Monster Paradise
843 The Third Pseudo Mythical-level Monster Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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843 The Third Pseudo Mythical-level Monster Card

In the Fallen God Land before daybreak, the golden cross on the forehead of a man in white robes shone brightly out of nowhere like it was burning in flames. The glow dimmed quickly a moment later.

In his white robes, Min Ze opened his eyes all of a sudden.

"Yuan Feng and Luo Liang are dead?! And so are three of our imperial-level crimson gold-ranks?!" Everything that happened before the five of them were killed came clearly into his mind.

"A battle formation made of up to 1,000 different monsters and its ability is close to an imperial-level white gold-rank's battle form…" Min Ze frowned while feeling perplexed. "There must be someone controlling these monsters. Who exactly is that who can control up to 1,000 monsters at the same time?!"

In reality, not only did Min Ze see that. The other Saint messengers saw the same thing too and they were horrified.

The Saints had sent a total of ten imperial-level messengers and half of them were killed. Furthermore, they did not see the murderer's face from the beginning until the end.

Min Ze, the No. 1 powerhouse among the Saint members who were sent into the Fallen God Land did not see any information about the murderer from the scenes that were transmitted from the five dead men. Apart from knowing that the person was a powerful Imperial Censor, he did not have any idea about the location where they were killed. He could not avenge them even if he wanted to.

"I've no clue apart from knowing that the person's a powerful Imperial Censor. I can only hope that I'll have the opportunity to bump into this person who controls the monsters within these three months."

Lin Huang, who was over 20,000 kilometers away, had no idea that the news about the Saint members being killed had been received by the remaining Saint members.

To him, the death of the five Saint members was just a tiny bump which did not affect him much.

In less than a week, Bloody accumulated over 150 imperial-level black gold-rank puppets and it even had over 50 imperial-level crimson gold-rank puppets. The battle formation consisting of those puppets gave them the ability to fight imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses.

However, Bloody knew that was the limit of its puppet battle formation.

It was not about the battle formation itself, but the core level of the battle formation.

To be able to reach a level whereby they could kill imperial-level white gold-ranks, it must have at least 20 imperial-level yellow gold-rank puppets as the core of its battle formation.

However, with Bloody's current combat strength, it could not parasitize imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters at all.

While Bloody's battle formation had almost reached its bottleneck, Kylie's battle formation was soaring.

She now had over 120 triple mutated Nephilic Judges which made up a third of her army. Furthermore, since her Nephilic Judges had elevated to immortal-level rank-8 and rank-9, the battle formation power was much more compelling than when she had just entered the Fallen God Land. The army was powerful enough to kill most imperial-level black gold-rank powerhouses.

Lancelot surprised Lin Huang even more as he spent most of his time on the move these days.

The reason being was that the hunting condition was too strict. The prey had to be Sword Dao monsters whereby their combat strength had to be immortal-level rank-9. In addition to that, they must be triple mutated too.

There were only 31 monsters that fit the condition in the entire Fallen God Land and they were scattered far away from each other.

However, after spending over ten days, Lancelot had finally elevated all nine of his sword servants to triple mutation.

They even encountered prey that was immensely powerful along the way, so Lancelot was forced to fight. That caused the elevation to fail twice and they had to look for prey all over again.

Although there were some bumps, all nine sword servants completed their elevation.

Lancelot might not have expected this himself, but since the nine sword servants completed their triple mutation, he was elevated to pseudo-mythical-level.

Lancelot becoming the third pseudo-mythical-level Monster Card went beyond Lin Huang's expectations.

Even since he had elevated to pseudo-mythical-level, Lancelot did not only experience a boost in ability, but his sword servant quota had increased by one fold. He now had 18 slots for sword servants.

He had been busy looking for new sword servants since then.

"I've never expected this fella who loves vegetables to become the most powerful one among all of you." Lin Huang could not help but chuckle when he said, "He should have the ability to kill imperial-level crimson gold-ranks together with his sword servants."

"Master, I should be the most powerful one overall ability-wise," Bloody corrected him with full confidence.

"Oh, I almost forgot about you and your army!" Lin Huang just recalled that Bloody's puppet army was truly invincible now. They would fight imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses head-on whenever they encountered one. They were more powerful than a few pseudo-god-level powerhouses combined.

"If my combat strength breaks through further and I get to imperial-level black gold-rank, I'll be able to control imperial-level yellow gold-rank puppets. By then, we'll be able to even kill imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouses!" Bloody was not boasting at all. As soon as the core of the battle formation rank was elevated, the entire battle formation power would be boosted by folds.

Compared to Bloody, Kylie, Lancelot, and the other Monster Cards did not go through that much increase in their abilities.

After all, their combat strength was still stuck on immortal-level rank-9. There was no way that they could elevate further. It was even more impossible for them to mutate further, so it was only natural that their ability had an insignificant boost.

The only improvement they could have was richer battle experiences.

After watching Bai and the rest battle, Lin Huang was planning to buy some pet equipment for them when the search in the ruins ended.

He had always thought pet equipment was expensive and impractical for them. However, after seeing Grimace control his puppet relic, he realized that the elevation in a summoning beast's ability was correlated with their equipment.

Grimace had killed imperial-level black gold-rank monsters with Bai earlier whereby they would have to show their trump card almost every time they fought. However, with the puppet relic, it was clear that killing was much easier for them. The puppet alone minimized the stress from all imperial-level black gold-rank monsters.

"I'll get Bai two demigod longsword relics to boost his attack ability. I'll get Tyrant either a demigod-level battle hammer or battle ax which can boost his attack ability by a few folds at least. Charcoal too... I'll get it a fire attribute crystal…" Lin Huang was thorough with his plan, but he knew his pathetic savings was unable to buy all of his summoning beasts equipment.

Most pet equipment was even more expensive than human equipment as some of them had to be customized according to the pet's ability, allowing the pet to boost their ability to their maximum capacity.

As time went by, half a month passed since the opening of the Fallen God Land.

The intensity of the combat souls in Lin Huang's God Figurines rose rapidly every day from the continuous hunting by his 15 summoning beasts.

"Looking at the progress, the three combat souls in my body will be able to elevate to crimson gold-rank in five days at the most, or the soonest, in three days." The elevation speed was much faster than what he imagined.

"The monsters that we can kill away from human-populated areas are getting lesser and lesser. More than 80% of the immortal-level rank-9 and imperial-level black gold-rank monsters in these areas have already been cleared," Bloody told Lin Huang a piece of rather bad news, "Those humans who've entered the ruins are searching towards all directions continuously, so our activity range is getting smaller and smaller."

"It's very common for the collision force to spread up to 1,000 kilometers away with fights involving imperial-levels. People will find out about us sooner or later. It's just a matter of time," Bloody voiced a realistic opinion.

"I've thought about what you said, but I didn't expect it to come so soon." Lin Huang frowned. "How about we get them to kill underground organization members whenever they encounter one? They'll kill them if they're capable to and they'll avoid them if they're unable to fight them. We won't fight if we encounter any non-underground organization members. We'll avoid them entirely.

"Also, handle their bodies cleanly and don't leave any traces so that we won't bring any unnecessary trouble to ourselves."


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