Monster Paradise
892 I Killed All of Them
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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892 I Killed All of Them

Looking at the severed arm that was tumbling onto the ground, Huang Tianqi and the rest gaped in shock at the little white cat on Lin Huang's shoulder as their pupils shrunk.

The single blow alone chopped off Yu Hong's arm. It proved that the little feline that seemed harmless had the ability of at least an imperial-level purple gold-rank or even higher.

Besides the nine imperial-level white gold-rank people, even Huang Tianqi and the other three imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses had fear in their eyes when they stared at the little white cat.

Apart from Lin Huang, each and every one of them was a top powerhouse in the underground organizations. They were familiar with Yu Hong from Charm. Appearing only 25 or 26, he was an androgynous young man who ranked No. 10 as a supreme assassin among the imperial-level powerhouses in the entire continent. Even demigod-level powerhouses could only make it to the top 15 in the Assassin Leaderboard.

Even the other three imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouses present dared not say they would survive his assassination.

However, such a top world-ranking assassin not only failed to attack the little white cat, but his arm was also severed.

Furthermore, Huang Tianqi and the rest did not see the white cat attacking.

Its stealth technique seemed to be more terrifying than Yu Hong who was an assassin. Moreover, its attack speed seemed to be even faster than his.

What bothered Huang Tianqi and the rest even more were the other three little monsters that were similar to the white cat.

There was a little sapling, a little elephant, and a little leopard with a long snout. They looked like baby monsters that had yet to mature.

The white cat performed an ability that almost overcame Yu Hong. How about the rest of the little monsters?

"You're such a hot-head. I told you that I have assistants, but you came at me anyway." Lin Huang turned to tsk at Yu Hong as a smile remained on his face.

He had actually summoned the four God Figurines' Combat Souls when he recalled Thunder but the Ninetails Lynx hid them in the alternate dimension.

Nobody could sense them in the alternate dimension, but they could see what happened in the main dimension. That was why the Ninetails Lynx had come out of the alternate dimension the moment Yu Hong performed the sneak attack, resulting in his severed arm.

Yu Hong sensed the intent to kill that came out of nowhere, so he recalled his attack and retreated immediately. His response saved his life, but it was a little too late. His arm had been chopped off by the Ninetails Lynx's sharp claws.

"If I'm not mistaken, you must be a Nightingale from Charm, aren't you?" Lin Huang continued in his chatty tone, "I wonder how should I address you?"

Nightingale was the title given to Charm's imperial-level powerhouses. They were actually similar to the Hunter Association's elder.

"Yu Hong," Yu Hong said his name coldly. His severed arm was healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. He was eager to buy himself more time.

"Yu Hong… That name sounds rather familiar." Lin Huang picked up the severed arm as he spoke. He took the short dagger from the severed limb and put it away into his storage space. He then simply tossed the arm to the ground.

He did that smoothly before Yu Hong. There was no shame in his action at all.

Yu Hong was so pissed that his face turned livid.

The dagger that Lin Huang had taken as his reward was an expert-grade demigod relic that Yu Hong had just bid for at a high price not long ago. It was also one of the two most expensive pieces of equipment that he had with him. It had become Lin Huang's just like that as if he deserved it.

"I can't recall where I've seen this name before. Never mind, I won't dwell on it." Lin Huang had no intention to humiliate Yu Hong. The Emperor's Heart Ring that he was using came from an underground organization. He would look at the underground organization's leaderboards when he was bored. The Assassin Leaderboard was one of them. However, he would usually only remember the top three names on all the leaderboards while the names after that would just seem familiar to him.

Yu Hong's name fell into the latter category. He thought it was familiar, but he could not really pin down which leaderboard on which he saw that name and which ranking he was on.

Moreover, some of the organization members that entered the Fallen God Land this time, including Charm, were not very open to the public. Chan Dou had no idea who Charm had sent, so he only mentioned them when he spoke to Lin Huang. He had no idea that Yu Hong was a top world-ranking assassin at all.

However, whatever Lin Huang said was treated as an intentional humiliation to him. He was so mad that he was going to explode.

"Yu Hong, I can't believe you're being underestimated!" Another two silhouettes joined the fray as a voice was heard.

The person who spoke had a Purple Crow trench coat on him. His body was heavy-built and he carried a gigantic blade that was over two meters long on his back. The blade was slightly taller than he was.

The other person wore the Saint's white robes. He looked old with a long, white beard that reached his chest, and the way in which he looked at Lin Huang was rather demented.

"If I'm not mistaken, the both of you should be Lei Jie of Purple Crow and Saint's second messenger Xie Pengshan," Lin Huang identified the duo immediately.

The gigantic blade on Lei Jie's back and Xie Pengshan's white beard were their distinctive features. Moreover, Chan Dou had shown Lin Huang both of their pictures when he briefed him.

Yu Hong looked even more terrible now that Lin Huang had identified the duo.

Huang Tianqi and the rest were thinking to themselves, 'This fella must be doing this on purpose.'

"Lin Xie, since you recognized me, there's a suggestion that I'd like you to hear," said Xie Pengshan who was in white robes while wearing a smile.

"Do tell," Lin Huang said while raising his brow with a smile.

"There are four of us on imperial-level purple gold-rank. The rest of us can fight you as long as we constrain your four summoning beasts for a moment. I admit that you have a stunning talent as an Imperial Censor, but no matter how powerful you are, you shouldn't have the ability of an imperial-level white gold-rank. Hence, it's impossible for you to win this battle.

"How about this? We'll forget about everything you've done in the past as long as you agree to join the Saint. We can communicate with the other three organizations for you and give the respective compensation to put the rivalry to an end. Apart from that, we'll also make you our First Holy Son of Division 3 and cultivate you with all our might."

Huang Tianqi and the rest were dumbstruck by Xie Pengshan's suggestion out of nowhere.

They were about to fight but he was recruiting openly now?

Xie Pengshan's action made Huang Tianqi and the rest fell into deep thoughts.

Lin Xie's overall ability was indeed stunning. Bringing him back would be much better than killing him directly. He was only on immortal-level rank-4, but his summoning beasts were already so powerful. Would that not mean he would be invincible when he reached imperial-level?! Such a genius might be even more powerful than the Five Princes such as Chan Dou if anyone were to cultivate him…

Lin Huang finally spoke just when Huang Tianqi and the rest were considering if they should change their strategy.

"Firstly, I'd like to correct you. These four little things aren't summoning beasts. They're my Combat Souls." Lin Huang knew why Xie Pengshan would think that his Combat Souls were summoning beasts. The reason being that it was impossible for ordinary people to have Combat Souls that were more powerful than the person himself.

Huang Tianqi and the rest were stunned to hear that while they stared at the four little monsters with their eyes wide open.

The three imperial-level yellow gold-rank and one imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters were all Combat Souls?! Are you not only on immortal-level rank-4?!

"Secondly, I'm afraid the Saints won't be able to put the conflict I have with Dynasty and Charm to an end." Everyone could not help but listen attentively when he said that.

Was there some deadly grudge?!

Were his parents killed by people from Dynasty and Charm?

Or was it his siblings?

Or was it his girlfriend that he had known since he was a child?

"I bumped into Dynasty's Seventh Prince and Charm's entire squad when I was in the foggy world." Lin Huang smirked slightly. "I killed all of them."


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