Monster Paradise
876 Going All Ou
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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876 Going All Ou

The stone tablet predicted the battle pattern of the remnant of the will completely.

At the start, the stone tablet had told Lin Huang that the chances of the remnant of the will initiating a fight was slim as it would want to minimize exhausting its energy. Its likeliest attack would be to use the dragon carcass to drive the monster horde to attack him.

As expected, all it did was to hold back the dragon carcass's Holy Power to allow the monster horde to get closer to Lin Huang so that they could initiate an attack.

However, Lin Huang was smarter than it was. He entered the range of the Holy Power as well as summoning his Monster Cards to fight the monsters.

If it were not for him wanting to obtain more monster carcasses and crystal cores, in reality, Lin Huang would not bother summoning Bai and the rest. All he had to do was to hide in the coverage of the Holy Power since the monsters outside would not be able to touch him at all. He could just activate his Dark Mirror for long-distance attacking.

Meanwhile, the remnant of the will would speed up the drain on itself no matter which form of energy it was using. It was draining for it to suppress the dragon carcass's Holy Power too, but it was just a minor depletion. However, the more it suppressed the Holy Power, the more draining it would be.

The remnant of the will had no solution to Lin Huang hiding in the range of the Holy Power. Lin Huang seemed to have a rather powerful defense against the Holy Power whereby he was not affected just by staying in its coverage.

Feeling helpless, all it could do was watch at that moment. It hoped the monsters could kill Lin Huang's summoning beasts as soon as they could to weaken his ability.

However, Bai and the rest were all triple mutated. Moreover, with the effects of the Rebirth Card and the Blood Thickening Card, their ancient beast bloodlines and god's blood made them the top of the food chain among the immortal-level monsters.

The killing was one-sided when they encountered advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters.

Although there were the occasional monsters on par with an immortal-level rank-9, Lancelot, who possessed Sword Dao Territory, would annihilate them if they were not already killed by the first hit from Bai and the rest.

Now that Lancelot had elevated to pseudo-mythical-level Ruthless Sword Dominator, the radius of his territory had doubled to 18 kilometers. Anything within his territory would not be able to escape from him. He did not even need to move to kill by swinging his sword from where he was. His attack strength was just as powerful as Killer's who was also on pseudo-mythical-level. Even a triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monster could be killed by one swing of a sword as long as the monster did not possess some unique defense ability or technique.

Seeing that the battle had turned one-sided and the massacre of the monsters went on for a few hours, the remnant of the will finally realized that such a level of the monster horde was not a threat to Lin Huang at all.

Initially, it thought that the monster horde would drain the Life Power of Lin Huang's summoning beasts even if they could not kill them. However, the Life Power in the summoning beasts maintained at their peak even a few hours after that; there was no decline in their Life Power at all. It then realized that the human standing before it was tougher than it imagined.

"I thought the remnant of a true god-level powerhouse's will would be compelling, but it seems like I've overestimated you," Lin Huang teased, "I can't believe that you need to use the dragon carcass to draw the monster horde to attack me! Didn't you inherit the Nightmare Dragon's reification ability? I'll definitely run away if you reified a human immortal-level monster horde."

"There's no need to do that. Your summoning beasts will definitely not be able to handle the next wave of monsters!" As soon as the remnant of the will's voice echoed, the monsters that crawled out of the volcano beneath the giant dragon carcass elevated to peak-stage ascendance-level. Their aura was on par with immortal-level rank-9 monsters.

Sensing Lin Huang's aura, the monsters began to join in the battle with Bai and the rest like they were rabid.

'It interfered with the release of the monsters directly as expected.' Lin Huang was not surprised by that.

The stone tablet had reminded him before that its reification ability would exhaust its energy faster and it would not stop draining. Compared to the interference of the monster release, although the exhaustion was major, the exhaustion would not proceed as reification did. However, the tablet suspected that the remnant of the will would only use such a technique once.

Now that their opponents had elevated from advanced-stage to peak-stage ascendance-level, Bai and the rest felt a hike of pressure.

It was easy for them to kill advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters that were on par with immortal-level rank-7 to rank-8s in one hit. However, now that they were fighting monsters of the same level as they were, their upper hand was taken away. It was difficult for them to kill those monsters in one blow. It now took them a few hits.

Nevertheless, it was not a dead end for Lin Huang. Bai and the rest were not his trump cards after all.

"Come out, Killer, the Evil Dominator, Kylie, Warlord, the Death Knight, the Fallen Knight, and the Dark Crescent Snakes!" Lin Huang yelled to summon the best army he had: two pseudo-mythical-level monsters, a Nephilic Judge army, a mechanical army, and two knights who had the combat strength of imperial-level crimson gold-ranks when they fought together.

Bai and the rest felt the pressure being lifted by heaps as soon as the eight monsters joined the battle.

The remnant of the will was stunned to see those monsters that had a compelling aura on par with human immortals joining the battle all of a sudden.

Soon, Killer and the rest showcased their stunning abilities.

Killer and the Evil Dominator, who had an imperial-level crimson gold-rank substitute and two imperial-level crimson gold-rank knights, were exterminating the monsters like a piece of cake as soon as they encountered all the monsters. It was almost one slash per monster for them; it was as easy as slicing vegetables.

Kylie's Nephilic Judge army fared very well as they killed hundreds of monsters at once and commenced the second round of killing right after that. The cycle never ended like they were chomping on a bunch of chives.

Warlord was amazing whereby he began the battle with his 100,000-strong mechanical army. They outnumbered the monsters that approached them. Although his mechanical army could not kill peak-stage ascendance-level monsters in one blow, no monster could withstand his high-frequency shooting. Ammunition was fired as if they were free-of-charge. If not for Lin Huang's never-ending Life Power supply, he would have gone soft within 30 seconds attacking like this, at the most… Err, I mean, his Life Power would be exhausted and he would become weak.

Moreover, the mechanical army could be recycled instantly as soon as they were destroyed. The same applied to those used ammunition too.

"Shameless! You have more support than I do!" The remnant of the will almost cursed when it saw Warlord attacking.

"It's not enough for them. You should send more," Lin Huang could not help but tease again as he noticed that the speed of the monsters coming out of the crater was slower than Warlord and the rest while Kylie's Nephilic Judge army was so bored that they began to collect carcasses.

"You…" The remnant of the will was so mad that it was speechless.

"Please just bring out whatever you have. Since peak-stage ascendance-levels don't work on us, you should reify human immortal-level monsters. Maybe it would work." Lin Huang looked calm as he planted the idea.

"You're just depending on your summoning beasts. Without them, you're nothing!" The remnant of the will turned calm all of a sudden while a black ray shot out of the dragon's eyes. It caught Lin Huang off-guard. In a flash, the black ray penetrated his eyes.

Suddenly, Lin Huang could no longer move.


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