Monster Paradise
863 Die, Seventh Prince!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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863 Die, Seventh Prince!

"Kill us? Just you alone?" Disdain filled Seventh Prince's face but he secretly had his guard up. He spoke to the five Dynasty members behind him through voice transmission, "This fella's behaving weirdly. He might be planning an ambush. Try to attack him on my cue."

"Yes, it's just I alone." Lin Huang nodded in all seriousness.

"Lin Xie, I might be really scared of you if you have the same combat strength as I do which is immortal-level rank-9. But you're only immortal-level rank-3. Speaking to me like that will bring your death forward faster." Seventh Prince did not think that Lin Huang was alone. He suspected that the rest of the Heaven Alliance were hiding nearby. With their current condition, they might not be a match with the ten Heaven Alliance members. Moreover, they were out in the open while their enemies were hiding, so they were at a disadvantage in their given situation.

"Seventh Prince, I thought you'd have the ability to see beyond a person's combat strength. I've overestimated you," Lin Huang teased.

Seventh Prince's lips twitched. He was not sure what kind of irritating words Lin Huang would say if he were to continue to speak to him. He could not help but interrupt him right away, "Alright, quit your act. Get Tan Lang and the rest out. Do you really think we don't know that you have people hiding nearby?"

At least, they could see what they were dealing with if the people from the Heaven Alliance revealed themselves, so they could attack their weaknesses.

Lin Huang spread his arms wide helplessly. "It's only me this time. Tan Lang and the rest are still busy hunting monsters. They don't even know that all of you are in the northwest."

"I'd be stupid to believe you." It was clear that Seventh Prince assumed Lin Huang had backup hiding.

"It seems like all of you really doubt my abilities." Lin Huang shook his head helplessly. "If that's the case, I'll show you a little of what I'm capable of doing then." Lin Huang moved his left hand slightly as soon as he was done speaking. More than 2,000 immortal-level rank-9 Parasitic Puppets that were hiding in the pet spatial ring emerged out all at once.

Lin Huang had bought the pet spatial ring to disguise his identity as an Imperial Censor. It had always been empty until Bloody gained a massive amount of Parasitic Puppets recently, so Lin Huang put all of them into it.

After all, if he were to put them in Kylie's mini world, he would first need to summon her to get her to open it to let all of the Parasitic Puppets out.

Keeping them in the pet spatial ring not only allowed him to skip a step but summoning them directly also suited his character as an Imperial Censor.

The people from Dynasty were shocked to witness the thousands of immortal-level rank-9 monsters appear out of nowhere.

Seventh Prince immediately sensed that the monsters were all triple mutated. He looked extremely horror-struck at the moment. He finally comprehended that what Lin Huang said was the truth. He really was alone as he did not need any of the Heaven Alliance members to help him at all.

"We've surrounded all of you," Lin Huang said for the second time with a smirk.

Although Seventh Prince was arrogant, he knew his capability very well. Not long ago, he had retreated from the imperial-level purple gold-rank old Taoist devotee because he knew it was time to flee.

Looking at the army of thousands of pet monsters, he was sure that it was time for them to run again.

"Retreat!" His voice transmission went into the ears of the remaining five Dynasty members. Without even waiting for a response, Seventh Prince stepped back immediately. He turned around and flew as fast as he could towards the direction they came from.

Meanwhile, the remaining five of them were scrambling for their lives in different directions.

Apart from Seventh Prince, none of them had the confidence to fight the Parasitic Puppets army before them. Furthermore, their Life Power was exhausted. They might not be able to fight one of them given their current condition, let alone a whole army of them.

Anyone would be dumb not to run when encountering such enemies!

However, Lin Huang and Bloody expected them to respond in such a way.

Lin Huang stood where he was while watching them with his hands in his pockets. He was not afraid of any of them escaping.

Bloody, on the other hand, was just getting busy.

"Dragnet formation!" As Bloody issued the order, the Parasitic Puppets spread out quickly and surrounded the six of them in the air like a giant web.

"A battle formation?!" The fear in Seventh Prince's eyes intensified when they were surrounded.

He could guess how Lin Huang managed to obtain such insane points on the Stairway Tree now. If he had such a monster army, he would be able to secure No. 1 on the scoreboard easily too.

However, he had no idea that the 'truth' that he believed in was not the truth at all. Lin Huang did not have such an army when he was on the Stairway Tree. The Parasitic Puppets army had just been raised less than a month ago.

Bloody carried out the next step ruthlessly after surrounding the six of them.

"Killer Spider!" The name of the battle formation was Killer Spider, and not Killing.

The army was divided into six groups which separated the six of them. There were more and more monsters participating in the groups, just like spiders trapping their prey with their spider web.

Seventh Prince struggled to get out of it, but he could not since the group formation had now changed.

The other five were attacked by the five mini monster groups continuously. Their Life Power became depleted one after another and they were smashed into heaps of meat after their demigod armor was obliterated.

In less than a minute, Dynasty was down to one member: Seventh Prince.

Although he could not see their condition, Seventh Prince clearly sensed that their breaths were disappearing one after another. He was the only one left in the end.

He could also tell that the monsters were coming for him since the five of them had perished.

More than 2,000 monsters were attacking him from far away. His Life Power that had been depleted to less than a third seemed to be dropping at a horrifying speed.

He attempted to escape from the attack but he would still be surrounded eventually. None of the pet monsters in the battle formation was wounded from his retaliation.

Realizing that it was impossible for him to run, Seventh Prince finally panicked. "Lin Xie, I surrender! Get them to stop! I'll give you everything I have as long as you're willing to let me go."

Soon, he heard Lin Huang's voice booming outside the monster horde coldly, "Surrender? Do you think this is a match?! Everything that you have will belong to me anyway when you're dead."

"Lin Xie, I'm the Prince of Dynasty. If you kill me, Dynasty will definitely come for you! As long as you're willing to let me go, I guarantee that I won't tell anyone about you attacking us and I won't reveal your real abilities to anyone." Seventh Prince attempted to turn things around one last time, hoping that Lin Huang would change his mind.

"Dynasty will come for me even if I don't kill you. Don't you forget that I've already taken five lives from Dynasty. On the contrary, Dynasty wouldn't be able to find me as easily if I killed you. Nobody would think an immortal-level rank-3 powerhouse like me would be able to kill the Holy Son of Dynasty. Also, your guarantee is worth nothing. To me, only a dead person is the best at keeping secrets."

"Lin Xie, are you a man for hiding behind your monsters? Kill me if you're man enough!" Seventh Prince went insane after confirming that Lin Huang would not let him go. He then tried the very last possibility — getting Lin Huang to show himself.

"Such a dumb way to instigate me!" Lin Huang shook his head helplessly when he heard the taunt and gave Bloody the last order, "Kill him!"

"Consolidation!" The thousands of monsters consolidated into a gigantic battle character in a human form immediately as ordered.

Lin Huang was a little bewildered when he saw the battle character that looked 80% like him. A sword was the only thing that was lacking.

The battle character that was up to 1,000 meters tall clenched its right fist tightly while its body turned into a bow-shape. It charged forward and threw a hard punch at Seventh Prince.

It was a punch that could kill an imperial-level crimson gold-rank powerhouse. As it collided into Seventh Prince's chest, the force of the punch stirred the air within 100 kilometers.

Seventh Prince was flung away from the attack and crushed more than ten huge mountains behind him.

The demigod armor on his body was damaged from the attack immediately while his chest caved in. All of his organs were crushed. There were almost no bones that were intact in his body. Even his skull was cracked.

Bloody had avoided attacking his head in order to cast parasites on him later.

The attack killed Seventh Prince who had less than a tenth of Life Power left in him.

After getting Bloody to perform parasitization on the people from Dynasty, Lin Huang cleared the battlefield and put the Parasitic Puppets army away into his pet spatial ring.

He then summoned the Inferior Imp and gave a similar order as he did the last time, "Settle the battlefield. Use a couple more meteorites this time."

After watching over 10 meteorites falling from the sky and smashing the entire battlefield into ruins, Lin Huang left Enlightenment City with Bloody secretly after making sure there were no traces left.


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