Monster Paradise
879 18,000 God Crashers!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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879 18,000 God Crashers!

Glaring white rays shot out from the Nightmare Dragon's eyes, making the entire dreamland shake.

As the white rays faded a while later, the hundreds of thousands of imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters in the horde melted like snow under the blazing sun.

The Nightmare Dragon occupying the top of the volcano that was initially dead was resurrected rapidly while its combat strength experienced a boost.

Mortal transformation-level, ascendance-level, human immortal-level… Earth immortal-level!

In the blink of an eye, the aura of the dragon carcass skyrocketed to a level that shocked Lin Huang to his very core.

"Virtual god-level?!" Lin Huang's pupils shrunk. He clearly sensed that the intensity of the aura was definitely not only on demigod-level, but even higher.

Only a real God could make his soul that had Divine Telekinesis consolidated around it shiver so violently.

As the white rays faded, the Nightmare Dragon's eyes that were looking at Lin Huang lost the rage that it held earlier. The only thing left was indifference and coldness.

It was the attitude only a superior reserved for a low-rank person. The difference of ranking was like comparing a giant dragon to a measly ant.

The Nightmare Dragon had no change of emotion at all when it looked at Lin Huang. A single word came out of its mouth calmly.


Just when Lin Huang was about to do something, he realized he could no longer move. It seemed like he was stuck in a space filled with glue whereby he could hardly move his fingers.

On the other hand, the Nightmare Dragon lifted a dragon claw slowly. The claw arrived less than a meter near Lin Huang in the next second.

As the claw was about to touch Lin Huang's body, a white silhouette came out of nowhere. It brought Lin Huang with it and appeared a few kilometers away in the next second. Lin Huang, who was constrained, finally broke away from it.

It was the Ninetails Lynx's Combat Soul which did that.

Meanwhile, the other two God Figurines' Combat Souls attacked the Nightmare Dragon at the same time.

The two God Figurines' Combat Souls underwent a major change in their size. They expanded to the mass of the Nightmare Dragon in the blink of an eye.

The Divine Sun Tree had fire all over while its branches turned into flaming whips that went after the Nightmare Dragon's body.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth that had black armor all over it lifted both its front legs that were covered in black metal and crushed the Nightmare Dragon.

"Get out!" As the Nightmare Dragon shrieked, a black ray came out of its body. The Divine Sun Tree's branches dangling on its body were torn apart by the black ray.

The Nightmare Dragon seized the opportunity to retaliate as it lifted its claws to smack the Divine Sun Tree's branches. The fire on the Divine Sun Tree extinguished and it flew away. Its body shrunk back to its original size in the air.

In the next second, the Nightmare Dragon threw its gigantic boa-like black tail into the air as a ferocious gleam flashed through its eyes. Its attack that came later collided with the Destructive Divine Mammoth's two front legs.

It was as if millions of thunderstorms exploded in the air while strong winds rippled like waves. Even Lin Huang, who was a few kilometers away, almost fell down from the impact.

A moment later, the Destructive Divine Mammoth let out a devastating groan and its gigantic body was slammed a distance away like a cannon. It spat a mouthful of blood out when it was in mid-air. Just like the Divine Sun Tree, its body shrunk rapidly.

Lin Huang was relieved upon sensing the condition of the two God Figurines' Combat Souls.

Only true god-level ability could destroy a true god-level's flesh. The Nightmare Dragon only had virtual god-level combat strength after all, so it was difficult for it to kill them. However, due to the vast difference in combat strength, the flesh-on-flesh collision affected the souls and wounded both of them.

The two Combat Souls might be dead now if the Nightmare Dragon had performed a spiritual-type attack that it was an expert in earlier.

The remnant of the will did not have such a technique. It was easy for Lin Huang to figure out that it did not have much energy left now. Using spiritual energy directly would deplete its will gravely.

"You won't be able to run this time!" After getting rid of the two God Figurines' Combat Souls, the Nightmare Dragon fixed its eyes on Lin Huang again with an intent will to kill. It opened its mouth wide, a navy blue force consolidating in its mouth quickly.

Lin Huang was not constrained this time; the Nightmare Dragon did not seem worried that he might run away at all. Perhaps it was because there was no way that he could flee as soon as the dragon flame went out.

Lin Huang was familiar with such a dragonkin. Naturally, he knew that the Nightmare Dragon was going to spit dragon flames.

The Ninetails Lynx that was standing on Lin Huang's shoulder sensed the crisis and arched its back, exhibiting a cat's natural behavior when it was threatened.

However, Lin Huang was extremely calm while the deadly attack was being charged. He patted the Ninetails Lynx's back. "I should be able to handle this."

As soon as he said that, Lin Huang brought out 23 God Crashers from his storage space.

Naturally, that many God Crashers would not be able to handle the virtual god-level attack. However, the 23 God Crashers before Lin Huang seemed to have a cloning ability and they began to duplicate swiftly. There were over 18,000 God Crashers in a blink of an eye.

In reality, Lin Huang only had 23 God Crashers but this was a dreamland. He could clone as many God Crashers as he wanted.

The over 18,000 God Crashers hovered in the air before Lin Huang like a navy parade.

There was a telekinesis thread connected to each God Crasher.

Sensing the unusual activity coming from Lin Huang, the Nightmare Dragon did not proceed to consolidate its dragon flame. It opened its mouth wide while dark blue dragon flames shot out. It was like a tsunami expanding toward Lin Huang disastrously.

At that moment, Lin Huang activated his Divine Telekinesis where the battalion of more than 18,000 God Crashers was fired at the same time.

Explosive red sparks formed into a gigantic shockwave instantly. The terrifying red ray of light shot out and occupied half of the sky immediately.

It was Bloody's idea to combine all the God Crashers to attack. It also Bloody calculated the angle of the arrangement.

That was the only arrangement that could get the 18,000 God Crashers to merge the attacks into one.

Naturally, such merging was only feasible in theory but difficult to do in reality. However, it was a dreamland. As long as Lin Huang could think of it and believe in it, the attack would definitely materialize.

Perhaps one God Crasher could do nothing to a virtual god-level powerhouse, but it was a different story when there were so many of them. The combo attack from the tens of thousands of God Crashers meant that the boost in power was thousands of times stronger as well. It was not to be underestimated naturally.

The dragon flame that was like an ocean wave soon collided with the gunfire that was forceful enough to tear the sky apart.

The crimson gunfire tore an opening in the dark blue dragon flames all the way to the end of the flames in an instant. The dragon flames were put out completely wherever the gunfire passed.

However, the gunfire was burning out rapidly in the process.

When it passed through the dragon flames completely, it was left with a red ball of light that was smaller than a fist.

The ball of light was then smashed by the Nightmare Dragon's giant claws.

The Nightmare Dragon lifted its head to look at its human opponent. It did not expect Lin Huang to be able to survive two of its most powerful attacks. There was fear in its eyes when it looked at him.

Lin Huang could not help but grin when the dragon flames were destroyed by the God Crashers.

He lifted his head to look at the Nightmare Dragon and spoke again, "If I'm not mistaken, I suppose your will's going out anytime now, isn't it?"

The Nightmare Dragon glared coldly at Lin Huang and said nothing.

"I still have a trump card that I've never used before. I'd like to see how powerful it is." Lin Huang sounded like he was casually chatting with a good friend. "If you're okay with it, I'll try it on you."


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