Monster Paradise
890 The Third Solution
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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890 The Third Solution

On the 17th day after Lin Huang had returned to the Fallen God Land, Bloody along with Bai and the rest had already cleared region No. 6.

There were more than 200 black gold-rank Parasitic Puppets in Bloody's troop and the number of crimson gold-rank Parasitic Puppets had increased to 82. It had 15 yellow gold-rank Parasitic Puppets as well.

As for Kylie's side, about half of the Nephilic Judges had leveled up to black gold-rank. The number of triple mutated Nephilic Angels had exceeded 280 as well. They were now getting closer and closer to their target.

Lancelot got an additional sword servant and out of the 18 sword servant slots, there was only one last slot remaining.

The Evil Dominator obtained two yellow gold-rank Golden Cicada Substitutes while Killer inherited two Sword Dao skills.

Although it seemed like there were no changes in Lin Huang's body, the Nightmare Tapir's combat soul in his body was becoming stronger each day. Despite being yet to level up to yellow gold-rank, it was improving. His training in the Twisted Fate Scripture remained at the fifth rotation. As for the 16 million points that he required, he had accumulated more than half of them.

The Fallen God Land seemed peaceful. In fact, there were many things going on.

In the afternoon of day 18, Bloody that was controlling its army of parasites suddenly whispered, "The four organizations, Dynasty, the Purple Crow, Saint, and Charm have done something. It seems like they're heading to our next destination – region No. 7."

"It seems like they've discovered our route. They're here to stop us." Lin Huang did not feel surprised. He knew that they would definitely fight back since he was seizing their territory. "How many of them are there? What's their combat strength?"

"There are only 13 of them. There are four purple gold-ranks and nine white gold-ranks," Bloody told him what he could monitor from afar, "We're incapable of fighting them. We've got two solutions.

"The first one is to clear all the monsters in this region and immediately leave. Look for a place to hide. Dynasty and the rest won't know who attacked them. It's less likely that they'll suspect us.

"The second solution is to skip region No. 7 and go straight to region No. 8. If they happen to come after us, we can escape to region No. 9. We can hunt while we escape all the way till region No. 12, but we have to quickly kill the monsters there. It's rather beneficial for us to do so, but at the same time, it's much riskier."

"I'd suggest a third solution then." Lin Huang grinned after listening to what it said. "After clearing region No. 6, we go straight to region No. 7. After killing those who block us, we can attack all the 12 regions without any obstacles.

"There are four purple gold-ranks and nine white gold-ranks. Are you sure you're able to handle them?" Bloody had never seen Lin Huang's combat souls launch an attack as the God Figurines were only summoned in the dream thus far.

"Yes, I'm sure. Don't worry." Lin Huang patted Bloody's head.

Bloody dodged away from Lin Huang's palm, raising its head and asking Lin Huang with a serious expression, "I'd like to know the probability of winning the fight."

"100%," said Lin Huang as he grinned widely.

"Alright, let's follow your solution then." Bloody then felt relieved.

It took them another two days to completely clear region No. 6. Lin Huang then recalled Bai and the rest, keeping only Bloody with him. He rested for the whole night and after taking his breakfast, he summoned Thunder and headed towards region No. 7.

Lin Huang arrived at region No. 7 on the 21st day before 9 a.m.

At region No. 7, the six imperial-levels who were responsible for looking after the region had left. Only 13 of them were there to stop them.

Lin Huang did not try to hide anything and soon, he drew their attention.

From the monitoring screen, a young man who was about 20 years old descended from the sky riding on a beast. After recalling the beast, he gradually walked towards them, shocking them.

"There's only one person?!"

"It seems like he knows that we're here to stop him. He came right to us."

Through the monitoring screen, they were unable to sense the strength of Lin Huang's aura. They could vaguely feel that their target was not as weak as they thought.

"Have you seen this person before? Why do I feel that he looks somewhat familiar?" Huang Tianqi from Dynasty was staring at the young man in the screen and he frowned.

"I find him familiar too." Lei Jie actually found that he seemed to know this man. However, he could not recall where he had seen him before.

"If I'm not mistaken, he looks like Lin Xie from the Heaven Alliance…" said Zheng Nan who was from the Purple Crow, but he was unsure.

The Genius Union was really a very powerful organization. However, regardless of how strong it was, it would only accept holy fire-levels and immortal-levels. All the members who had achieved imperial-level would automatically leave the Genius Union.

Compared to organizations like the Union Government and Dynasty, the Genius Union was more like a school. Regardless of how excellent a person was in school, not many of the outsiders would know about this, just like how an imperial-level would not pay much attention to who the strongest among the immortal-levels was. They might have seen it on the news but could not really remember who he was.

"Are you sure he's the one?" Lei Jie's facial expression was strange after listening to Zheng Nan's speculation. "I remember that I saw Lin Xie only being on holy fire-level a few months ago."

An old man with a white bear who was in a Saint's robe said confidently, "He's Lin Xie. His combat strength is already on immortal-level rank-3."

His name was Xie Pengshan. He was the leader of the Saints. Being on purple gold-rank, his combat strength was on par with Lei Jie and Huang Tianqi's.

"Lin Xie is the Saint's hunting target. That's why we paid close attention to him," Du Long who had a scar on his face explained as he stood behind the old man with the white beard.

"So, do you mean that this immortal-level rank-3 has killed all the members at the six footholds? There are hundreds of immortal-level rank-9s and more than 20 imperial-levels. There are five yellow gold-ranks as well!" The leader of Charm, Yu Hong finally exclaimed in disbelief.

Everybody remained silent after listening to what he said.

It was impossible for the young man to do so. Even if it was Chan Dou who was one of the Five Princes and Huang Wuji who were now on immortal-level rank-9, they would be incapable of killing a yellow gold-rank. They could only fight them face-to-face, let alone an immortal-level rank-3.

It would be useless even if they had a God Crasher. An immortal-level rank-3 would be unable to capture the movement of a yellow gold-rank. It was impossible for a God Crasher to hit a yellow gold-rank.

"Could he be here purely by accident?" Zheng Nan asked, carefully looking at the rest of them.

"I don't think so. He's not trying to kill any monsters and he came straight to us." Lei Jie shook his head.

"Since that's not possible, there's only one remaining possibility." The killing intent from Huang Tianqi suddenly grew. "He's the one who attacked the foothold!"


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