Monster Paradise
840 Kylie’s Battle Formations
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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840 Kylie’s Battle Formations

The ruins was huge. Bloody spent two full days spreading up to a million Leech Pods to complete the preliminary search.

"This ruins is insanely huge! It's almost ten times bigger than the surface area of Earth that you mentioned." The reason why Bloody would say that was that Lin Huang would always compare this world's footholds with the size of the countries on Earth. Bloody had asked about Earth before and found out its surface area was 510 million square kilometers.

"No wonder Chan Dou said he has explored less than a fifth of the place. This is simply too big." Lin Huang projected the explored regions that Chan Dou had sent him while Bloody began to draft the complete map on the existing map.

Bloody only managed to come up with the first draft of the map half an hour later.

"What's with the area marked with question marks?" Lin Huang could not help but ask, noticing that Bloody had drawn question marks on a couple of spots on the map.

"There are some areas where the Leech Pods failed to enter. There seems to be a thin layer of transparent film around them. There are also some of them with odd occurrences. For instance, the Leech Pods lost their signal as soon as they entered one of these areas. I'm not sure if they were attacked or something else caused that. There are also areas covered in fog, thunderstorms, special magnetic fields…"

"Then, how about those marked with a skull?"

"Those are areas where the Leech Pods basically found demigod-level powerhouses."

"The imperial-levels' ranks are marked by colors. Black for black gold-rank, red for crimson gold-rank, yellow for yellow gold-rank, silver-white for white gold-rank, and purple for purple gold-rank. Since the base color is white, we could only use silver-white color for white gold-rank."

"So, where are we now?" Lin Huang asked again.

"We're here!" Bloody extended a tentacle and marked a red dot on the map.

The red dot was located on the southeast of the map.

"This map's just a simple first draft. I'll put in the detailed information into your Emperor's Heart Ring tonight and make a virtual map of this ruins. By then, the positioning system would've come up with the calculation following the location on the virtual map and note the virtual positioning. It's like playing a single-player game whereby no network signal is required."

Lin Huang had no idea that Bloody could do that.

"Bloody, did you find any target that suits my requirement?" Finally, Lancelot, who was standing aside, could not hold it in any longer and asked again. He did not interrupt Bloody since it had been investigating the ruins the past two days.

"I've found a total of 31 triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 Sword Dao monsters that suit your requirement, but they're quite far from where we are now. I'll complete the map tonight and plan the route again. If everything goes as planned, you should be able to get your sword servants to kill the first target tomorrow before noon," Bloody laid out the preliminary plan.

Since entering the ruins, Lin Huang had not let Bai and the rest out. The reason being, Bloody had yet to complete the logistics planning while they had no clue about the distribution of monsters or where the other human powerhouses were transported to. Letting Bai and the rest out like that would risk their lives for intruding dangerous monsters' territories or even be killed by human powerhouses.

This was a grade-7 ruins after all. There were too many powerful monsters in there. Moreover, among the people who had entered this time, a third of them were the outstanding ones in the entire Division 3, excluding demigods.

In the past two days, along with Thunder and Lancelot, Lin Huang had been trailing Kylie to watch her Nephilic Judge army battle.

Within the short two days, there were eleven of them in the Nephilic Judge army that had elevated to triple mutated Nephilic Angels. It increased the number of Nephilic Angels to 50.

In reality, the Nephilic Judge army had killed more than 100 undying and spirit monsters throughout the two days which far surpassed the amount of Nephilic Judges that had elevated.

However, Lin Huang witnessed how terrifying the Nephilic Judge army's ability was.

In actual fact, among the Nephilic Judges, most of their combat strength were only immortal-level rank-6 and rank-7. However, when they created a battle formation, they could fight straight on even if they encountered an imperial-level black gold-rank monster. Whenever they encountered immortal-level monsters, even if those were triple mutated, they would not be able to withstand the Nephilic Judge army for more than 20 minutes.

That was the result even without the 50 Nephilic Angels and Kylie joining the battle.

"Your battle formations are really powerful. They almost unleashed the full advantage of these Nephilic Judges' speed." Lin Huang recognized the amazing result too.

"I'll improve the battle formations slightly. Then, I should be able to use it on my Parasitic Puppets." Bloody began to consider the practicality of Kylie's battle formations.

"I'll share them with you. This isn't consider a core inheritance, so it can be shared." As soon as Kylie said that, she pointed her finger between Lin Huang's brows while laying another finger on Bloody's head.

A while later, the complete inherited information was sent into both of their heads directly.

"36 sets! That many?" Lin Huang was a little surprised. He had only seen the Nephilic Judges using two sets of battle formations, so he expected Kylie to have only two sets of battle formations in the inheritance.

"Although there are a total of 36 sets, you'll need to practice the battle formations. They're only familiarized with eight sets of battle formations at the moment. The first 18 sets are still manageable, but the last 18 sets are very complicated. Also, I don't have enough Nephilic Judges." Kylie was not entirely satisfied with the current progress.

Bloody got some ideas after studying them for merely a couple of minutes.

"Among the 36 sets, the first 18 sets aren't complete battle formations. They were put together from three different complete battle formations for simple application. They were disassembled intentionally for one to learn them easily. The second half are real complete battle formations. However, they are still just the foundation. They can be developed into more complicated and powerful battle formations."

"I've understood their application mechanism roughly. I'll spend some time developing them, so I should be able to fortify the battle formations for you. I can also tweak them a little and make a puppet battle formation. The impact should be impressive." Bloody had created up to a thousand Parasitic Puppets in the Abyss Brink.

Most of them were triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters that Bai and the rest had killed but which brains were still well maintained. Their brains had been parasitized by Leech Pods when they were still active.

A small amount of them were triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters which Bai and the rest had killed along the way. They were then parasitized by Leech Pods directly. Naturally, it was more taxing for Bloody to cast parasites on living things. There were two failed cases as proof of that.

Apart from that, there were 32 imperial-level black gold-rank puppets. They were flying puppetry monsters which were brought back in time for Bloody to cast parasites on when their brains were still active. After all, Leech Pods could not cast parasites on monsters which rank was higher. Hence, Bloody had to do that itself.

Unfortunately, the 30 imperial-level yellow gold-rank monsters Lin Huang killed surpassed Bloody's parasitic ability. They were then left in Lin Huang's storage space. However, since their brains had lost activity, they could no longer be parasitized. They could only be summoned into spirits with a Witchcraft Rune. However, that could only be done when Bloody reached imperial-level black gold-rank. Otherwise, there would be a high possibility that the summoned spirit would lose control and might even backfire.

After obtaining Kylie's battle formations, Bloody was more confident in its puppet army now. It even had the confidence to fight imperial-level yellow gold-rank powerhouses with its puppet army after they successfully practiced the battle formations.


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