Monster Paradise
872 The Sixth Day
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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872 The Sixth Day

Time passed by. It was the fifth day since the monster horde broke out.

Throughout the past five days, the combat strength of the monsters that had been gushing out of the abyss was increasing day by day.

It was just monsters on the beginner-stage mortal transformation-level on the first day, but there were intermediate-stage mortal transformation-level monsters beginning to appear on the second day. On the fifth day, there were already intermediate-stage ascendance-level monsters appearing, which combat strength was equivalent to immortal-level rank-4 to rank-6 monsters.

To Tan Lang and the rest, the pressure increased day after day.

On the fifth day since the monster horde broke out, most of the Heaven Alliance members could no longer take the pressure and had to retreat back to Enlightenment City.

Even Tan Lang returned to Enlightenment City when the city door closed on the fifth night.

As soon as he returned to the inn, Tan Lang gathered the people from the Heaven Alliance. He glanced through everyone, all members were there while Lin Huang was the only one missing.

"Didn't Lin Xie come back?" Tan Lang asked while frowning a little.

Chan Dou had assigned Tan Lang a mission which was to take care of Lin Xie's safety. He was a little worried when he noticed Lin Xie's absence.

"He didn't. We haven't been able to contact him via the communication ring." Shen Tao shook his head. He had tried contacting Lin Huang a couple of times yesterday, but his attempt was futile.

They could not use the communication system in their Emperor's Heart Ring there, but it worked for the local communication ring. The function was nothing less than the Emperor's Heart Ring. For convenience, all of them had one of their own.

However, since Lin Huang had been in the gully for the past few days, the communication ring could not receive any reception outside of the abyss.

"He didn't reply the messages?" Tan Lang asked again.

"No. I've sent a few messages to him, asking him to contact me as soon as he sees my messages, but he didn't reply since yesterday. I'm guessing that he's somewhere that has no reception."

Tan Lang said nothing and used his communication ring to call Lin Huang directly. However, the call did not connect.

Since the call was not connected the first time, he called again, but it was the same result.

"It can't connect…" Tan Lang frowned.

"It shows that he might still be alive," Tang Ning comforted, "The communication ring here is different from the Emperor's Heart Ring whereby the communication ring's reception won't be affected when the person is dead. You can still call, just that nobody will pick up."

"What if the person is dead and the communication ring is broken?" Tan Lang glared at Tang Ning. He knew not having any reception did not mean that Lin Huang was dead.

All of a sudden, Tang Ning fell silent. If Lin Huang was dead and his body was trampled by the monsters, there was a high chance that his communication ring was broken. A broken communication ring would have the same no-reception mode just like what happened when they attempted to call.

"I'm not worried about Lin Xie. Remember that he killed so many monsters on the Stairway Tree?" Shen Tao comforted Tan Lang while wearing a smile.

"There'll be advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters coming out of the abyss tomorrow. Do you think he has the ability to kill monsters that are equivalent to immortal-level rank-7 to rank-9?!" Tan Lang shook his head helplessly. "Even I would have to avoid them if I encountered monsters of such a level!"

Even though Tan Lang had an ability comparable with imperial-level crimson gold-ranks, he dared not guarantee that he could kill all of the advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters alone. The reason was that being attacked by monsters of such level would cause severe damage to him.

"Perhaps Lin Xie has a way of his own. Nobody saw exactly how he killed the monsters on the Stairway Tree earlier." In reality, Li Jia was very curious about how Lin Huang managed to obtain such a high score on the Stairway Tree.

He was a Bug Master. On a certain level, it was a branch of the Imperial Censor. He had always wanted to see Lin Huang's full blast combat strength as an Imperial Censor.

"Don't worry, Imperial Censors usually have much more survival techniques than us ordinary people do. Moreover, Lin Xie isn't a reckless person. If he knew that the situation's out of hand, he'll definitely come back." Shen Tao stepped forward and patted Tan Lang's shoulder.

Tan Lang went silent for a moment. A strange thought popped into his mind after he calmed down, and he could not help but say it out loud, "Do you guys think it's true what the Herculean King said the other day about his ability being the least powerful among all of the summoning beasts that Lin Xie has?"

Shen Tao and the rest had their eyes wide open when they heard that and they fell into a dead silence.

They knew the Herculean King since they had fought together before. The Herculean King was not only a triple mutated beast. It had an ancient beast bloodline too. His ability was much more powerful than most of them who were present. He was just a tiny bit lagging behind Shen Tao who was about to elevate to imperial-level.

Shen Tao chuckled awkwardly a while later. "Then, Lin Xie's ability's really terrifying."

Just when the people from the Heaven Alliance were discussing Lin Huang, he had just ended the massacre of the day.

On the second day that he entered the gully since the monster horde broke out, Lin Huang had been getting the kills for his Monster Cards in the central zone of the abyss.

It was like a job to him every day whereby he would hunt for 17 hours from 7 a.m. to 12 a.m. Throughout the four days, he had killed more than four million monsters in total.

Lin Huang estimated that he could obtain at least 30 million Glory Points just by selling the monster carcasses alone.

He called off the hunting when it was close to twelve midnight.

"That's all for today. Let's rest well tonight. Tomorrow will be the last day that we'll be in the abyss." After entering the cave that he had been staying in temporarily for those few days, Lin Huang recalled Bai and the rest into their card forms and summoned Bloody Robe.

Lin Huang did not sleep right away after getting Bloody Robe to seal the cave. Instead, he got Bloody to project the images taken at the bowl-shaped crater.

It was the sixth day since the monster horde had broken out after midnight. As expected, there were advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters that began crawling out of the abyss. There were countless of them.

"Looking at the progress of monsters coming out of the center abyss, there'll be peak-stage ascendance-level monsters coming out after midnight tomorrow and there'll be human immortal-level monsters the day after that, which are equivalent to imperial-level black gold-rank monsters. And there'll be imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters coming out three days later…" Lin Huang shook his head while forcing a smile. "Can the sects of this world really handle such an impact?"

"According to my current observation, these sects are actually formidable. However, the chances of them defeating imperial-level monsters aren't high." Bloody was pessimistic about this crisis. "Even if an imperial-level monster horde were to happen in the outside world, we might need many demigods to fight together to solve the crisis. However, there's not even one demigod that's surfaced in this world until now."

"Maybe the demigods are hiding just like those sects before," Lin Huang teased. Even he did not believe what he had just said.

"We could still hunt the last day tomorrow. We must leave the abyss tomorrow at midnight," Bloody reminded Lin Huang in all seriousness while looking at him. "There'll be peak-stage ascendance-level monsters coming out the day after tomorrow which is equivalent to immortal-level rank-9. Some of them might even be just as strong as us. Furthermore, there are many more monsters than what our own numbers."

"I understand." Lin Huang shook his head, feeling helpless. "Seems like it's not possible to obtain 100 million points to achieve seven-star Glory after all."

"The Sect Alliance's point system was never made for anyone to achieve seven-star Glory or even six-star Glory. It'd be great if you achieved six-star Glory to purchase items at a 60% discount," Bloody smiled as it said, "If you really want to achieve seven-star Glory, you'd need to sell the crystal cores as well."

"It's not worth redeeming points with crystal cores here. I'll only sell them when I get out. Then, I should be able to get a better price." Lin Huang was very sure of that. Such an item that could replenish Life Power at a high speed would definitely be something that countless people would fight for out there.

Just when Lin Huang was ready to sleep after chatting with Bloody for a while, he heard a dumbfounded gasp from Bloody.

'What's wrong?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"It's the people from the Union Government. They're trying to come down to the abyss now…"


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