Monster Paradise
864 The Forming of a Phenomenon, a Chaotic Tribulation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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864 The Forming of a Phenomenon, a Chaotic Tribulation

Returning to the hotel, Bloody then reported what had been retrieved from their memories, "The place that Dynasty previously went to was the Luotian Sect. They initially wanted to plunder the sect. However, the members of the Luotian Sect have awakened the human immortals that were sealed. One of the elder Taoist priests who possesses the strongest ability is on par with the purple gold-rank. He's capable of killing half of the people from Dynasty in one blow. Seventh Prince only managed to escape along with five other people with his life-saving skill."

"So, there really are human immortals!" Lin Huang felt thrilled on the inside but he kept his cool. "Since there are human immortals from the Luotian Sect that managed to survive up until now, there are probably other human immortals from other sects that are still alive."

"There could be demigods or those that are even stronger," Bloody added.

"Does the governor and deputy governor of the city have any relationship with the sect?" Lin Huang asked.

"Yes. Many of the immortal guards are from the sect. Only a few of them who trained themselves will take this position up." Bloody acquired this information from the plump man who had inherited the governor's memory.

"Is there any other useful information?"

Bloody thought for a while before it decided to share, "There's a strange apocalyptic prediction. The plump man retrieved it from the governor's memory too."

"Do tell."

"A strike of thunder heralds the arrival of disaster. The forming of a phenomenon, a chaotic tribulation," Bloody uttered the prophecy. "I guess it doesn't really mean anything. It might just be something they said during the ancient times."

Lin Huang pondered for a while. He had no idea what it could mean. Soon, he snapped out of his thoughts and did not think any further about it.

Two days had passed.

Tan Lang and the rest returned and the ten Heaven Alliance members gathered again.

After distributing the items they obtained, Tang Ning reported the information he had received in the past few days with a weird facial expression. "The government residence has recently received a few weird messages."

"A city situated in the east disappeared abruptly. A few places at the Thule City which is located in the north of the government residence are also haunted. In the south, a sudden snowstorm broke out at Luohua City. The entire government residence was covered in snow in just one night. As for the deserted area in the west, a town has appeared out of nowhere…"

After listening to Tang Ning's report, Lin Huang's heart skipped a beat. He could clearly remember the last two phrases in the prediction: "the forming of a phenomenon, a chaotic tribulation."

"Can you please tell in detail?" Lin Huang immediately requested. "What do you mean by the town suddenly disappearing?"

"All the buildings and residents in town have disappeared. There's only open space there as if nothing has ever existed."

"The exact opposite happened in the west of the government residence. A town suddenly appeared out of nowhere with about 100,000 residents there. There are warriors and cultivators. According to the people in the town, they've been staying there for tens of thousands of years. However, many cultivators who go there to hunt said that they've never seen the town before. They're pretty sure that the area used to be an open space.

"As for the haunted Thule City, nobody has managed to figure out what's the reason behind the strange incidents. A family hears the sound of crying babies every day. The crying can be heard irregularly and most of the time, it comes from one of the small rooms. A cultivator has investigated this issue, but nothing odd has been discovered. Another family sees shadows in the house from time to time. The shadows are like images that nobody can capture. The weirdest part is that in another house, they smell the aroma of food when it's time to eat. It can be the smell of roasted pork, soup, or steamed rice.

"The snowstorm that hit Xueluo City for a whole night has engulfed the city. Only the third floor of a few three-story buildings aren't buried in snow. Fortunately, that was just ordinary snow and nobody was injured."

Tan Lang and the rest did not pay much attention after listening to the news from Tang Ning.

Lin Huang was the only one who frowned as it reminded him about the prophecy.

"Lin Xie, are you okay?" Tan Lang soon noticed that something was wrong with him.

Lin Huang hesitated for a while. He then told him about the prediction.

"I accidentally came across an ancient book when I was at the library of Gushan City. There's this stanza…" Part of what Lin Huang spoke was the truth as he shared coming across the prophecy from an ancient book.

"A strike of thunder heralds the arrival of disaster. The forming of a phenomenon, a chaotic tribulation." Tan Lang and the rest frowned as they heard the saying.

"Is the phenomenon referring to our current situation?" Shen Tao asked.

"That's possible." Lin Huang nodded his head.

"Listening to that, I suddenly recall that when I received the information regarding the strange phenomenon from the rest of the government residences, one of the deputy governors was there. He had a strange facial expression and left immediately as soon as he received the information." Tang Ning frowned. "I guess the governor and the deputy governor must have known something about this."

"I'll ask more about it." Tan Lang felt that things were not that simple. "Any other information?"

"There's another important message." Tang Ning bobbed his head with a serious facial expression.

"One of the sects called the Luotian Sect was attacked. According to the description, it was probably the people from Dynasty who did it." Tang Ning paused for a while as he said, "It's been said that the attack has caused a big scene, causing all the patriarchs at the Luotian Sect to be unsealed. More than 20 of the human immortals have shown up. The people from Dynasty have disappeared in the past few days. Perhaps, they're all dead."

"The people from Dynasty are all dead?!" Tan Lang and the rest were stunned.

"According to the abilities of the people from Dynasty, they might not all be dead if they encounter a yellow gold-rank. Perhaps, the abilities of the human immortals can be compared to the white or purple gold-rank." Tan Lang was familiar with the overall abilities of Seventh Prince and the people from Dynasty. "It seems like this world is much more complicated than we think."

"I guess the people from the sect aren't unreasonable. As long as we maintain a good relationship with the government residence, it's less likely that they're going to attack us." Lin Huang could understand the sect as he had grasped the knowledge from the memory retrieved by Bloody. "If they aren't friendly, we can just leave the foggy world and try not to have any conflict with them."

"That's what I was thinking." Tan Lang nodded his head. "Since the Fallen God Land is so big, we can explore other places."

"That's it. I'll head over to the government residence to ask about the unusual phenomenon tomorrow." Tan Lang made further arrangements. "We'll only need six people, including the Herculean King, for tomorrow's monster hunt. We'll need two people to stay at the government residence for safety purposes. Who's going to stay?"

"I'll stay. I have stronger senses." Li Jia was the first to suggest.

"I'll stay here too." Shen Tao volunteered to stay there as well.

"Alright. Li Jia and Shen Tao will be in charge of safety at the government residence. Lin Xie and Tang Ning will remain at their original positions. The Herculean King and the rest will follow me to go monster hunting."


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