Monster Paradise
845 We Didn’t Hit It Off
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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845 We Didn’t Hit It Off

Ever since entering the Fallen God Land the past half a month, Han Jie's journey had been a smooth sailing one.

As a Duke of Dynasty, the members from the other organizations would avoid him no matter what kind of monsters he was hunting.

Although his combat strength was only on imperial-level crimson gold-rank, which was the lowest among the 20 imperial-level Dukes from Dynasty who entered this round, even some imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouses dared not challenge him for prey due to the golden cape he was wearing.

Once, he even encountered an imperial-level yellow gold-rank from the Hunter Association, but the person did not fight him.

"This Fallen God Land's such an amazing place! I've already killed more than 20 imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters in the past 20 days while I've already killed up to 100 imperial-level black gold-rank monsters. I'll make a clean cut of tens of billions of Life Crystals just by selling all these monster carcasses. With the extra reward, I'll make at least hundreds of billions…" Han Jie grinned while looking at the corpse wearing a trench coat under his foot as he spoke.

The body was lying facing him, and there was a logo of a purple metal crow on the collar.

As a member of an underground organization, although his main goal was to kill monsters every day, Han Jie did not let go of other organization members whenever he encountered one. No matter if it was members of the union organization or an underground organization, he basically destroyed everyone that he could defeat.

The body below his feet was the fifth imperial-level black gold-rank powerhouse that Han Jie had killed ever since he arrived at the Fallen God Land. Three days ago, he attacked an imperial-level crimson gold-rank powerhouse from the Union Government when the person was fighting a monster. Eventually, he killed the powerhouse.

Everything in the person's Emperor's Heart Ring naturally belonged to Han Jie eventually.

"I'll make billions selling these human bodies as puppets!" After browsing through the items on the body, Han Jie was planning to let go of them.

As a member of Dynasty, he did this kind of business frequently. Even if it was a naked corpse, he would sell everything he could possibly retrieve from the body.

In reality, all organizations would recycle dead bodies and bury them. Since there were few human corpses with high combat strength, the selling price was many folds higher than monster carcasses of the same level.

Although Lin Huang would take everything from the dead people that he killed too, he had never done any business selling human bodies.

"Who is that?!" Just when he was ready to leave after putting the dead body away, Han Jie lifted his head all of a sudden and looked towards one of the directions.

A man in a black trench coat walked over, and he had a purple crow pin on his collar too.

Han Jie was stunned for a moment when he saw the person's attire. After all, the imperial-level black gold-rank powerhouse that he had just killed was from the Purple Crow and now, he was caught by someone else from the same organization.

He was slightly relieved after sensing that the person had the same aura as he did, which was imperial-level crimson gold-rank.

"Brother, I killed him because he attacked me first." Han Jie turned the tables around before anything could happen.

"Really? I might believe it if you're from a union organization," said the man in the trench coat as he walked towards Han Jie slowly.

Han Jie knew that what he said was hard to believe.

Dynasty was worthy of being called the No. 1 underground organization in Division 3 with which other underground organizations were unwilling to have any conflicts. Even an imperial-level yellow gold-rank Purple Crow member might not attack Han Jie if they bumped into each other, let alone an imperial-level blank gold-rank member.

"So what do you want? To avenge him?" Han Jie had his guard up slightly, but he still thought it was quite impossible for the person to attack him.

"Why would I do that? I wasn't close to him." The man in the trench coat shook his head while smiling. "Let's just share 50% of the reward since he belongs to the same organization as I do."

"What makes you think that you deserve that? I was the one who killed him. You did nothing and you're asking for 50% of the reward?!" Han Jie scoffed in disdain. It was clear that the person did not plan to attack him, so there was no need for him to be afraid of him. "I'm leaving now. Don't tell me you're going to stop me?"

"I won't stop you, but I'll tell on you." The man in the trench coat continued to grin. "The father of this person you killed is a demigod while his brother's in this ruins as well. He's an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse. What're the odds of you walking out of this Fallen God Land alive when I tell them who the murderer is? Even if you manage to survive the remaining two months or so, do you think Dynasty would protect you if a demigod demands for you by then?"

"You…" Han Jie was sweating profusely when he heard this revelation. He had no idea that he had killed such a prominent person. However, he now had the intention to kill this black-robed man before him.

"Naturally, I won't sell you out as long as you give me 50% of the reward. I'd be asking for death if I did that," proceeded the man. "I'll give you a minute to think about it. You can reject me, then I won't ask you to stay. I'll leave and report about you."

"How do you want to do it? He only has one Emperor's Heart Ring." Han Jie chose to compromise temporarily while looking irritated.

"Give me the Emperor's Heart Ring. I'll give you half of the contents after I unlock it."

"No way. What if you ran away after taking the Emperor's Heart Ring from me?" It was clear that Han Jie did not trust the man in the trench coat before him.

"Don't worry. I'll definitely share half of the items with you. I don't want you to turn the tables around and tell people that I killed him when you get out of this place." The man looked down and glanced at the time on the Emperor's Heart Ring. "Also, you don't have any other choice now. You only have 30 seconds. I'll leave if you don't decide."

"Fine, I'll give you the Emperor's Heart Ring!" Han Jie tossed the Emperor's Heart Ring at him while looking reluctant.

Just when the man reached out to grab the ring, Han Jie moved all of a sudden. He tore towards the man in the trench coat while unsheathing his battle sword in an instant.

A fleeting green sword ray flashed through the air and arrived at the throat of the man in the trench coat while the Emperor's Heart Ring was still in the air.

However, an intense sense of danger came at this moment.

Han Jie saw a black ray radiating through the air and the man passed him in the next second.

He felt a devastating pain radiating from his chest at the moment.

Han Jie looked down and suddenly noticed a gash which appeared on his chest without even realizing it. The wound went through his chest and his heart beneath it was crushed.

As his vision was fading slowly, the voice of the man in the trench coat came from behind faintly, "Your sword's too slow…"

The man's body changed as soon as he put away his sword into its sheath. Soon, the person took on Han Jie's appearance.

"This is the sixth imperial-level crimson gold-rank substitute now…" A cloud of purple mist came out of the sleeve of the substitute Han Jie slowly. "You could've killed him in one hit. Why did you have to talk so much with him?"

"Why must we use violence so soon? I think it's nice to chat. I might let the person go if I encounter someone who hit it off with me," said 'Han Jie' while smiling. "Too bad this fella from Dynasty didn't hit it off with me."

Bloody roughly understood what Lin Huang said.

Not everyone who joined an underground organization was wicked. Some of them were forced to enter, but they were not evil just like Xiao Mo, the boy Lin Huang met in the Purple Crow training camp.

The reason why Lin Huang chatted with the person was because he was deciding if he should kill him.

For the past few days, Lin Huang had been killing underground organization members. Since the Golden Cicada secret skill would give him their inheritance, everyone he killed was sword cultivators.

There had been 17 imperial-level black gold-rank sword cultivators and six imperial-level crimson gold-rank sword cultivators who died by his hand in the past few days.

With his current ability, he could even fight imperial-level white gold-ranks with an imperial-level crimson gold-rank substitute. If not for the heavy burden an imperial-level crimson gold-rank substitute brought him and the time limitation that was restricted to half an hour, he could even kill imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses.

It was not difficult for him to kill an imperial-level crimson gold-rank powerhouse in one blow under the condition of using an imperial-level crimson gold-rank substitute. Meanwhile, he could kill imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouses within 10 swings of his sword.

Apart from the increasing number of substitutes, the three combat souls in Lin Huang's body completed their breakthrough two days ago. They elevated from imperial-level black gold-rank to imperial-level crimson gold-rank.

His overall ability was considered a rank higher now.

However, his summoning beasts began to face trouble.

Due to the ever-growing expansion of human exploration areas, Bai and the rest could not avoid encountering humans.

Their hunting speed was plummeting more and more in the past week due to the encounter with humans.

As Lin Huang asked them to avoid members from the union organization as well as the underground organization members that they could not fight. This caused their activity range to be more and more limited.

Moreover, the army Kylie led was too large. They were sought after a couple of times as their whereabouts were revealed by the humans' detection relics.

Her Nephilic Judge army had close to 200 triple mutated Nephilic Angels now. With Bloody's improved battle formations, they could even fight imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters.

However, there were some imperial-level yellow gold- and white gold-rank people who joined two of the hunting expeditions looking for Kylie and her army.

If not for her mini world, Kylie and her Nephilic Judge army would have been caught alive.

Although the rest of his summoning beasts were doing better than Kylie, Lin Huang speculated their hunting range would be completely occupied by humans in a few days. By then, he would have to turn them back into cards.

However, Lin Huang did not consider that as a setback. What upset him was not having any news about the God Figurines since the day he set foot in the Fallen God Land over 20 days ago.

"Did Chan Dou trick me?" Lin Huang even began to suspect that Chan Dou had misled him about the God Figurines being in the ruins just to trick him to enter.


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