Monster Paradise
841 Bloody’s Puppet Army
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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841 Bloody’s Puppet Army

In the blink of an eye, it was the third day since they entered the Fallen God Land.

Early in the morning, Lin Huang went all out to summon 15 monsters, which was the limit of his summoning authority.

They were Killer, the Evil Dominator, Bloody, Kylie, Lancelot, Bai, Tyrant, Grimace, Charcoal, Warlord, Bloody Robe, the Death Knight, the Fallen Knight, and the two Dark Crescent Snakes.

"Bai with Grimace, Tyrant with Charcoal, Warlord with Bloody Robe, and the two knights with the two Dark Crescent Snakes each. The Evil Dominator, Kylie and Lancelot will be fighting alone."

"I wouldn't have released all of you if not for the sprawling ruins. There are a total of 8,000 people who've entered the ruins this time, which is over 20 times more than the last search. However, from Bloody's investigation, there are still many areas that have yet to be explored by humans. The places that all of you are going to are those that humans have yet to step foot in.

"Those who perform well in the next three months will be rewarded while those who underperform will have their previous reward taken away." Lin Huang looked at Grimace intentionally when he said that.

Grimace had not asked for junk food for his last reward. Instead, he had asked for an ancient relic-level puppet whose price was double of an ancient relic-level telekinetic weapon. It had been painful for Lin Huang. However, the puppet doll was rather practical. At least, it could be used to fight an imperial-level black gold-rank powerhouse under Grimace's control.

"Can I ask for three puppets this time?" Grimace asked with anticipation written all over his face.

"Two," Lin Huang bargained. The toy Grimace wanted was too expensive. He began to worry that he might not be able to afford to keep Grimace.

"Deal!" Grimace agreed directly.

Lin Huang was secretly relieved to see Grimace so obedient.

After a round of simple briefing from Lin Huang, Bai and the rest dispersed under Bloody's guidance.

Lin Huang together with Bloody and the Parasitic Puppet army it moved from Kylie's mini world were the only ones left.

"That many of them?" Lin Huang was shocked to see the army.

"There are a total of 1,128 of them. 32 of them are black gold-rank while the rest are immortal-level rank-9. Also, all of the puppets are tripled mutated." It was clear that Bloody was bragging a little bit judging from its tone. "I've tweaked the battle formations that Kylie gave me last night. I've also done some preliminary development and come up with 21 foundation battle formations and over 400 combo battle formations that suit these bunch of Parasitic Puppet army the best. We can officially begin practice now."

"What are you waiting for then? Let's go!" Lin Huang was interested to see the power of battle formations from this parasitic army.

Soon, Bloody found its first target, which was an imperial-level black gold-rank corpse ghost.

Its height was around two meters and it looked like a dead human corpse that was going through the first stage of rotting. However, there were red flames burning in its eyes like lava.

The 32 imperial-level black gold-rank puppets did not participate in this battle.

Over 1,000 immortal-level rank-9 Parasitic Puppets formed into a battle formation instantly and began to fight the corpse ghost.

The corpse ghost almost escaped in the first couple of minutes, but soon, Bloody was at its peak of controlling the battle formation. In less than five minutes, they managed to kill the corpse ghost.

Later on, it spent a couple of minutes parasitizing the corpse ghost, adding another member to its imperial-level black gold-rank puppets.

"Your battle formation seems to be even more powerful than Kylie's," Lin Huang voiced out what he thought after watching the battle.

"Mine is a complete foundation battle formation and I've more puppets than her Nephilic Judges. Also, my puppets' combat strength and mutation level are higher than her army's. Furthermore, I'm controlling everything in this battle formation whereby I can adjust them whenever I want. It makes sense that the overall ability is more powerful than her Nephilic Judge army's," Bloody explained, "But Kylie's upper hand is that her Nephilic Judges have a high growth rate which my Parasitic Puppets don't. I can only replace the Parasitic Puppets with higher combat strength ones continuously to strengthen the battle formation."

For the next few days, Lin Huang stayed by Bloody's side at all times. He saw it performing different versions of battle formations every day while they got more and more powerful.

Bloody would parasitize the imperial-level black gold-rank monster every time whenever one was killed. More and more imperial-level black gold-rank puppets were added to its collection.

Until the third day, the Parasitic Puppets finally mastered the foundation battle formations fully, so Bloody began to practice the combo battle formations.

The power of the combo battle formations was undoubtedly a few folds more compelling than the foundation battle formations earlier. They could kill imperial-level black gold-rank monsters almost like a piece of cake. They then began to hunt for higher ranked preys in the form of crimson gold-rank monsters.

The truth proved that the imperial-level black gold-rank puppets that were added to Bloody's puppet battle formations were good enough to fight imperial-level crimson gold-rank powerhouses face-on.

Ever since the imperial-level black gold-rank monsters were added into their battle formations, they slaughtered the imperial-level crimson gold-rank monsters easily.

Bloody then began a new around of hunting and parasitizing, possessing more and more imperial-level crimson gold-rank puppets.

In this ruins, Bloody's puppet army was like a bulldozer, killing everything wherever it passed. All of the deceased monsters became one of the puppet army.

During these couple of days, the other Monster Cards did not stay idle as well.

Lin Huang felt the spiritual energy in his God Figurines growing each day. Although the amount of growth was minor, he knew it was possible for the combat soul in his body to grow to imperial-level crimson gold-rank during this trip to the ruins.

The objective of letting Bai and the rest out in the ruins was to help him to hunt for spiritual energy. Looking at the current progress, it was almost ten times faster than him hunting on his own.

Lin Huang had accompanied Bloody all the time during the past few days. He did not fight even once. Apart from the time they were on the move, he was always practicing his swordsmanship.

The pseudo-god-level sword skill Killer had gotten from the Regal Sword Killer had yet to be integrated into his Sword Dao system. It was the best time to practise it.

Lin Huang's Sword Dao reached bottleneck since he achieved gold flame-level which caused him to almost stop practicing entirely. Now that he had broken through to immortal-level rank-3, he already had the basic foundation to advance further. What he was lacking the most now were his sword skill resources. He had only mastered less than 80 types of legendary-level sword skills, which was the reason why he had requested access to the Central Library.

The level-one reading authorization even gave him the access to pseudo-god-level methods, but he could only read one set of method per day at the most. Lin Huang only had three days of authorization which meant that he only had the opportunity to learn a maximum of three sets of pseudo-god-level sword skills.

A level-two reading authorization would give him access to any legendary-level methods with no restrictions. This authorization was usually given to imperial-level powerhouses who contributed to the Union Government.

'I'll make a trip to the Central Library after the three months of searching the ruins is over before heading back to Division 7,' Lin Huang secretly planned.

However, Lin Huang and Bloody had no idea that they were targeted even though they avoided all the areas where humans were hunting along the way.

It was the middle of the night when five people gathered in a tent hundreds of kilometers away.

The five of them wore white robes with a golden cross on their foreheads. They were the members of the underground organization, the Saints.

"The reason I ask you all to gather is because I noticed a huge amount of beasts 2,000 kilometers away. There are over 1,000 beasts. Most of their combat strength is on immortal-level rank-9 while there are tens of black gold-rank beasts. I think we can sweep them together!"

"Immortal-level beasts living in such a massive scale? Are they beasts living in groups?" One of them could not help but ask.

"I've no idea what beasts they are exactly, but all of you know about that demigod-level detection relic that I have. It can detect the rough condition of creatures within 3,000 kilometers. It can only be activated once a day, so it's a yes or no for this mission. But I must warn you, I'm not sure when will we ever see such an insane number of beasts in the future if we miss this opportunity now."

"I'm in! 1,000 immortal-level rank-9 beasts are worth some great sacrifice."

"I think that's a sign that God is showing us!"

"Thank you, God !"


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