Monster Paradise
873 The Union Government’s Unusual Behavior
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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873 The Union Government’s Unusual Behavior

Lin Huang thought it was a little puzzling when he saw the image that Bloody projected. 200 of them from the Union Government initiated the slaughter of the monsters along the way down to the central zone of the abyss.

"What's this? Isn't it a little too late for them to only come to the center abyss to stop the monsters now?"

"I'm afraid their objective isn't that simple." Bloody gave a completely different opinion. "They've come down on the first day the abyss was formed. They even attempted to enter the crater in the center abyss but they failed. I'm guessing they're here for the crater."

"I don't think you've told me about this before." Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard the explanation.

"You were in cultivation when they came and they only stopped by for less than half an hour. They gave up and left after trying a few times, but their attempts were to no avail. I didn't think it was something important and they didn't come back since then. That's why I didn't mention it to you," Bloody explained.

Lin Huang did not dwell on that. Instead, he asked while frowning. "They're trying to get into the crater. Is it because they knew there's something in there? But why do they choose to come today?"

"As soon midnight passes, the monsters that are crawling out of the crater will become advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters. Wouldn't the pressure be even bigger if they go in now?" Lin Huang thought it was rather hard to understand.

"If it were me, I would try every way I could possibly think of to get in if I failed on the first day, but they only started trying again today since they failed the first time. Moreover, they did this right when midnight passed. It shows that they might have possibly mastered the way or the pattern of getting into the crater.

"There's another thing that seems a little odd now that I think about it. They rushed to Weiyang City which is closest to the central zone as soon as the gully was formed. They've never left Weiyang City since then.

"Looking at their behavior, they must've known something about the crater. Even if they're not entirely sure about the situation in there, they must've confirmed there's something that they want in there. That might possibly be the ultimate objective of why they entered the ruins," Bloody voiced its speculation.

In the projected image, the battle formation made by 200 of the Union Government members was formidable. They killed almost all the monsters that they encountered along the way.

Their goal was not to kill all of their enemies but to travel as fast as they could. They managed to get to the abyss from Weiyang City which was 200 kilometers in less than ten minutes.

They jumped down without hesitation as soon as they arrived at the abyss and made their way to the bowl-shaped crater. All of the monsters they encountered along the away were killed by the compelling Union Government army. They did not even collect any monster carcasses.

Another ten minutes later, this powerful Union Government army opened a bloody path and finally arrived at the border of the crater.

A tall lady walked out of the crowd. She wore a big white coat and seemed to be the leader of the pack. She looked down the crater as she walked to the edge and turned to shout at the people behind her, "Begin the experiment now!"

Three Imperial Censors summoned twelve immortal-level rank-9 monsters while the others guarded them.

Although the twelve monsters were all on immortal-level rank-9, they were just double mutated while their abilities seemed ordinary.

Under the three Imperial Censors' command, the twelve monsters hopped into the crater together.

Nine of them were torn into pieces by the monsters that were crawling up as soon as they jumped in while another two were attacked. Nobody knew if they survived. Only one of the twelve managed to dodge the monsters' attack and disappeared into the abyss.

After waiting for two to three minutes, the three Imperial Censors looked at their pet spatial ring with their heads down.

One of the Imperial Censors lifted his head after checking it thoroughly. He said to the people helplessly while shaking his head, "All dead."

Subsequently, the second one lifted his head. "It's the same on my side. None of them survived."

The last one only spoke after the second person was done speaking, "One of mine survived. I guess the first round of experiment's complete."

"Go on with the second round of the experiment!" The leading lady nodded.

The three Imperial Censors carried out another round of summoning whereby they summoned another twelve monsters.

Just like before, they were all on immortal-level rank-9 and double mutated.

The twelve monsters jumped into the crater under the three Imperial Censors' command.

A few minutes later, an Imperial Censor nodded at the leading lady again. "I have two monsters that survived. The second experiment is complete."

"Begin with the last round of experiment!" The leading lady ordered again.

Soon, the new round of experiment was accomplished while only one of the twelve monsters that jumped down survived this time.

"Since the three rounds of experiments were successful, we can go in now." A man wearing a white robe nodded at the leading lady. His attire was out of tune with the Union Government's uniform, but nobody seemed to have an opinion on that.

As soon as he spoke, the white-robed man was the first to jump into the crater. The leading lady did not have the chance to stop him even if she wanted to.

Seeing the man disappear into the crater, the leading lady followed suit while frowning slightly. The rest of them from the Union Government then jumped in too.

Lin Huang was stunned watching the projection.

"All of them jumped?!"

"I've attached two Leech Pods on two of them," Bloody said while grinning, "For some reason, I failed to look at the images the Leech Pods sent back, but I could sense that the two Leech Pods are still around this time."

"Let's go in too." Lin Huang's interest was piqued all of a sudden. Although he had reaped a number of great rewards throughout these few days from killing monsters, he thought it was rather boring. Now that he found something interesting, he would not want to miss it naturally.

"The Union Government has formed an army of 200 who are experts in battle formation. I'm afraid it's not safe down there." Bloody was unwilling to take the risk.

It preferred to fight as long as it could master the situation. Its instinct was to avoid such an unknown area at all costs.

"No matter how powerful this battle formation from the Union Government's army is, they'll never beat your battle formation. None of them is a match for me when it comes to personal ability." Lin Huang had faith in Bloody and himself. "I think it'll be easy for us to handle the risk that they could handle."

"Moreover, judging by the Union Government's huge effort of forming such a team, the treasures in the crater must be exotic!" Lin Huang's eyes lit up as he spoke about this. "Let's follow secretly behind them."

Bloody knew that since Lin Huang had made up his mind, it was futile for it to stop him, so it did not bother wasting its effort on doing so.

The exuberant Lin Huang did what he said right away. He put the tent away immediately and got out of the wall as soon as he donned his clothes.

He then summoned Bai and the rest to kill all of the monsters along the way before arriving at the border of the crater. After recalling all of the Monster Cards apart from Bloody, Lin Huang jumped into the crater without thinking twice.


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