Monster Paradise
871 A Great Place to Obtain Points
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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871 A Great Place to Obtain Points

Lin Huang felt refreshed when he woke up early the next morning.

After washing up and having some snacks that he had prepared beforehand for breakfast, he put away the tent and broke out of the cave.

Countless monsters surrounded his field of vision as soon as he exited the cave.

They were scurrying towards all directions at the bottom and crawling upwards on the walls continuously. They were like an army of ants migrating on a large scale.

Soon, many monsters noticed Lin Huang's presence and jumped to attack him.

Observing that, Lin Huang summoned Bai, Lancelot, Thunder, Bing Wang, and Kylie immediately.

As soon as Bai was summoned, he attacked at lightning speed the moment he saw the monsters targeting Lin Huang.

He turned his Vampire Particles into a couple of sharp blades. A few monsters were killed directly as he attacked in a flash. There was not even a drop of blood as the monsters were slashed in half. The carcasses dropped onto the ground.

Meanwhile, Lancelot, Thunder and Bing Wang landed on the ground one after another and began a new round of killing as they looked around.

Bai then joined the killing spree instantly.

The four monsters that were experts in killing as a group entered the herd of lambs like tigers. Eventually, the mortal transformation-level monsters were killed one by one.

As the monsters were killed, Kylie summoned her Nephilic Judge army to begin collecting their carcasses.

Lin Huang turned to look at the monsters that had been initially behind him while looking a little puzzled. Those monsters that had passed him and his summoning beasts by did not turn back to attack. Instead, they were running in all directions. Those monsters that were crawling on the walls also did not jump down to attack him or his summoning beasts. They continued crawling upwards as if nothing else mattered to them.

"These monsters are behaving rather oddly," Lin Huang said softly with a frown. "If this is a normal monster horde, no matter where I am, they would treat me as their target as long as they can see or sense me. They would want to kill me no matter what, but those monsters that passed us ignored me completely. They didn't turn back to attack. Instead, they proceeded with their journey. The only exception were those that saw me right before they attacked me."

"There are two possibilities." Bloody attended to Lin Huang's confusion. "The first possibility would be that they're moving or they're escaping. Hence, they don't have the time to care about you. Some of them attacked you not because you're human, but simply because you're blocking their way.

"The second possibility would be that they've received a powerful order. Compared to the order, you're nothing, so they decided to ignore you and follow the order."

"This isn't something bad. At least, it means that we can go forward without having to kill all of the monsters along the way," Bloody added.

"Do you mean minimizing the hunting zone and speeding up?" Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard what Bloody said. "If that's the case, wouldn't Tan Lang and the rest have more pressure on them?"

"They don't even have any monsters to kill at the moment." Feeling helpless, Bloody told Lin Huang about Tan Lang and the rest who had nothing to do since yesterday afternoon until the night due to him slaying all of the monsters.

"Besides Tan Lang and the rest, a couple of government residences in the northwestern area and the Luotian Sect were affected too. Because of us hogging all of the monsters, they didn't get many kills yesterday.

"Also, the Luotian Sect couldn't help but send two teams out to investigate last night. Fortunately, the monster horde went back to normal after we went to sleep last night. Their teams encountered the monster horde not long after that and they retreated.

"Li Jia sent a couple of bugs to investigate as well. Luckily, his bugs have a limited range which is less than 300 kilometers, so he didn't find anything."

"Ahh, okay, I've overlooked this." Lin Huang thought he would kill as many monsters as he could to minimize Tan Lang and the rest's burden, but he never realized that he would confuse them instead.

"Alright, we'll go as fast as we can to get to the central area of the gully and begin the hunt there. We can ease the pressure off the people outside and at the same time, we won't kill the monster horde entirely." Lin Huang came up with a new plan immediately.

"We can do that before the advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters appear," Bloody nodded. "But as soon as the monster horde levels up and the advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters come out, I'm afraid it's a little difficult for us to survive in the center of the gully with our abilities. We can only guard one of the gullies."

"Sure, let's do that then." Lin Huang understood what Bloody meant.

As soon as the monster horde leveled up, the advanced-stage ascendance-level monsters would have the equivalent combat strength of immortal-level rank-6 to rank-9 monsters. Such monsters would be difficult for Bing Wang and the rest to kill in one hit if their defense was slightly more powerful. Some triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters even had the ability to fight Bing Wang and the rest. As soon as they were attacked by one of those monsters, it would be hard for them to come out of the monster horde. By then, the risk of losing their lives there would be high.

After giving Bai and the rest a new order, Lin Huang and his army began to speed up towards the central zone of the gully.

The closer it was to the central zone, the lower the terrain was and more spacious too. It was like a narrow, fan-shaped slope.

The closer Lin Huang was into the center of the gully, he realized there were more and more monsters ahead of them.

Bai and the rest fought together like arrows continuously shooting into the sea of monsters that were in front of them. They ignored the monsters that were surrounding them left and right.

The monsters that passed them did not turn around to attack. Instead, they were whizzing towards the northwestern direction.

After changing the hunting plan, Lin Huang and his army sped up so much more that they could travel up to 1,000 kilometers per hour.

When the sky was turning dark, Lin Huang finally saw the central zone which was the end of the intersection of the gully.

It was a gigantic sunken pit that looked like a huge crater. There was a huge hole in the middle of the crater.

To Lin Huang, the eight gigantic gullies looked like eight slender legs that expanded from a humongous spider while the sunken hole was the spider's heart.

Lin Huang got Bai and the others to go into the bowl-shaped crater to kill the monsters while he stood by the edge and peered down. It was pitch black. Apart from the various monsters that were crawling up tens of meters around the edge, he could not see anything else down there.

"This must be the center of the abyss…" Lin Huang used his Divine Telekinesis curiously but he sensed nothing. It was like his Divine Telekinesis had entered a land of nothingness.

"Bloody, release a few Leech Pods down there and see," Lin Huang said to Bloody since his effort was to no avail.

Bloody released a few Leech Pods immediately. The pods were going towards the center abyss slowly.

However, Bloody shook its head after a short while. "The communication was cut off. I'm not sure if someone shot them or if the Leech Pods floated somewhere else."

Lin Huang gazed at the center of the abyss for a while and eventually shook his head. He gave up on the thought to jump into it to discover for himself.

He turned to look at the countless monsters within the hundreds of kilometers radius in the gigantic crater. Lin Huang was elated all of a sudden. "This is a great place to reap Glory Points!"


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