Monster Paradise
880 The Fourth God Figurine!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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880 The Fourth God Figurine!

Lin Huang grabbed the Ninetails Lynx on his shoulder and placed it on his palm.

Meanwhile, he crushed an orange card with his other hand. It was a mythical-level Sorcerer Goddess Combat Soul Card.

The orange card turned into a salmon-colored ray and penetrated into the Ninetails Lynx's body.

Naturally, the Nightmare Dragon could not see that happening. All it sensed was that little white cat on Lin Huang's palm experiencing a ridiculous boost in its aura.

Its combat strength was elevating from imperial-level yellow gold-rank to white gold-rank, purple gold-rank…

To virtual god-level!

As the Ninetails Lynx hopped from Lin Huang's palm and hovered in the air, its body had grown to one meter long, excluding its tail.

It glared coldly at the Nightmare Dragon that was nearby. The glare alone gave the Nightmare Dragon chills.

Although they had the same combat strength on virtual god-level rank-1, the Ninetails Lynx felt like a top predator to the Nightmare Dragon.

It had doubt and confusion in its mind. It could not figure what kind of technique this ascendance-level human had performed to elevate a human immortal-level monster to such a terrifying Earth immortal-level.

However, it put the thought aside a moment later.

Sensing the threat looming from the Ninetails Lynx, the Nightmare Dragon initiated the attack without thinking twice.

Dragon flames shot out as soon as it opened its mouth. The disastrous flames were going after the Ninetails Lynx like a rolling wave. Compared to the dragon flames it released, the dragon flames Charcoal produced was complete child's play.

The dragon flames were earth-shattering as they covered thousands of kilometers in diameter.

What puzzled the Nightmare Dragon was how the white cat disappeared. The young human disappeared along with it at the same time.

Within the coverage of the dragon flames, the Nightmare Dragon could only sense the little elephant and the tree that it had attacked earlier.

The dragon flame did nothing to them; there was no charring on them at all.

Surprisingly, the unusual sapling was even absorbing its dragon flames secretly.

Right at that moment, the Nightmare Dragon sensed an intense danger coming from behind it.

It flapped its wings and flew into the sky, but it was a little too late to dodge the Ninetails Lynx's sneak attack.

A couple of ferocious rays flashed in the sky. Although the Nightmare Dragon dodged the attack that could have beheaded it, its right wing and right leg were chopped off. There were two deep wounds on its back too. They were so deep that its bones could be seen.

The single attack wounded the Nightmare Dragon severely until it could no longer move as agilely now.

'That's incredibly powerful!' The Nightmare Dragon had its guard up as it looked around, holding back its pain. Its flesh was healing at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye.

However, there was fear growing in its heart. The Ninetails Lynx charged at it, taking it over completely.

The Ninetails Lynx's untraceable hiding technique and terrifying attack speed were out of its control.

As a monster that had the same combat strength as it did on virtual god-level rank-1, the Ninetails Lynx was so much more powerful than it was!

Soon, the Nightmare Dragon felt danger coming for the second time. It was even slower than the first time since its wounds had yet to recover completely.

A tearing sound was heard.

The Nightmare Dragon's left wing was ripped off. Its left back leg was chopped off after that. The wound on its back was even more serious than before. The second cut saw a cut on its cervical vertebra.

If the first attack affected the Nightmare Dragon's ability by 20%, this attack caused it to have less than 30% ability left.

After the second attack, the Ninetails Lynx attacked for the third time without waiting for the Nightmare Dragon to heal.

The attack impacted the Nightmare Dragon's cervical vertebra again, slicing it into pieces.

Its gigantic head fell from the lack of support from its cervical vertebra. However, it did not die as it was a tough Virtual God. Still, its mobility was majorly affected.

Despair kicked into the Nightmare Dragon. This battle was unfair to it since it could not capture the Ninetails Lynx's movement from the beginning until the end. If not for its sense of danger, it would have been dead from the start. It would not have been able to survive until now.

Lin Huang, who was riding on the Ninetails Lynx's back, finally could not help but say, "Alright, stop playing."

A cat was always fond of playing with its prey, and that was a trait the Ninetails Lynx inherited, but Lin Huang thought it was a bad habit.

Naturally, the Nightmare Dragon heard Lin Huang's voice and panicked. Just when it was thinking how to buy itself time, it felt chills running down its neck and it saw a headless dragon carcass fall slowly from the sky.

A myriad of colorless ferocious rays shot out and became larger in its eyes as it thought to itself, 'Is that… my dead body?'

Watching the dragon head being sliced into tens of pieces, the headless dragon carcass turned into broken bits instantly and disappeared in the sky.

Darkness engulfed Lin Huang's vision before he snapped back to his senses completely. When his vision recovered, he realized that he had gotten out of the dreamland.

Not only were the God Crashers before him all gone, but the three Combat Souls of the God Figurines were also gone, let alone the Ninetails Lynx with the Sorcerer Goddess Combat Soul Card.

Bai and the rest were still fighting the monster horde while Bloody was still in his sleeve.

The gigantic Nightmare Dragon carcass had lost all signs of resurrecting completely while its carcass shrunk rapidly. It turned into a black sculpture the size of his palm in the blink of an eye.

Lin Huang activated his Divine Telekinesis and grabbed the sculpture that was falling into the crater right into his palm.

The remnant of the Nightmare Dragon's will was destroyed and he had finally gotten the fourth God's Figurine!

"Are you alright?" Bloody asked immediately after sensing Lin Huang waking up.

"I'm fine. I was just dragged into the dreamland," Lin Huang explained.

Bloody figured what had happened naturally seeing the dragon carcass turned into God's Figurine.

Bai and the rest were finally relieved upon sensing that Lin Huang's aura was back to normal. They then put all of their focus into fighting the monster horde.

Since the dragon carcass disappeared, the volcano finally stopped releasing monsters. However, those monsters that were already reified did not disappear. They proceeded to attack Bai and the rest in a frenzy.

Sensing the unusual aura inside the volcano, above the volcano, Lin Huang turned to order Bai and the rest, "Please take care of this for me a while more. I'm going to check out what's happening in there."

He then brought Bloody along as he entered the volcano immediately.

Soon, Lin Huang arrived at the bottom of the volcano. His eyes lit up like jewels when he saw the mountains of monster bones and metal equipment.

The volcano was where the Nightmare Dragon kept its treasures!

"These monster bones and equipment basically have no more Holy Power." The stone tablet's voice came out of nowhere. "The reification of the monster horde should've come from here. The remaining energy of the Nightmare Dragon carcass was only conducive to the monster horde."

"It seems like the Nightmare Dragon set up a formation especially to absorb the Holy Power from those monster bones and god relics before it died. But now that it has turned into a God Figurine, the formation was deactivated automatically.

"This formation has existed for at least an era. These virtual god-level monster bones and normal god relics have no more Holy Power left. There are only a couple of monster bones and god relics which I think used to be true god-level that have Holy Power left in them."

"I can use these monster bones and god relics as materials even though there's no more Holy Power in them, right?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"You can, but it's a little troublesome to process them."

"I can take care of them, but your authorization is restricted for now." Xiao Hei's voice rang out all of a sudden.

"Sure, they're all mine then!" Lin Huang smirked and got Bloody to categorize them.

"128 virtual god-level monster bones, 89 virtual god-level human bones, and 101 virtual god-level equipment that have no more Holy Power left. Three out of 12 true god-level monster bones still have Holy Power left and two out of 11 true god-level human bones have Holy Power left. There are also five out of 23 true god-level equipment that has Holy Power left, and there's one out of the five telekinesis weapons are suitable for you.

"Apart from that, there are still 128 storage rings that haven't been cleared out at the moment. We don't know how much valuable things are in them."

Lin Huang only left in satisfaction after spending half an hour clearing the entire volcano and categorizing all the monster bones and equipment into different storage rings.

He did not plan to stay after coming out of the crater.

Since the source of the monster horde was cut off, there were no more threats to the outside world. Moreover, without the never-ending monster horde, the people from the Union Government would be there soon.

Lin Huang ordered Kylie to put all of the monster carcasses away immediately as he thought about this point. Shortly, Kylie's Nephilic Judge army cleared all of the monsters away.

Lin Huang then recalled all of his Monster Cards in an instant while he turned into a tiny snake with red patterns and left the underground quietly.


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