Monster Paradise
852 Hidden Sec
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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852 Hidden Sec

Just as Tan Lang expected, the deputy governor Lu Wen visited Lin Huang and the rest early the next morning. He invited them to the government residence.

Naturally, they did not decline the request since that was their intention. They then followed Lu Wen and the two guards in silver armor into the monster car.

The monster car appeared to be the size of a horse carriage from the outside, so theoretically, it would be a little crowded carrying four adults.

Lin Huang and the gang hesitated a little when they were getting in. After all, there were ten of them in the group. Together with Lu Wen and the other two, that would make a total of 13 of them. It would be too small for all of them to squeeze into even if they were to stand. However, they went in anyway upon seeing Lu Wen waving at them from the car.

As soon as they stepped into the monster car, they realized that the interior of the monster car was a rather spacious guest lounge.

Lu Wen poured some tea for them and began to chat while smiling.

Lin Huang and the gang learned about the rough situation going on in the city from him.

The city's authority body was called the government residence. It was similar to the Union Government outside, which was the proper, official organization of this world.

The city was run by a governor and his two deputies. The three of them were picked among the most compelling powerhouses in the entire city.

Apart from the governor and the deputy governors, there was another institution called the elder institution which was made of 12 powerhouses.

The elder institution was responsible for making decisions about a variety of meetings and they shared the same voting power as the governor and the deputy governors.

One could say that the development of the entire city was set and guided by the governor, the deputy governors, and the elder institution.

Apart from that, there were also immortal guards responsible for protecting the city.

The qualification to be an immortal guard was rather low as one could enroll themselves as long as they had holy fire-level combat strength. The entry assessment was very simple; more than 95% of holy fire-level powerhouses could pass. Only a minority of them who had zero battle experience would be disqualified.

Naturally, that was just the requirement for ordinary immortal guards.

There was an independent legion among the immortal guards called the honorary immortal guards that specially took immortal-level powerhouses in. It was said that they would only be eligible to join if they brought back three immortal-level demons that they had killed themselves.

The two guards wearing silver armor who had come to the inn with the deputy governor were the two captains of the honorary immortal guard. The duo had a high immortal-level combat strength. Judging from their aura, they were not much weaker than the deputy governor.

The monster car was driven by a humongous deer beast. Although the deer beast had no wings, it could leap into the air and fly. Despite carrying more than ten people in the carriage, it seemed to feel no weight and its feet seemed to move as light as a feather.

In less than three minutes, Lin Huang and the gang arrived at the entrance of the government residence in the monster car.

As soon as the monster car stopped, Lu Wen guided them into the government residence. The two immortal guards in silver armor stopped following them and stayed at the entrance.

Lu Wen led them into the meeting room and got someone to serve them tea.

"Please wait for a moment. The governor will be here soon."

Not long later, a tall, middle-aged man walked towards them just when the tea was done being served.

The man had a similar height with Shen Tao, which was over 1.9 meters, but he was much more muscular. Even his aura was alike; he was on his way to break through to imperial-level.

Lin Huang and the rest knew who he was without guessing as soon as he opened the door.

The man chuckled happily and introduced himself, "I'm Zhou Yun Long. Welcome to all of you!"

"This is our governor," Lu Wen stood up and added.

Lin Huang and the rest stood up to greet him.

After some light banter, Zhou Yun Long sat in the main seat while the rest remained where they were sitting.

"I realized that all of you have extraordinary abilities. I wonder where you're from." Zhou Yun Long went straight to the subject in an instant.

Tan Lang grinned as all of them had discussed what they were going to say yesterday.

"Governor, the ten of us come from a secret sect called the Heaven Alliance. Our sect has been hiding in the forest since tens of thousands of years ago and the door has just been opened recently. The ten of us are sect brothers. We're the first batch from the sect to come into the world after so many years."

"A secret sect from tens of thousands of years ago?!" Zhou Yun Long and Lu Wen's pupils shrunk when they heard this.

A sect that had existed for tens of thousands of years must be terrifyingly powerful.

Zhou Yun Long might not believe it if someone else had said this, but apart from Lin Huang, the rest of them had the same aura as he did. Two of them had a more powerful aura than he did, which made him sit on the fence now.

After taking a careful look at the ten of them, Zhou Yun Long's eyes eventually landed on Lin Huang.

"Is this little brother from the same sect as all of you?"

Just when Tan Lang was going to speak on behalf of Lin Huang, the latter gripped his shoulder immediately.

"It seems like you're skeptical of my ability, governor?" Lin Huang took a step forward and smirked faintly. He did not say much.

"Come out, Herculean King!"

As soon as he spoke, a gigantic golden ape appeared in the courtyard out of nowhere while its terrifying aura shot up into the sky.

The Herculean King roared ferociously into the sky at Lin Huang's subtle cue. The entire government residence shook when the roar was released. The roar even spread throughout the entire city, shocking many.

Many of them thought there was a demon attacking the city, so the immortal guards dashed towards the source of the roar and surrounded the Herculean King that was even taller than the buildings in the city.

"Everyone, retreat!" Zhou Yun Long told them to back off as he watched.

The reason why he ordered them to do so immediately was that he was really afraid the giant ape would kill his immortal guards. He clearly sensed that this giant ape's aura was just as mighty as his.

"So, this little brother's a Demontamer. It's I who was being rude," Zhou Yun Long apologized to Lin Huang and he looked at him rather respectfully now. He was not terrified by Lin Huang's ability, but he was respectful of a Demontamer.

Even Lin Huang had no idea that there were very few Demontamers in the world and the few top sects desired such people. Currently, there were only two top sects that had one Demontamer each, and they were pampered and trained by the sects at all costs. The two Demontamers had more powerful abilities than Lin Huang did, but their demon-taming ability was not as impressive as how he summoned this giant ape.

Since Lin Huang had revealed his hand, Zhou Yun Long and Lu Wen stopped doubting their identities as hidden sect disciples.

After recalling the Herculean King into its card form, Lin Huang noticed that Tan Lang and the rest were looking at him in a rather odd way.

He had summoned the Herculean King at the Stairway Tree before. Back then, the Herculean King's combat strength was only immortal-level rank-2 and many of them knew that. Now that just half a month had passed, the Herculean King's combat strength had skyrocketed to immortal-level rank-9. Such an acceleration in combat strength was incredibly terrifying.

Since confirming Lin Huang and the gang's identities, Zhou Yun Long's attitude was much friendlier now.

"I wonder how can I help you since you came to our Gushan City."

"We're just here to ask around. We want to know how has this world changed. After all, our sect's been hidden for tens of thousands of years. We have limited information about the outside world," Tan Lang finally told them their objective of being there.

"That's easy. I'll give all of you access to the library and the government residence's database. All of you can come anytime you want to access the information. You can ask Lu Wen directly if you've any questions at all." Zhou Yun Long made the arrangements immediately.

"Governor Zhou, there's something that I think you should know," Tan Lang called out to Zhou Yun Long who had stood up and was about to leave.


"Actually, we're not the only hidden sect that's been coming into the world recently. There are tens of them. A portion of them are like us who want peace, but there are some of them who are devil cultivators. They kill and take, and they are the essence of evil."

The devil cultivator that Tan Lang was talking about were the people from underground organizations. As soon as they discovered human cities, they would definitely kill and loot without respecting the house rules. The devil cultivators of this world were a similar bunch and they would do anything for resources.

"There are hidden sects with devil cultivators?!" Zhou Yun Long frowned when he heard the news. He asked after a moment of silence, "How are the devil cultivators' abilities compared to all of yours?"

"Their personal abilities are similar to ours, but there are some devil sects that have released many disciples this time… Possibly up to 100 people." Tan Lang shared this information because he knew that they were fighting the underground organizations. As soon as they bumped into each other in this world, a battle was unavoidable, so he thought of asking for the locals' help.

"100 people who have similar abilities as you all do." Zhou Yun Long inhaled sharply.

"Although we don't have cold, hard proof whether these devil cultivators are on their way, I thought it's better for you to prepare ahead before the battle so that you won't be caught off-guard when the devil cultivators arrive."


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