Monster Paradise
870 The Hunt Begins
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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870 The Hunt Begins

The monster horde broke out in the central area. Enlightenment City which was at the border of the northwestern area only had a small monster horde at the moment.

As soon as the order to hunt individually came from Tan Lang, the ten Heaven Alliance members departed in the afternoon.

Lin Huang summoned Bing Wang and headed straight to the gully of the abyss. All of the monsters they encountered along the way froze into ice sculptures that seemed alive.

It was the same even when they encountered triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters. With Bing Wang who had the ancient Frost Flame Ape's bloodline, they could not escape their fate of turning into ice sculptures no matter how powerful they were.

Lin Huang put all of the ice sculptures away in his storage rings along the way. Fortunately, he had gotten many storage rings from the rewards earlier. Otherwise, he might not have enough space in his Emperor's Heart Ring.

In reality, these holy fire-level monster carcasses and crystal cores were worthless to him. Although the monsters had low combat strength, the crystal cores in the bodies might be useful for his Monster Cards' skills. Moreover, as long as there were many carcasses, he would be able to redeem a lot of Glory Points. Hence, he decided to collect the monster carcasses in the end since he had enough space. It would be dumb not to do so.

After over an hour collecting monster carcasses while sitting on Bing Wang's shoulder, Lin Huang finally saw the true form of the gully.

There were massive numbers of mortal transformation-level (holy fire-level) monsters gushing out of the gully. It looked like a burst pipe from which water was rushing out of it.

"Go!" As soon as Lin Huang ordered him, Bing Wang dashed into the crowd of monsters without hesitation.

Everywhere he stepped would turn into white frost. With him as the center point, everything around him would start to freeze.

Besides the monsters that were diving at him, the grass, flowers, and even the soil on the ground froze into ice that was harder than metal.

In a few breaths, Bing Wang passed through the monsters and arrived at the edge of the gully.

"Let's go down!" Lin Huang issued a new order without thinking much.

Bing Wang hopped into the gully and tore towards the bottom of the abyss.

Lin Huang looked at the walls around along the way. There were mortal transformation-level monsters everywhere like the walls were full of crawling ants.

The gully was immensely deep. Even with Bing Wang's speed, they only arrived at the bottom half an hour later.

After they arrived at the bottom, Lin Huang summoned Bai, Lancelot, Thunder, and Kylie.

The reason he summoned them was that they were just like Bing Wang who had a compelling group of killing techniques.

Naturally, Charcoal and Bloody Robe had similar techniques too, but one of them used Dragon Flame while another used lava. They would destroy the monster carcasses. Lin Huang decided to not summon them after giving it some thought.

Tyrant, Malachian Fiend, and the Herculean King were like tanks in the battlefield which made them suitable for group kills under usual circumstances. Lin Huang figured they might just crush the monster carcasses entirely, so he did not summon them. Holy fire-level monsters were rather weak after all.

Hunting was the second priority for summoning Kylie whereby the main objective was to help collect monster carcasses.

Her Nephilic Judge army had tremendous speed. Also, she could put away the piles of monster carcasses in her mini world.

Naturally, Kylie was unsatisfied with her assigned responsibility. She only agreed to do it when Lin Huang promised to put aside a tenth of the monster carcasses for her Nephilic Judge army as food.

The hunting was almost a bloodbath.

Bai turned Vampire Particles into bloody threads which penetrated the holy fire-level monsters' hearts and brains easily. Monster carcasses were strewn all over the place with no wounds on them wherever the threads passed by.

Lancelot summoned the Sword Dominator, the Luminescent Angelwing, the Frigid Swordswoman, and a few sword servants who were experts in group battles while he killed rapidly with his Sword Manipulation all the way.

Little black swords were flying in the air and pierced through the monsters' bodies one after another quickly.

Thunder's attack was the most straightforward. It summoned thunderclouds directly as it flapped its wings and aimed for the ground. All of the monsters that were struck by the bolts of lightning fell onto the ground.

To prevent it from destroying the monster carcasses, Lin Huang especially reminded it to maintain the intensity of the lightning bolts so that it was enough to kill immortal-level rank-2 or rank-3 monsters.

As usual, everywhere Bing Wang went turned into a land of snow while all of the monsters froze into ice sculptures.

Kylie did not fight at all. Instead, she summoned her Nephilic Judge army to move all of the monster carcasses into her mini world. Meanwhile, she was standing on Bing Wang's shoulder watching the fight just like Lin Huang was.

Lin Huang's four summoning beasts fought all the way slowly towards the center of the gully.

When it was almost night time, Lin Huang and his bunch of summoning beasts had traveled almost 150 kilometers deep into the gully. Bloody roughly calculated the number of monsters killed. There were at least 800,000 monsters.

"The speed of accumulating points is so much faster than I imagined. It seems like going down the bottom of the gully was a wise move." Lin Huang had excitement written all over his face. He would achieve at least millions of Glory Points with those 800,000 holy fire-level monsters. It would mean that he had elevated to five-star Glory in merely one afternoon.

"I'm already eligible to enjoy 50% off the treasures. Judging from the speed of accumulating points, I guess I'll elevate to seven-star Glory in a few days. I'll be enjoying a 70% discount by then which countless people will envy."

As a matter of fact, Lin Huang's body was a great advantage in such a situation.

The Divine Fire in his body continuously provided Life Power to his Monster Cards, allowing Bai and the rest to unleash all the skills that they possessed as they wished. That was how they managed to achieve such a high killing rate.

Without the Divine Fire providing Life Power, Bai and the rest would not be able to withstand such speed of killing for even half an hour. As soon as half an hour passed, their Life Power would be drained. They would not even be able to run by then and would drown in the endless amount of monsters.

Even the human immortals from the sects dared not come to the bottom of the gully of the abyss following the breakout of monster horde this time. Lin Huang was the only one who had the guts to do this due to his abundant Life Power.

However, although they had endless Life Power, Bai and the rest had limited strength.

The hunt went on until past eleven at night where their strength began to drop while their hunting rate was decreasing.

"Alright, that's all for today." Lin Huang finally stopped the hunt upon noticing that.

After recalling Bai and the rest, Lin Huang summoned Bloody Robe to make a cave in the wall using lava to be his temporary shed. After entering the cave, Lin Huang got him to seal the cave entrance with the cooled down lava to prevent monsters from coming in at night.

As soon as a human elevated to transcendent-level, he would have a strong adaptative ability. Without oxygen, a holy fire-level human could live for two to three days. Meanwhile, an immortal-level powerhouse could live ten days to half a month without oxygen.

Moreover, Lin Huang would only need a night's rest in such an enclosed environment.

He brought his tent out in the cave. After setting it up, he got Bloody Robe to guard outside while he went into the tent.

Due to his excitement, Lin Huang chatted with Bloody until past 1 a.m. before he fell asleep.

Bloody did not tell him about the progress of Tan Lang and the rest before he fell asleep. For the entire afternoon, they had killed almost zero monsters because Lin Huang had wiped their prey out.


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