Monster Paradise
858 Do You Want to Sell Your Herculean King?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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858 Do You Want to Sell Your Herculean King?

Enlightenment City was a capital situated on the north-western border of the land. It was one of the few cities that had not been seized by any organization.

The Heaven Alliance members took the whole afternoon to arrive at the Enlightenment City.

After settling into their accommodation, they planned their attack strategy once more.

Only one liaison was required this time and the nine of them could join the fight.

However, Lin Huang summoned the Herculean King to replace his position in the team whilst he stayed in the city.

Tan Lang and the rest did not have any objections.

The ability of Lin Huang's summoning monster far surpassed his and it was rather suitable to join the fight compared to Lin Huang.

After having their lunch, Tan Lang and his team left.

Lin Huang and Tang Ning, who was the liaison, stayed in the city.

Because of their relationship with Gushan City, Lin Huang and Tang Ning were easily given the authority to enter the library when they arrived at the capital.

After bidding Tang Ning goodbye, they then headed towards the library on their own.

Since he had never revealed his sword skill at the Genius Union, Lin Huang was unable to train his sword skills. Recently, he discovered that practicing the methods in this world could increase his depth of skill in the Twisted Fate Scripture. Therefore, Lin Huang decided to memorize as many training methods as possible in this world.

It would not be difficult for Lin Huang. He could perfectly memorize all the content that he had gone through with his Divine Telekinesis. He did not need to read it with his eyes. Instead, he just had to skim through all the content with his Divine Telekinesis.

Lin Huang soon found the books he wanted in the library. He then sat on the floor next to the book rack, quickly skimming through them.

With his Divine Telekinesis, he could scan one page of words in less than 0.01 seconds. In fact, it would be much faster than his speed of flipping the page. If it were not because of the other people in the library, Lin Huang would have read the book with his telekinetic threads whereby hundreds of telekinesis threads would turn the page at the same time. He could finish reading a book within seconds.

The requirement of the training method for The Twisted Fate Scripture was not high. As long as the method was mortal transformation-level and above, there would be a substantial increase in his familiarity with the skill. At least, this was what happened in the second rotation.

The library did not lack any mortal transformation-level training methods. Lin Huang managed to find hundreds of them in Gushan City's library. However, the ascendance-level training method was extremely rare and there were only a few of them.

However, Lin Huang was not in a hurry. He was currently practicing 35 types of mortal transformation-level skills and he had already gotten into the second rotation of the Twisted Fate Scripture.

The requirement to break through the third rotation had doubled where it required two million points.

Lin Huang spent the entire afternoon memorizing all the methods available in the library of the Enlightenment City.

More than 120 of them were different from the methods available at Gushan City and three of them were on ascendance-level.

At night, when Tan Lang and the rest of them returned, they were elated. Lin Huang and Tang Ning asked what had happened but they were reluctant to tell them.

After they had distributed all the rewards at night and Tang Ning confirmed that there was nobody spying on them, he then whispered a secret, "I found out that the 'internal elixir' created by the body of a monster is the 'crystal core' we mentioned. The Life Power within it can be extracted rapidly."

"I discovered that the Life Power can be extracted earlier. However, the Life Power that can be extracted is only 50% of the total Life Power," Lin Huang described his observation.

"Extraction and the speed of extraction are two different things." Tan Lang looked at Lin Huang in excitement. "What I meant is that the crystal core can quickly replenish the Life Power that's been drained during a battle. As long as there's a sufficient amount of crystal cores, there'll be no way to use up our Life Power!"

Everybody's eyes brightened and even Lin Huang was startled.

He had Divine Fire in his body as well as 10 Life Wheels. He did not lack Life Power, but it did not mean that the others did not need it though.

In fact, many of them would not simply activate a powerful skill because they were afraid that their Life Power could hardly sustain it.

If a person could have inexhaustible Life Power, one could activate their most potent skill until their opponent died.

Previously, Lin Huang could kill the yellow gold-rank monsters with ease despite being a black gold-rank because of this.

The news meant nothing to Lin Huang. However, it was positive news for the rest of them.

"Luckily, I didn't sell any of the monster carcasses that I've previously killed. I can now dig out all the crystal cores from the carcasses!" Shen Tao exclaimed happily like a kid.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I've fed the carcasses to the bug." Li Jia sulked.

'I'm glad that my summoning monsters don't need any food. Otherwise, I'd have fed them with the monster carcasses too,' Lin Huang thought to himself, 'Although I don't need those crystal cores, if I were to sell them to the outside world, they could probably fetch a good price. If I were to collect more, I might be able to even earn a set of demigod-level telekinetic weapon!'

The price of a demigod-level telekinetic weapon was at least 10 times of an ordinary demigod relic.

Lin Huang was not interested in the beginner- and intermediate-grade demigod relics.

An ordinary expert-grade demigod relic cost at least 100 billion Life Crystals. One might not be able to buy a telekinetic weapon of a similar grade with 1.5 trillion Life Crystals. It was much more expensive than an ultimate-grade demigod relic.

Just as Lin Huang was calculating how many crystal cores he would need to exchange for a telekinetic weapon, Tan Lang suddenly chuckled and inched closer to him.

"Lin Xie, let me tell you something."

Looking at Tan Lang's revolting smile, Lin Huang was petrified and he leaned backward. "Deputy chief, please don't do that to me. I'm only interested in women."

"Hey…" Tan Lang's smile became stiff and he slowly took a step backward. He then said, "I just wanted to ask if you want to sell your Herculean King?"

Lin Huang glared at Tan Lang. "No!"

It was within his expectations. However, Tan Lang still looked disappointed after listening to his reply.

He then took a glance at the Herculean King, whose body had shrunk, that was standing next to Lin Huang. The Herculean King noticed his sidelong glance.

"Do you want to fight?" The Herculean King stared at him.

Of course, the Herculean King would not be able to fight Tan Lang. Its abilities were only slightly stronger than an immortal-level rank-9 in the Heaven Alliance. Compared to Shen Tao, his strength was still unknown, let alone Li Jia and Tan Lang who were much stronger than Shen Tao.

However, Tan Lang did not get angry. Instead, he grinned at the Herculean King because he really liked it.

He paid close attention to the Herculean King's abilities in fights. It had immense strength and terrifying defensive ability. Apart from that, it had a very strong battle instinct as well. If he were to train its combat strength, it would definitely be a very formidable companion.

Tan Lang would not have asked Lin Huang about it if he did not like it.

Of course, the Herculean King was unwilling to make such a change. It knew the benefits of following Lin Huang. Its upgrade to mythical-level was just a matter of time. Getting an upgrade in its bloodline would not be difficult either. The Herculean King felt that the man named Tan Lang was just slightly stronger than it was and that it would definitely surpass him in the future. How could he be its master!?

Lin Huang was reluctant to sell the Herculean King and he was unable to anyway since Xiao Hei had never activated the function of canceling a monster contract.


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