Monster Paradise
886 I’m Very Materialistic
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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886 I’m Very Materialistic

A white silhouette that looked like a ghost penetrated into the wall of the room in the inn.

The three God Figurines' Combat Souls surrounded the person before Lin Huang could take a better look.

"I come in peace, kid." A man with white hair and a beard wearing a white robe stood by the wall and expressed his intention immediately.

"Are you Gong Sun?" The stone tablet in his body spoke via voice transmission just when Lin Huang managed to catch a view of the person's face. It told him that the old man before him was the other True God's will, the old man Gong Sun that the Nightmare Dragon had mentioned.

"Seems like you've learned about me from that inferior dragon." The white-bearded old man nodded while wearing a grin.

"Why did you pull me into this dreamland?" Lin Huang asked while getting the three Combat Souls to retreat some distance away although they did let their guard down.

"Because this is the only way I could talk to you." Gong Sun forced a smile while shrugging helplessly.

"After I died from fighting that inferior dragon, it did not die right away. It then used its broken fragment of its kingdom to build this world. Later on, it came up with a series of plans in an attempt to resurrect one day.

"I, on the other hand, was only left with a gush of will. When it was building this world, I slipped into the only fragment of its kingdom that it was left with when it had its guard down. An accident happened whereby I merged with the fragment of its kingdom and became a part of this world. I can't be seen by anyone, and neither can I communicate with others.

"However, the merge gave me a part of the inferior dragon's ability. So I thought of using the dreamland to communicate with others because I can only be heard and seen in the dreamland."

Gong Sun's explanation made Lin Huang let his guard down a little, but there was a suspicion that rose suddenly.

"Why did you only look for me now? It has been three days since the Nightmare Dragon's the remnant of the will vanished. Why didn't you appear right away? Why did you choose to show yourself today, when all of my comrades have left?"

"There are two reasons. The first reason is although I can neither be seen nor can I communicate, my presence can be sensed by Divine Telekinesis within a close distance. Someone among your comrades has the same Divine Telekinesis as you do. His is even more powerful than yours. I didn't want to cause any complications, so I chose to meet you after he left."

"The reason why I didn't meet you right away was that I wasn't ready yet. I watched you fighting with the remnant of the inferior dragon's will, including the battle in the dreamland. I saw everything through a unique sensing technique.

"To be honest, it's a surprise that you won. I thought you'd definitely die when it dragged you into the dreamland. I was in disbelief when you killed it. To be precise, I was in shock and felt lost.

"Destroying the remnant of the inferior dragon's will was the mission I gave myself. It was the meaning of my existence. You killing the remnant of the inferior dragon's will meant that you accomplished my mission, which made me lose my purpose.

"Whilst my head was in chaos, you left right after you were done excavating the volcano, so I lost my chance."

"Who were you referring to that has the same Divine Telekinesis as I do?" Lin Huang could not help but ask what mattered to him the most after listening to Gong Sun.

"It's the guy who looks like a kid, the one who controls bugs."

"Li Jia?! That fella sure hid it well…" Lin Huang's pupils shrunk slightly. He doubted Li Jia might know about the things that he had done secretly, including hunting Charm and Dynasty.

"Kid, I've been thinking how to thank you for the past few days, but I've no idea what should I do until today." Noticing that Lin Huang was silent, Gong Sun could not help but speak again, "Since we've met today, maybe you could tell me what would you like directly."

"Then, I won't hold back." Hearing that, Lin Huang snapped back to his senses immediately. The gloom that he had been feeling was washed away.

"If you have God Figurines, you could give me a few. If you don't, you could give me some god items relics. If there're none, I'll take demigod relics too."

"So, materials are the only reward you need?" Gong Sun was stunned to hear his demands.

"Yes, I'm very materialistic," Lin Huang admitted solemnly.

"When the inferior dragon was killed, its the remnant of the will was in hibernation for quite some time. I secretly got the people whom the inferior dragon reified to investigate the outside world for a while. At that time, the main objective was to find out about the situation outside the kingdom. Some of them who survived the trip brought some treasures back."

"I remember there's a God Figurine." Gong Sun frowned slightly as he thought for a while. "There should be a few god relics too."

"That's great!" Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he heard this. He dared not ask for much. After all, he was an African Chieftain whereby he always had bad luck regardless of what game he played.

Gong Sun extended his hand into the air and a chilly blue sculpture appeared in his hand a moment later. The sculpture resembled half of a human lady's body that was frozen.

"This Mysterious Frostwoman had powerful abilities when she was still alive. Even I had to avoid her when I encountered her on the battlefield." Gong Sun handed the God Figurine in his hand over.

"Mysterious Frostwoman…" Lin Huang accepted it immediately and realized instantly that he was in a dreamland. "Do you have the real item?"

"Don't worry. I'll send the items that you've picked to you later. Although I have no solid form, it doesn't affect me from claiming items," explained Gong Sun as he smiled.

"Great, then." Lin Huang was relieved.

Gong Sun took out a couple of items later on, all of which were all god relics.

There were a total of seven items. However, there was no sword or armor.

"Don't you have a sword or armor? A telekinesis weapon would be fine too," Lin Huang asked while raising a brow.

"No, these are the only ones that are in one piece." Gong Sun shook his head.

"They don't suit me." Lin Huang forced a wry smile while shaking his head.

"Just take them. You can trade them with swords and armor that you desire when you get out." Gong Sun shoved all of the items to Lin Huang.

"Alright, then." Lin Huang took the god relics. There was even a true god-level saber among them.

"Do you want demigod relics?" Gong Sun asked.

Lin Huang flushed and shook his head. "There's no need. I have demigod sword relics." Lin Huang was a little embarrassed that Gong Sun was being so generous.

"Is there anything else that you need?"

Lin Huang thought to himself and decided to ask shamelessly, "Method recordings, especially in sword skills, would be great."

"Although I'm not a sword cultivator, I had a good friend who was a powerful sword cultivator. His sword skills ranked the top three during our time. I've fought him countless times to elevate his sword skill and I've also examined his sword skill recordings before. He's been dead for a long time now. It'd be good if you could inherit his skills.

"Apart from him, I've also encountered some other powerful sword cultivators. I remember some of the sword skills, so I'll record whatever I have in my memory." Whether it was due to his easy-going character or if it had just been a long time since he chatted with anyone, Gong Sun was rather talkative.

He prattled non-stop with Lin Huang after settling the material rewards with him.

Through him, Lin Huang learned many secrets of this world. The world had been built by the Nightmare Dragon's broken fragment of its kingdom before it died.

The Nightmare Dragon used the energy from god items and relics that it gathered to create the monster horde. The reason being, it wanted to accumulate a massive amount of living things and sacrifice those souls in order to resurrect itself.

The remnant of its will was in hibernation most of the time and the key to activate it was the appearance of living things that possessed Holy Power. Not matter demigod or Virtual God, it would be time to sacrifice as soon as such a level of living thing was born in the kingdom.

The remnant of the Nightmare Dragon's will would wake up to activate the formation it had set when it was still alive to drive the monster horde. The purpose of the monster horde was not to kill humans on land but to boost the number of living things for the soul sacrifice.

In reality, before Lin Huang and the rest discovered this foggy land, such a sacrifice had been activated a couple of times but Gong Sun would always put it to a halt.

Gong Sun led humans generation after generation with the dreamland, getting them to fight the monster horde in order to destroy the Nightmare Dragon's soul sacrifice.

Sometimes, he would even strain its will to stop the monster horde.

After a couple of attempts, he did something on the Immortal Path directly to get it done once and for all. He made ascendance-level the highest combat strength all living things in the kingdom could have. It put the possibility of people elevating to human immortal to an end. Naturally, there would not be any demigods since then.

However, he could not bring himself to kill those tens and thousands of human immortal-level powerhouses. Although they lived, there was no way for them to elevate to Virtual God or demigod.

He even restricted the combat strength of outsiders to below human immortal-level just in case but never had he thought that the Seventh Prince would have such a demigod-level defense technique.

When the demigod energy was released, he used thunder to destroy the energy, but the remnant of the Nightmare Dragon's will was activated anyway.

Gong Sun gave a detailed explanation about the saying that Lin Huang had been wondering about. "A strike of thunder heralds the arrival of disaster. The forming of a phenomenon, a chaotic tribulation".

Strike of thunder inferred to Gong Sun killing those powerhouses who were elevating to Earth immortal with thunder to prevent the remnant of the Nightmare Dragon's will from being activated.

The forming of a phenomenon would refer to the remnant of the Nightmare Dragon's will adjusting the monster horde formation every time it woke up. Such an adjustment would affect the fragment of its kingdom, causing unique dreamland or reification.

It was night time when Lin Huang left the dreamland.

Gong Sun was gone. The Mysterious Frostwoman's God Figurine was placed on the table before him. There were also the seven god relics and a couple of jade slips.

After putting the God Figurine and god relics away, Lin Huang looked through the jade slips. He recalled something all of a sudden after putting them away for a while.

"I forgot to get Gong Sun to handle the monster carcasses for me directly… Old man Gong Sun, are you still around?"


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