs that they had just regenerated were detached from their bodies again.

The four of them were dumbstruck.

How were they supposed to fight?!

The Ninetails Lynx's speed was incredibly fast. It was so fast that it surpassed their ability to capture its movement. Their limbs would be severed whenever they saw the white afterimage flashed by; there was no time for them to react at all.

"Don't panic. Summon the Combat Souls to block the attack when our limbs regenerate, then activate the Life Palace ability to show our trump cards right away," Huang Tianqi spoke to them through voice transmission, "Time's critical now. We'll really die here if we hide our abilities!"

Although they were unwilling to show their trump cards, Lei Jie and the other two agreed to Huang Tianqi's suggestion. They had no other choice anyway since they really might die if they did not fight with all their might.

A few breaths passed quickly, and their limbs regenerated once again.

Just when Ninetails Lynx was ready to attack, the four of them summoned all of their Combat Souls at the same time.

36 Combat Souls with the combat strength of imperial-level purple gold-rank appeared almost at the same time. The Combat Souls of different forms were just as majestic as the four of them.

At the same time, the four of them summoned their Life Palaces.

Four gigantic Life Palaces hovered above Huang Tianqi and the other three's heads, looking very spectacular.

"Wow, you guys are going all out!" Lin Huang smirked.

At that moment, the Divine Sun Tree extended tens of its branches like spiritual serpents that came alive. Its attack was terrifyingly quick. It was almost on par with the Ninetails Lynx.

Before Huang Tianqi and the other three managed to react, they watched their Combat Souls being pierced through their bodies by branches. They looked like Szechuan skewers.

The pierced Combat Souls were like balloons that were poked, deflating rapidly and becoming nutrient for the Divine Sun Tree.

Adult Divine Sun Trees could even swallow stars and black holes, so a baby Divine Sun Tree was not to be underestimated at all.

The Combat Souls were like a refreshing drink in the summer. It drank them all after a few sips with a straw.

Have you tried putting 36 straws into 36 bottles of chilled Coke and drank them at the same time during a hot summer?

It was amazing!

The 36 Combat Souls were all killed in less than a second after they revealed themselves.

Huang Tianqi and the other three were stunned just looking at them.

All of the Combat Souls had been killed before they could grow their palms and feet!

Could they not hold on for two more seconds?!

Oh no, there was no way they should hold it back any longer! They had to go all out!

Huang Tianqi signaled the rest and he began to activate his Life Palace's ability. He dared not delay the process until his limbs were done regenerating.

However, disdain flashed through the Destructive Divine Mammoth's eyes. It lifted one of its massive front feet and stomped in the air.


An unusual explosion that sounded like a muffled thunder erupted. In the next second, a circle of invisible energy wave spread out. It rippled through the Life Palaces above Huang Tianqi and the rest's heads.





The four explosions came almost at the same time. Huang Tianqi and the other three spat blood out and they looked above their heads in terror.

The four Life Palaces were directly blasted and skyscrapers and collapsed rapidly. They then disintegrated completely and turned into broken pieces. They were left with a bare palm-sized Life Base which turned into a ferocious gleam that withdrew back into their bodies immediately.

The four Life Palaces were pretty much completely destroyed. Although their Life Base was still there, it would take a long time to rebuild the Life Palace. It required a massive amount of energy too.

Their Life Palaces were destroyed before they managed to activate their Life Power abilities. The four of them felt so screwed at that moment.

They initially thought that the little white cat was the most powerful among Lin Huang's four Combat Souls. However, it seemed like the other three had almost the same standard as the cat.

The little white cat alone had fought four of them on its own without any pressure and Lin Xie had three more of such Combat Souls.

What was an immortal-level rank-4 doing with four such powerful Combat Souls?!

He only had immortal-level rank-4 combat strength, but his Combat Soul was on imperial-level yellow gold-rank. That did not make sense!

His Combat Soul only had imperial-level yellow gold-rank combat strength, but it could fight imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses. Moreover, it was one versus four. It simply did not make sense at all!

Where did he buy such a plug-in? I would love to have one too! Huang Tianqi and the other three wanted to cry.

"The attack the four of you attempted wasn't too shabby," Lin Huang commented while chuckling as though he was a kind mentor on a variety show, "Keep it up. I have faith in you guys."

"A gentleman would rather die than be humiliated!" Yu Hong flushed and shrieked, "Lin Xie, if you're a man…"


A shredding sound came when Yu Hong was halfway speaking. His limbs were severed again.

Huang Tianqi and the other two experienced the same thing too. Their limbs were chopped off from their bodies.

They did not notice that their palms and feet were regenerating at all.

The four of them were speechless as they watched their limbs falling onto the ground, having freshly regenerated from their bodies.

They were puzzled why Lin Huang did not just kill them since he totally had the ability to. Instead, he kept chopping off their limbs again and again.

Could this fella be a masochist?!

If chopping limbs off and making people into sticks was just an appetizer to him, what would he do to the rest of them after Huang Tianqi?

The four of them had goosebumps just thinking about that.

Naturally, Lin Huang had no idea what the four of them were thinking about. He extended four telekinetic threads and took the Emperor's Heart Rings from their severed arms before them. He then put the rings away into his storage space.

The four of them were enraged watching that, but they could do nothing to stop him. All they could do was stare at him fiercely.

Lin Huang peeped at the four of them and glanced away like he did not care. He then extended nine telekinetic threads to the nine imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses who fell onto the ground.

After taking the nine of their Emperor's Heart Rings away, Lin Huang browsed through their bodies and put the items away into his storage space.

Naturally, the nine imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses were still alive. It was not that the Nightmare Tapir could not kill them, but Lin Huang got it to spare their lives. After all, imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses were great substitutes for the Evil Dominator who was only on imperial-level black gold-rank.

The Nightmare Tapir created a massive amount of monster hordes in the dreamland while the nine of them fought the monsters over and over again. They had no idea that they had been dragged into the dreamland.

The Nightmare Tapir's dreamland ability was more powerful than the Nightmare Dragon's. In its dreamland, it was impossible for one to turn the table around just like Lin Huang had done to the Nightmare Dragon.

The draining of their Life Power was reflected perfectly in reality. The nine of them experienced a rapid drop in Life Power in their bodies.

"These nine imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses will drain their Life Power soon." Lin Huang nodded in satisfaction. He then looked at the four imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses' direction. "But looking at these few fellas' progress, it seems like it'll take a while to drain their Life Power…"


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