Monster Paradise
848 Bug Master
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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848 Bug Master

At midnight, the silver clouds in the sky dispersed slowly while the phenomenon finally began to fade away

Everyone knew that the isolation layer lingering around the foggy area should be waning soon.

There were already over 5,000 human powerhouses gathered at the entrance of the foggy area. It surpassed half of the total people who had entered the ruins.

Among the thousands of people, most of them were immortal-level rank-9 powerhouses while a minority of them were holy fire-levels. There were even over 30 imperial-level powerhouses among them.

These imperial-level powerhouses could not witness the phenomenon in the sky at all.

Most of them came here following the news spread by the immortal-level members from the same organizations. Although the communication function on the Emperor's Heart Ring could not be used, these major organizations had their unique way of communicating. However, it was not as convenient as the Emperor's Heart Ring which had a limited communication range too.

There was also a minority of them hunting around the area and could not help but go there to check it out after noticing many immortal-level powerhouses gathering towards the direction.

Among the crowd, many of the immortal-level powerhouses were complaining discreetly. With more than 30 imperial-level powerhouses there, they might not even get a piece of monster bone if they got in.

The phenomenon in the sky was fading quickly and many of them began to touch the invisible isolation film at the entrance of the valley.

Soon, someone in the crowd shouted, "The isolation layer's gone!" The people became excited when the scream rang out while many of them began to rush into the valley.

Lin Huang and the rest were behind them. They saw many of them entering the entrance and disappearing into the fog. In a while, they could no longer sense any of their aurae.

The members of the few major organizations under Union Government did not rush in like the rest. Instead, they got their members to join hands and walk into it in groups.

"I don't think the people from the Union Government joined hands because they're afraid they'd be separated. They might be transported when they go in," Tan Lang voiced his speculation as he watched.

The rest agreed with what he said.

Just when the 10 of them from the Heaven Alliance joined hands before entering, an imperial-level powerhouse dashed towards the entrance all of a sudden.

However, the person seemed to have smacked himself onto an invisible glass and his face deformed a little when he bounced back.

Everyone was stunned to see that.

"Is the entrance closed?" Someone shouted in surprise.

An immortal-level member from a group extended his hand and passed through the layer of isolation easily. He then disappeared with his team into the fog.

Later on, other immortal-level groups went in one after another and none of them faced any obstacles.

Imperial-level powerhouses then extended their hands, but they realized that they were blocked out. It was clear that the foggy area stopped imperial-levels from entering.

An imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouse frowned a little and appeared next to a group of immortal-levels that was going into the valley in a flash. He grabbed one of the group members' hands. "Bring me in!"

The member dared not deny him, so they had to bring him in.

The group of five passed through the isolation layer very soon, but when it was the imperial-level white gold-rank's turn, he let go of the immortal-level's hand that he was holding automatically when he bounced back.

Looking at that, the rest of them basically confirmed one thing. This foggy area prohibited imperial-level powerhouses from entering.

Tan Lang and the few of them were secretly pleased.

Without the participation of imperial-level powerhouses, it would mean they were the most powerful powerhouses in the area. They would not have to tiptoe around other powerhouses when they were looking for resources, so it was undoubtedly great news for them.

The rest of the imperial-level powerhouses looked extremely horrified. They had spent the entire day waiting outside, but they could not enter in the end.

"Let's go!" Staying there and watching would only make the imperial-level powerhouses even madder, so Tan Lang urged them to join hands and dash towards the entrance.

The ten of them made it through the isolation layer successfully as they vanished into the fog.

All Lin Huang felt was that he passed through a layer of white fog and his vision became clear all of a sudden.

The fog around vanished completely and the ten of them appeared on a field while joining hands. There was a fresh floral aroma in the air.

There was a red and a purple crescent moon hanging in the sky above their heads, giving the night a mysterious cast.

"It kind of looks like we're back in our world," Shen Tao mumbled softly.

"Can we let go of our hands now?" Lin Huang turned to look at Tan Lang beside him.

After letting go of their hands, Tan Lang looked around before speaking, "There's no one else's aura around. We should be transported somewhere in the foggy area as a team while the other team should be experiencing the same thing."

"Does anyone have any detection abilities or detection relics? Let's see if there's anything odd happening around here and see if there's anywhere to rest our feet."

"I'll do it," Li Jia walked out from the crowd and said to Tan Lang.

Tan Lang nodded. As the deputy chief of the Heaven Alliance, he had a rough understanding of his Heaven Alliance members. Especially before going there, he did his homework as he had gotten the list from Chan Dou beforehand.

Li Jia closed his eyes slowly. A while later, black, flying bugs that were the size of mosquitoes came out of his collars and sleeves. They flapped their wings and flew towards all directions.

"A Bug Master?!" Someone among the crowd shouted out loud.

Lin Huang was a little surprised too as it was his first time seeing a Bug Master.

He had heard of such profession before whereby he knew that a Bug Master was even rarer than an Imperial Censor, but he had never seen a real one.

In the ancient times, a Bug Master was actually a branch under an Imperial Censor — a Bug Imperial Censor.

However, due to further studies into varieties of bugs, the Bug Imperial Censors came up with all sorts of new abilities and new battle modes. That was how they got their independence from the Imperial Censor and a new profession was born — the Bug Master.

Bugs had the most varieties among all monsters, hence the battle style of a Bug Master was more colorful than an Imperial Censor's. They walked on a different path which only got further away from Imperial Censors. Now almost everyone agreed completely that the Bug Master was an independent profession which was different from the Imperial Censor.

To Lin Huang, Li Jia's detection skill was similar to Bloody's Leech Pods. However, the number of bugs was limited while its detection range was smaller. Their detection accuracy was definitely below Bloody's. After all, Bloody possessed Supreme Intelligence which allowed it to control information coming from tens of millions of Leech Pods. Li Jia definitely would not be able to do that.

However, Li Jia had released up to 10,000 bugs now. It proved that his soul was much more powerful than those who had the same combat strength as he did.

Around some ten minutes later, the bugs came back and entered Li Jia's body. He then opened his eyes slowly while looking a little peculiar.

"What's wrong?" Tan Lang asked immediately.

"There are natives here…" What Li Jia said shocked everyone. He then proceeded to give a detailed explanation, "In our 10 o'clock, 120 kilometers away is a little town where people live. They're all ordinary people who have no cultivation base and they dress rather strangely. They kind of dress like those ancient people, like the kind of clothes I've seen in the museum…"


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