Monster Paradise
853 The Immortal Path That Was Cut Off
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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853 The Immortal Path That Was Cut Off

For the next two days, the ten members of the Heaven Alliance were divided into two groups.

A team of three stayed in Gushan City mainly to source for information while the other group of seven was assigned the task to hunt for items. They came to an agreement whereby the seven of them would share the items they found with all ten of them aside from the monster carcasses that they obtained.

Lin Huang chose to stay in Gushan City where he was responsible for collecting information at the library.

For the past two days, apart from the library closing at night, Lin Huang practically did not leave the library at all. With Bloody's help, he was wading through a sea of information rapidly each day.

This world had a completely different cultivation system compared to the outside world.

In the outside world, life wheel-level cultivators were called "mortal-levels" in this world. The more common name for them would be "warriors".

People on one level higher, which was holy fire-level, were called "mortal transformation-levels" there.

Meanwhile, immortal-levels were called "ascendance-levels".

People on the next level, which was imperial-level, were called "human immortals".

Lin Huang read about even higher levels which were the earth immortals and the celestial immortals. He speculated that those were Virtual Gods and True Gods in the outside world.

Since the ancient books had such complete recording on different levels, Lin Huang was sure that there must have been Virtual Gods and even True Gods in this world. However, he was not sure if there were any now.

Ever since they entered the foggy area, the most powerful local powerhouse that Lin Huang and the rest had seen was just ascendance-level which was the same as immortal-level. They did not even see a single human immortal (imperial-level).

Full of doubts, Lin Huang skimmed through many other books, but he did not find any explanation about the disappearance of human immortals. Eventually, he had to ask Lu Wen about it.

Hearing the question, Lu Wen looked at him rather oddly, but he explained anyway, "You should know that people on ascendance-level will have to go on the Immortal Path to obtain immortal roots in order to elevate to human immortal-level, don't you?"

"I know that." Naturally, Lin Huang knew about the requirement to get to human immortal-level. "We've never seen any human immortals until now. Is it because it's difficult to go on the Immortal Path?"

"Difficulty isn't the only factor…" Lu Wen looked helpless as he let out a long sigh while shaking his head. "Throughout these tens of thousands of years, nobody came back alive after taking the Immortal Path. Not even one!"

"How can that be?!" Lin Huang was shocked to hear that.

"Aside from humans, the same goes for those demons too. Everyone who goes on the Immortal Path goes missing," Lu Wen continued further, "There has been a rumor in the past 1,000 years that the Immortal Path in our world has been cut off."

"You mean there are no human immortals in this entire world?" Lin Huang queried immediately.

"I'm not sure if there're any now." Lu Wen shook his head, feeling helpless. "All I know is that there were human immortals in this world tens of thousands of years ago. Even more potent powerhouses existed. But one day, all the powerhouses above human immortal-level vanished out of nowhere. Later on, something happened to the Immortal Path. Since then, nobody has ever elevated to human immortal again. The stars above seemed to be cut off as well, so there's no way for human immortals to elevate to earth immortals."

"People on mortal transformation-level live up to 1,800 years, while ascendance-levels can go up to 3,000 years. No matter how powerful a human immortal is, he can only live up to 10,000 years. In order to live, they have to seal themselves. Since then, there've been fewer and fewer human immortals in this world. Now that tens of thousands of years have passed, nobody knows if those human immortals who sealed themselves are still alive. Furthermore, there are no longer any ascendance-level powerhouses who dare to go on the Immortal Path now."

"Didn't any human immortal try to take the Immortal Path to see what went wrong?" Lin Huang could not help but ask.

"Of course, there were. Many human immortals volunteered to take a look at it when the Immortal Path went wrong. But just like the ascendance-levels, none of them come back alive."

Speaking to Lu Wen provided Lin Huang much more information that was not recorded on the books.

However, he had yet to confirm whether there were still any living human immortals in this world.

While Lin Huang had his hands full in the city, outside, Tan Lang and the rest did not stay idle.

The seven of them maimed and slaughtered all the way even when they encountered demon kings. Small demons were just appetizers to them.

Moreover, with Li Jia the Bug Master with them, they managed to dig out everything, no matter how secretively the demon kings and demon leaders hid their treasures.

In the short few days, the seven of them killed almost every single demon within a 1,000-kilometer radius around Gushan City.

They obtained over 200 storage rings alone.

In the middle of the night, the Heaven Alliance members sat in a circle once again.

Tan Lang took out all of the items they obtained and began to distribute them.

"I really couldn't fight the complete ascendance-level monster that we encountered today. I might not really have been able to kill her if we didn't fight her together," Tan Lang could not help but lament over the rather unsuccessful hunting experience that happened that day.

"But there's so many good stuff in her lair. I'm guessing there are three storage rings that belonged to powerful peak ascendance-level powerhouses. There are billions of spirit stones in the spirit cards and many rare metals too. There's even a storage ring with a demigod relic!"

Although they had different cultivation systems in this world, the weapons and equipment could be activated and used through Life Power.

"I'll give everyone the Life Crystals after I sell the demigod relic when we're out. We'll share the other items equally as we agreed. Put those items that you don't want aside. Don't throw them everywhere."

After distributing the items, the remaining ones were just miscellaneous items.

Lin Huang collected all of the jade slips from the miscellaneous pile.

In reality, Li Jia had discovered the local cultivation methods in the jade slips on the first day. He was a Bug Master after all and he had extra sensitive spiritual energy compared to others. It was a piece of cake for him to find out about the secret.

However, the methods recorded in those jade slips could only get a cultivator to ascendance-level.

Furthermore, he had lost all interest in the jade slips since he found out that it had been tens of thousands of years since any human immortals appeared in this world.

However, those jade slips were treasures that were hard to come by to Lin Huang.

Since he was done browsing for the information two days ago, he began to run simulations of the methods from the jade slips and those that he had found in the library in his head. He wanted to know how it was like to cultivate them.

Surprisingly, he found out that the simulation of the methods boosted his proficiency in the Twisted Fate Scripture.

His cultivation of the Twisted Fate Scripture had been increasing bit by bit initially, but since he performed a simple simulation of the methods in the jade slips recently, his proficiency skyrocketed.

In those few days, he came close to the one million points required for the first rotation in the Twisted Fate Scripture.

Lin Huang used his Divine Telekinesis to read all of the jade slips as soon as he received them. He was surprised to find two methods that allowed one to cultivate straight to human immortal (imperial-level).

After the distribution of items, Lin Huang and the other two shared what they found for the day.

Meanwhile, Tang Ning, who was in charge of communicating with the government residence and market, broke a piece of bad news.

"The underground organizations are on the move. They've seized seven out of the 21 cities. The news was blocked a few days ago and was only spread out today. For now, we know that those underground organizations who have started wars include Dynasty, the Purple Crow, the Saint, and Charm…"


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