Monster Paradise
877 Dreamland
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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877 Dreamland

The giant dragon above the crater closed its eyes slowly.

Meanwhile, although Lin Huang, who was hovering above the giant dragon carcass, had his eyes opened, he could not move as his aura was being suppressed entirely.

Sensing Lin Huang's aura changing, Bai and the rest had a drastic shift of expression. They were stopped by Bloody's voice transmission just when they were about to dash toward him.

"Don't worry, Master's fine. Just do your part and guard outside. Don't let any monsters come in."

Bai and the rest were relieved to hear that.

Hiding in Lin Huang's sleeve, Bloody was rather worried. It knew that Lin Huang was not wounded in that situation. Instead, he had been pulled into dreamland by the remnant of the will. It was uncertain whether Lin Huang could leave the dream alive.

Meanwhile, in the present dreamland.

All that Lin Huang felt was a flash before his eyes before he found himself in a quiet place when he snapped back to his senses.

He was still where he had been earlier. The giant black dragon that was in a deep slumber was still beneath his feet while it occupied the same volcano.

However, there was no monster horde around. Even his summoning beasts had vanished.

Not only had Bai and the rest disappeared, but even Bloody that had been hiding in his sleeve was nowhere to be seen too.

The giant black dragon beneath him opened its eyes all a sudden and ridiculed with its mouth wide open, "Being a Demontamer's such a weak profession. You're nothing without your summoning beasts!"

"If I'm not mistaken, this should a dream. Am I right?" Soon, Lin Huang realized what had just happened.

The stone tablet had also foreseen this.

"That's right, and this will be where you die!" The remnant of the will's voice boomed again.

"Well, I'm not sure about that." Lin Huang shook his head while smiling. "Although we're in a dream while your level of exhaustion is much lesser than direct reification, your Life Power will still continue to drain even in a dream. Moreover, the rules apply similarly in reification whereby the more powerful and more monsters you summon, the more power you'll drain. The more intense our fight is, the more the exhausting it is for you to maintain the dreamland."

"Neither of us knows whether I'll die in this dreamland or you'll be completely drained first."

"Seems like old man Gong Sun has told you a lot," said the remnant of the will, puzzling Lin Huang.

"Old man Gong Sun?"

"Stop playing dumb. There are only two True Gods' will in this world. Moreover, apart from old man Gong Sun, nobody knows about my existence, let alone my techniques."

Lin Huang barely understood what the remnant of the will meant. It thought that the other remnant of the will had gotten him to go there. It put Lin Huang in doubt as old man Gong Sun sounded like the family name of a human but according to the stone tablet, the other True God's will was also a monster.

Lin Huang did not bother to explain the remnant of the will's misunderstanding as he did not want to expose the stone tablet's existence.

Since Lin Huang kept mum, the remnant of the will thought that he was admitting its speculation.

"It's useless even if old man Gong Sun told you about my techniques because, I'm the ruler of the entire world in this dreamland!"

As soon as the remnant of the will proclaimed that, an insane amount of monsters began rushing out of the crater beneath the giant dragon. Just like a beehive that had been poked, the monsters tore toward Lin Huang as though the floodgates were opened.

Lin Huang had a slight change of expression at that second. He summoned Killer, the Evil Dominator, Lancelot, Charcoal, Grimace, Kylie, Bloody, the Imp, Warlord, the Death Knight, the Fallen Knight, and the two Dark Crescent Snakes.

Killer, the Evil Dominator, and Lancelot had combat strength of pseudo-mythical-level which was on par with imperial-level crimson gold-ranks. As long as Lin Huang provided them with endless Life Power, they would have stunning lethality among an imperial-level black gold-rank monster horde.

Combined, the two knights and the two Dark Crescent Snakes were on par with pseudo-mythical-level combat strength.

Meanwhile, the reason he summoned Charcoal was that the intensity of its Dragon Flame could wound imperial-level black gold-rank monsters. Even though the Dragon Flame was not enough to kill, it could cripple the monsters on a wide scale.

The Imp's Meteoric Descent, on the other hand, could cause casualty to imperial-level black gold-rank monsters.

Although Grimace's magic could hardly kill any imperial-level black gold-rank monsters, it would work wonders to cause confusion among the monster horde.

Kylie, Bloody, and Warlord had armies of their own. Their armies were much more powerful than their own personal abilities.

Beneath, the remnant of the will was stunned as soon as the 13 monsters were summoned.

"You're pretty smart to master the basic rule of the dreamland so soon."

"Someone's stellar at teaching," Lin Huang complimented with a faint smile.

Naturally, he was not talking about old man Gong Sun like the remnant of the will thought, but about the stone tablet.

The remnant of the will was indeed the ruler of the dreamland. As long as it was not exhausted, it was almost invincible in this dreamland.

However, it would need to connect its own dreamland with Lin Huang's forcefully to pull him in.

On a certain level, Lin Huang, who was dragged into the dreamland by the Nightmare Dragon, was also the ruler of the dreamland too.

However, the Nightmare Dragon knew the rule of dreamland like the back of its hand. That was how it managed to defeat the others in this world who were also the rulers as easy as pie.

It was just like a professional chess player dragging a rookie who knew nothing about the rules of chess into a chess game. Although the rookie had the same number of chess pieces as the professional player did, it was almost impossible for the former to win.

Although Lin Huang had learned about the rules of this dreamland from the stone tablet, it was impossible for him to master it as soon as he entered the dreamland. All he could do was to follow the stone tablet's instruction, which was to start with the things and ability that he had in order to familiarize with the rule.

The rule of this dreamland was very simple: anything that you believed in would come true.

Lin Huang believed that he possessed Monster Cards, which was why even though it was his first time entering the dreamland, he could summon his Monster Cards in a snap.

The remnant of the will thought that Lin Huang would panic because he was dragged in from the outside world and would not know what to do when his summoning beasts were nowhere to be seen. Never did he expect Lin Huang to summon his summoning beasts again calmly as soon as he got there.

The monsters that he summoned in the dreamland completely inherited the true abilities of Bloody and the rest. They were ridiculously compelling.

Although it was gravely difficult, they managed to fight back against those beginner-stage human immortal-level monsters that were on par with imperial-level black gold-ranks.

Lin Huang even noticed that the dragon carcass controlled by the remnant of the will had a slight change of expression.

"Since beginner-stage human immortal-level monsters can't defeat you, I'll see how you fight advanced-stage human immortal-level monsters!"

It had been half an hour, and a huge chunk of the remnant of the will's energy had been drained. Its effort was to no avail. To prevent any unforeseen circumstances, the remnant of the will went all out and increased two ranks of the monster horde.

As soon as it spoke, the advanced-stage human immortal-level monsters that were comparable with imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters began crawling out of the crater. Their aura was so powerful that it was bone-chilling.

Monsters of such a level surpassed the abilities of Lancelot and the rest ability even though they were on pseudo-mythical-level. The only monster that could match them was the parasitic army under Bloody. However, even with Bloody's parasitic army, the most that they could do was to fight six to seven imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters at once. They would not be able to handle any more than that.

Lin Huang observed the monster horde beneath him while frowning slightly. He recalled all of his Monster Cards eventually. He knew that he had to bring out the real trump card now.


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