Monster Paradise
889 Singing in the Victory
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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889 Singing in the Victory

Singing in the Victory

After taking over region No. 1, Lin Huang summoned Bai and the rest.

All the immortal-level rank-9 and imperial-level monsters at the region were involved.

Lin Huang initially intended to insert the God Figurine into his body as he wanted to visualize the True Spirit Encyclopedia to train his combat soul.

After he thought about it carefully, he knew that he had to stay at the Fallen God Land for more than a month. If he could not level up to immortal-level rank-4, the combat strength of Bai and the rest would remain at immortal-level rank-9.

The combat strength of Bloody's Parasitic Puppet would be restricted as well. The highest level of combat strength they could achieve would only be crimson gold-rank. They had to sell the yellow gold-rank monsters that had been killed.

As for the combat strength of Kylie's Nephilic Judges, they would all be stuck at immortal-level rank-9 as well.

The same thing would happen to Lancelot's sword servants as well.

Despite his careful consideration, he decided to level up to immortal-level rank-4. The Fallen God Land would be opened for three months. Although it was a little too soon to upgrade one rank higher in three months, it was still possible.

After he made up his mind, he then inserted the Nightmare Dragon's God Figurine into his fourth Life Wheel. His combat strength immediately upgraded to immortal-level rank-4.

As soon as he got to mid-level immortal-level, the combat strength of Bai and the rest had automatically leveled up to the first rank of an imperial-level – black gold-rank.

Guided by the inherited memory, in addition to Bloody's suggestion, the Life Palace of Bai and the rest could soon be formed.

Lin Huang did not slack at all. Since he already owned the fourth combat soul, he decided to hide in Kylie's mini world. He then crushed an Epiphany Card and entered a state of visualization.

Eleven days later, the combat soul of the Nightmare Tapir was formed. Its appearance looked like a saber-toothed tiger. However, it had an elephant's trunk. Its body was surrounded by revolving white clouds.

The combat strength of the combat soul was slightly weaker compared to the other three as it was currently on black gold-rank. Lin Huang was not in a hurry. He knew that as Bai and the rest hunt for monsters, spiritual energy would be inserted into his body. It was just a matter of time for the upgrade in the combat soul's combat strength to happen.

As he got out of Kylie's mini world, it was already late at night on day 11.

After communicating with Bloody, Lin Huang then knew that Bai and the rest were guided by Bloody and were now hunting in region No. 4.

The ability of Bloody's army grew again. The number of black gold-rank Parasitic Puppets and crimson gold-rank Parasitic Puppets had increased to 188 and 73 respectively. As for the yellow gold-rank Parasitic Puppets, there were already 10 of them. Although they were still insufficient to kill the white gold-rank monsters, it would not be difficult for them to defeat an ordinary white gold-rank.

As for Kylie's side, almost a third of the Nephilic Judges had leveled up to black gold-rank. The number of triple mutated Nephilic Angels had exceeded 260. About 100 of them had not evolved.

Lancelot had an additional sword servant as well. He had 18 slots in total for sword servants and there were two more remaining. Among the 16 sword servants, half of them had leveled up to black gold-rank.

The Evil Dominator had three additional yellow gold-rank Golden Cicada Substitutes. Bloody gave it a chance to kill since he could obtain a human substitute just by performing a kill. Bloody could still make use of the dead bodies to create Parasitic Puppets.

Bloody had arranged everything in good order and it was unaffected by Lin Huang.

"Are there any humans or monsters that majored in sword?" Lin Huang asked.

"Among the humans, there are 13 immortal-levels who majored in sword and there are two imperial-levels."

"As for the monsters, there are eight immortal-levels. There's one imperial-level that's on yellow gold-rank. It has very strong abilities. The Regal Sword Killer, Lancelot, and the Evil Dominator had to team up to be able to kill it."

"I noticed that if the Regal Sword Killer happens to kill any monsters or humans that majored in swords, it can completely duplicate its opponent's inheritance and merge the capabilities with its Sword Dao," Bloody shared what it accidentally discovered.

"If that's the case, I won't use the Golden Cicada Substitutes that often. Let it duplicate the inheritance." Lin Huang was stunned when he heard that. Soon, he smiled and nodded his head in understanding.

Although the use of Golden Cicada Substitutes allowed him to obtain the inheritance of a sword major that was killed, not using the Golden Cicada Substitutes would not have much of an impact on him.

Bloody then quickly duplicated the Sword Dao inheritance and sent it to Lin Huang.

Two days had passed. Bai and the rest had almost cleared everything in region No. 4.

Early in the morning on day 14, Lin Huang and his imperial monsters rushed towards region No. 5.

By now, three days had passed. All the immortal-level rank-9 and imperial-level monsters in region No. 5 had been wiped out.

The imperial monsters then headed towards region No. 6.

Lin Huang had been practicing the skills he used in the foggy world every day. There had been a substantial increase in his familiarity with the Twisted Fate Scripture.

Besides that, there was an upgrade in the Nightmare Tapir's combat soul in Lin Huang's body as well. As Bai and the rest had been hunting for several days, the combat strength of the Nightmare Tapir's combat soul had advanced to crimson gold-rank.

Aside from that, Bloody and Kylie's troops grew stronger each day.

As for Bloody's side, the number of imperial-level Parasitic Puppets had been constantly increasing. After getting to black gold-rank, Bloody did not have much faith in the immortal-level Parasitic Puppets.

The combat strength of Kylie's Nephilic Judges was improving each day. Nephilic Judges upgraded to Nephilic Angels each day.

Just as they were singing in victory, what they did managed to attracte the underworld's attention.

"Who's messing with us?! We've lost six imperial-levels and two yellow gold-ranks in half a month! Including three of them who died previously, there are only three of us who are alive!" Lei Jie, who clad in his black coat, was infuriated.

As the leader of the Purple Crow, in order to obtain more resources, he had divided nine of the members into three teams, so there were three members in each team. Other than his team, the members from the other two teams had all died.

The Purple Crow had invested a lot to train each of their core members. The Purple Crow would definitely not be able to accept losing nine core members in one single mission.

As the team leader, Lei Jie would be severely punished after they had completed the mission. Despite the fact that he was very powerful and was on purple gold-rank, he would not be forgiven.

"According to the information I have, they're not coming after us. Dynasty, Saint, Charm, and the heretics were attacked as well. All the teams were killed. Six out of 12 of the regions taken by the underworld had been attacked. None of us managed to survive it," Zheng Nan shared the information he had.

"Do you mean that someone's trying to fight all the underworld organizations?!" Lei Jie found it unbelievable.

"You can say so." Zheng Nan nodded his head.

"It sounds like the people from the Union Government and the Hunter Association are trying to kill us with the ruins." Lei Jie narrowed his eyes.

"Regardless of who's the culprit and which organization they're from, they're really strong. They're at least on white gold-rank and there must be more than one person.

"Regardless of how strong they are, their abilities are only on par with mine. No demigods are allowed to enter the ruins," Lei Jie scoffed. "Do you know where are they going to attack next?"

"I've come up with the order in which they'll launch an attack. They fight according to their overall abilities and will fight from the weakest to the strongest. It shouldn't be difficult to identify the next region that they're going to attack," Zheng Nan said without any facial expression.

"Old Lei, I suggest not stopping them alone." Right this moment, the one-eyed man said, "If there are two or more purple gold-ranks, we'll die."

"That's what I was thinking too." Zheng Nan nodded and agreed with him. "If we were to stop them, we better team up with Dynasty and Saint. Since they're also suffering great losses, I guess they won't turn us down."

"Alright, you shall make the arrangements for that." Lei Jie kept quiet for a while and agreed. "Tell them not to bring their yellow gold-ranks along. It'd be best if there are three or more purple gold-ranks."


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