Monster Paradise
856 The Exterminated Charm
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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856 The Exterminated Charm

Lin Huang knew nothing much about Charm.

He only knew it was the No. 2 assassin organization in Division 3. Overall, ability-wise, they were slightly weaker than the Purple Crow and the heretics. However, they were considered an outstanding underground organization.

The assassin organization that ranked No. 1, Shadow Killer had their hands full with the opening of another set of ruins in Division 2 lately. They allocated most of their powerhouses from the Division 3 branch to help, so they did not participate in the Fallen God Land this time.

Lin Huang knew about the news of Charm before Tang Ning broke it to them.

He had been getting Bloody to monitor all the organization's movements.

Apart from Charm, even Dynasty and the Union Government were under Bloody's watchful eye.

He had gained a better understanding of these underground organizations through Bloody's projections in the past few days.

To those people, humans were no different from animals.

They were killing people, destroying entire cities, and making people puppets. There was completely no limit to what they did.

Since Charm had sent themselves to their doorstep this time, it was only natural that Lin Huang would not let anybody live.

Bloody projected a video when the sky turned dark. There were 20 black-robed men going at full speed in the video.

"They'll be here soon. They're just less than 1,000 kilometers away."

"Let's go. We'll go meet them."

Lin Huang crushed a Provisional Specific Transformation Card and he turned into Spectre slowly. He penetrated the wall and glided down deep into the ground through the wall. He then tore towards the gates of the city.

After getting out of the city, he headed straight to the battle location that Bloody had picked and surfaced from the ground. He then removed the card's effect.

The reason why he did all this was because he did not want Tan Lang and the rest to see his real ability.

Lin Huang had decided on going up against Charm since the beginning.

It was just a distraction when he talked about asking the union organization to help. He did not really plan to get Tan Lang and the rest to fight Charm.

It was true that every one of the Heaven Alliance members had a compelling ability. Their combat abilities might even be more powerful than the members of Charm. However, it was difficult to deal with Charm since they were experts in assassinating. The deaths and casualties of the Heaven Alliance members would be inevitable if they were to fight.

He would rather interrupt the operation in the middle, kill all of them, and reap all of the rewards all for himself.

Not long after he arrived, he saw the 20 Charm members speeding in the sky.

He hovered into the sky slowly and blocked their way.

"You're not allowed to enter." Lin Huang's calm voice went into all of their ears.

"Kill him!" A lady's voice rang out without hesitation.

One of the black-robed men disappeared and appeared next to Lin Huang in the next second. He pointed a dagger straight at Lin Huang's face.

However, a black silhouette appeared at that moment. The black-robed man became stiff all of a sudden.

The bunch of Charm members saw a black spear protruding out of their partner's chest. There were neat purple patterns on the spear.

"How dare you compare your speed with Kylie's? You must be crazy…" Lin Huang mumbled softly.

Just as Kylie was done with killing the man, Bloody completed its parasitization. It controlled the black-robed man to draw the spear out from his body slowly. He then stood next to Lin Huang and looked at the Charm members who had once been his partners.

Watching that strange phenomenon, the Charm members had fear in their eyes. They clearly sensed that their partner had been dead earlier, but he was now alive. More outrageously, he had now become Lin Huang's partner.

"Who exactly are you?!" The leading lady asked fiercely.

"Lin Xie from the Heaven Alliance," Lin Huang reported his name and the sect he belonged to.

The lady was stunned to hear him. She did not expect Lin Huang to reveal his name. However, she thought that the name was rather familiar.

"Lin Xie? Are you the Lin Xie who ranked No. 1 on the Stairway Tree scoreboard this year?!" A black-robed man could not help but exclaim.

They were many Genius Union members in all organizations and naturally, that included Charm.

Many of them had actually seen pictures of Lin Huang, but the combat strength of the Lin Xie on the Stairway Tree's scoreboard was very different from that of the person standing before them. The change in attire and hairstyle was also another factor why they did not recognize him.

"He should be the real Lin Xie. He looks exactly like the picture. Also, Lin Xie's an Imperial Censor," confirmed another black-robed man.

'It can't be! Since when does Lin Xie have such powerful combat strength? Wasn't he only crimson flame-level a few months ago?!' Many of them thought secretly, 'His ability's terrifying…'

"Lin Xie, are you trying to stop us on your own?" The leading lady took a step forward, her terrifying aura spreading all over Lin Huang.

Lin Huang did nothing about the pressure exuding from her aura. He had killed more than one imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouse, so an immortal-level rank-9 powerhouse who had an ability comparable to imperial-level black gold-rank could not scare him.

"Firstly, I'm not on my own. I've got summoning beasts. Secondly, I'm not planning to stop all of you. I'm planning to kill all of you." Lin Huang took a step forward as well as he corrected her.

"Nonsense!" The lady screamed and turned to order the people behind her, "I'll fight the summoning beasts and all of you will kill him!"

As soon as the order went out, the 18 black-robed men attacked Lin Huang from all directions. Meanwhile, the lady gripped the spike bayonet tightly and charged at Kylie.

Lin Huang stood where he was without moving, his face remaining calm.

Kylie did not flinch at the sight of the black-robed lady dashing towards her. As she waved her hand, 368 of her Nephilic Judge army advanced.

All of the Charm members were stunned when they saw a bunch of silver-armored monsters coming out of nowhere.

The Nephilic Judge army formed their battle formation as soon as they arrived and surrounded all of the Charm members.

"We've surrounded all of you," Lin Huang declared while smirking faintly.

"Retreat!" Looking at the battle formation, the lady knew they could not win this battle, so she ordered them to retreat immediately.

"Kylie, kill all of them. Spare no lives!" Lin Huang was cold as he ordered.

"Kill!" Kylie hissed the word softly while her Nephilic Judge army attacked in an instant.

The Charm members attempted to break the formation, but it was to no avail.

In less than a minute, all 18 of them were killed. The female leader was the only one left.

"Lin Xie, my father will definitely come for you if you kill me! He's an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse. We came into the Fallen God Land together this time!"

"He won't find out." Lin Huang's tone was calm as he said, "It's fine even if he does."

Although she was powerful, she did not last more than three minutes when Kylie joined the battle formation. Kylie's spear pierced through her heart, killing her.

After recalling Kylie and letting Bloody performing parasitization on all 19 of them, Lin Huang summoned the Inferior Imp to destroy the battleground with meteors. After confirming there were no traces left behind, Lin Huang returned to the room at the inn quietly.

It took him less than 10 minutes to leave and return to the room.


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