Monster Paradise
874 The Source of the Monster Horde
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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874 The Source of the Monster Horde

Lin Huang looked around as he hovered in the air.

Everything that he was observing was a little different than what he had imagined before going in.

It was clear that he was not hovering underground but above an isolated space.

The sky was gray, and there was an unpleasant, pungent smell lingering in the air. The stench undoubtedly came from the few volcanoes that had smoke billowing out of them not far away.

One of the volcanoes was erupting where an insane amount of burning lava was flowing out from the crater. It drowned the burnt soil on the ground and connected with the dark-red lava river, making it even more disastrous than ever.

Although the ordinary lava could not cause any physical damage to ascendance-level monsters, the swarm of monsters decided to dodge the lava river and the erupting volcano. After all, monsters that lacked strength would not want their flesh to be burned by lava.

Lin Huang saw the Union Government members that were a distance away after taking a glance around.

They were forming a battle formation and zooming towards the direction in which the monsters were coming out. They seemed to be gunning for the source of the monster horde.

However, they appeared rather beaten although the battle formation was formed successfully.

The monsters were a little different from those on the outside. All of the monsters that sensed their existence attacked them, including those that had already passed them. They turned around to attack the people at full force.

The members were surrounded by the monster horde entirely now. Unlike before, the only threat they had faced earlier was the monsters ahead of them. Unfortunately, now monsters from all directions and even angles were attacking them.

Lin Huang only took a moment to complete his observation.

However, the monsters noticed him in the next moment. As they surged toward him, Lin Huang did not attack impulsively. He slid under a gigantic ungulate monster's abdomen, ignoring the monsters that were coming at him. Then, he crushed a Transformation Card.

In the next second, Lin Huang turned into a little black snake the size of a thumb with red patterns all over his body. He slithered below the monster's abdomen together with a tiny purple snake which was Bloody. Its body was compressed to the same size as the Eclipse Boa that Lin Huang had transformed into.

The monsters that were chasing Lin Huang realized that his aura suddenly vanished out of nowhere. They left helplessly after their failed attempts to detect them.

The two little snakes turned into red and purple ferocious gleams as they traveled among the monsters.

Many of the monsters saw them, but they did not attack. It was clear that the monsters treated Bloody and Lin Huang who had transformed themselves as one of themselves.

Lin Huang was secretly glad. The idea of using a Transformation Card came to him out of nowhere. He was taking a risk to see whether he would be attacked if he did that. He did not expect it to turn out so well. They were completely ignored even though they were traveling the opposite way.

"The people from the Union Government are going to the source of the monster horde. There might be treasures that they are after," Lin Huang said to Bloody through voice transmission, "Let's go there before they do."

Lin Huang raced against the current of the monster horde with Bloody as soon as he spoke.

They were so tiny that they were traveling among the monsters' legs, so they did not affect the flow of the horde at all.

Meanwhile, the Union Government army that was far away did not notice them at all. The duo passed them in a few seconds after their great efforts to struggle through less than ten kilometers in the monster horde.

Lin Huang and Bloody finally arrived at the source of monster horde after traveling for over an hour against the current. Lin Huang had to crush the second Transformation Card along the way to extend the duration of the transformation.

Lin Huang and Bloody were stunned when they saw what was happening at the source.

All of the monsters thronged from the gigantic crater before them.

However, there was a giant black dragon, which was thousands of meters long, perching on top of the crater. It seemed like it was in a deep sleep, but its aura was so powerful that Lin Huang and Bloody felt core-chilling fear despite being so far away.

"What a terrifying aura! That dragon must be at least a Virtual God!" Lin Huang and Bloody hid behind the other volcano and watched the dragon quietly.

"Why are both of you hiding? This Nightmare Dragon has been dead for a long time. It's just a carcass now." The stone tablet's thick voice came into Lin Huang's ears all of a sudden.

"Are you sure it's really a carcass and not just sleeping?" Lin Huang felt the compelling aura of that giant dragon. He found it hard to believe that it was already dead.

"Of course, it's a carcass! Why do you think that a True God wouldn't have noticed you when you're so close to it?" The stone tablet asked him back as if he was stupid.

"Maybe it noticed us, but couldn't be bothered to do anything because we're too weak." Although Lin Huang was in doubt, he believed the stone tablet.

"Do you still want the God Figurine?" The stone tablet did not want to argue with Lin Huang so it brought that up right away.

"Yes!" Lin Huang answered without thinking twice.

"This dragon carcass is actually a God Figurine," revealed the stone tablet, "It's just that it still has the very last remnant of will which is the reason why it isn't in the form of a God Figurine."

"Do you mean I'll have to fight this true god-level giant dragon in order to obtain the God Figurine?" Lin Huang was speechless to hear that. He did not think he could win.

"You don't fight it. You fight the gush of will that it has left," corrected the stone tablet.

"What's the difference?"

"The difference is that it's just a gush of will."

"You might as well not answer me…"

"Its gush of will extremely weak now. In fact, it's so weak that it can't drive this dragon carcass to fight. It's just using some sort of ability that the dragon carcass had when it was still alive. The ability's restricted due to the strength of the will."

Lin Huang finally understood the stone tablet after the explanation. He was finally relieved. "So, what should I do?"

"Simple. Turn back to a human, activate this gush of will, then destroy it! As soon as this last gush of will disappears, this dragon carcass will turn into a harmless God Figurine."

"Can I destroy it directly without activating it?" Lin Huang asked shamelessly. He could actually guess the answer to this question but he could not help asking anyway.

"You wish!" The stone tablet teased then explained in all seriousness, "Your will has to be tens of folds more powerful than this dragon's will when it was still alive in order to destroy its current will directly. Without activating the gush of will, it'll stay in this dragon carcass forever. It might take hundreds of thousands or even millions of years to fade away slowly on its own."

"Alright then…" Lin Huang looked helpless as he knew that was the answer he would get anyway. "So, how do I destroy it?"

"Just keep fighting it. When it's activated, it'll drain itself every minute and second. Fighting will only speed up the draining."

"So, how long does it take to destroy it completely?" Lin Huang proceeded to ask.

"From the intensity of its will that I can sense, it'll take three days at the most for it to be completely drained as long as it stays activated. If it's in battle mode, the duration will be shortened by heaps. It might not even be able to take it for a day if the fight's intense enough."

'You sound like you're making it up,' Lin Huang thought to himself secretly, but he did not seem to have any other option now.

If he did not do anything now, it would be harder for him to do it the next day when the monster horde leveled up to peak-stage ascendance-level. The chance of achieving this would be even slimmer.

After some thought to himself, Lin Huang finally made up his mind.

"Let's do it for the God Figurine!"


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