Monster Paradise
839 Nephilic Judge Army
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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839 Nephilic Judge Army

It was 9 a.m. sharp on 1 November.

Bai Qi flew slowly to the crack in the sky and produced a golden key in his right palm. He flicked it softly, the key turning into a golden stream that flowed into the black crack in the air.

Subsequently, he began to perform a set of complicated seals at a rapid speed.

The black crack gradually turned golden until eventually, there was a golden glow that shot out of it. It was like sunshine that shone through clouds onto the ground.

"All of you, stand where the golden glow is shining!" As Bai Qi ordered them, the people from each formation hurried to the area where the golden glow was shining.

Lin Huang walked over there, following his team. As soon as he entered the glowing region, he felt his body seeming to lose gravity and he began to float. He was drifting rapidly towards the source of the glow.

In less than ten seconds, Lin Huang and the rest got into the golden crack in the air following the stream and vanished completely.

After passing through the golden crack, Lin Huang could feel his body descending slowly.

As his feet touched the ground, his sight that was covered by the golden glow finally recovered gradually.

Lin Huang looked everywhere. Apart from himself, there was nobody else in his field of vision. It was clear that the entrance would send the person to different locations of the ruins randomly.

The sky above his head was gray and he could not see the sun. It was a little similar to the hazy weather back on Earth, just that the light was even dimmer here. It felt like dusk when the sun was setting.

There were cracks as well as potholes all over the ground. They were war scars everywhere.

Lin Huang did not see any plants at all. All he saw were bones that were covered with some soil and a couple of broken swords and sabers.

After a slight observation and not finding anything odd, Lin Huang then focused a small part of his consciousness into his Life Palace.

He was surprised to find that the space in his Life Palace had completely simulated the environment of the ruins.

After a moment of shock, Lin Huang recalled his main objective and summoned Bloody and Lancelot.

He did not lose his sensing ability since his territory had been converted into his Life Palace. However, his territory had become his Life Palace's subsidiary skill, which was now on par with Lancelot's, so the coverage of his Territory skill depended on his combat strength now.

Now that Lancelot's combat strength had reached immortal-level rank-9, the radius of his Territory skill had expanded to nine kilometers. The coverage far surpassed Lin Huang's which was merely three kilometers.

Summoning Lancelot could undoubtedly expand the coverage to sense danger.

After all, Bloody's Leech Pods could only sense sight and sound. They could not sense anything intangible.

Meanwhile, summoning Bloody was something that Lin Huang had to do whenever he went somewhere new.

In reality, Lin Huang knew that Bloody's Leech Pods had powerful functions and applications. However, they were best used in investigating logistics.

Bloody was fond of collecting information itself whereby it would browse through different information on the Heart Network whenever it had nothing to do. To Bloody, investigating a new place was collecting information as well which it enjoyed.

Planning logistics was the basics of battle strategy. Compared to fighting, Bloody preferred being a military adviser as well as feeling in control of the whole situation.

Bloody received the preliminary investigation report in less than ten minutes while Lin Huang stayed where he was.

"There's an immortal-level rank-6 Spirit Skeleton at our one o'clock, 252 kilometers from us. Judging from its aura, it should a triple mutated monster. It's suitable for Kylie to lead her Nephilic Judges to hunt it down."

Out of 368 Kylie's Nephilic Judges, only 39 of them had evolved into triple mutated Nephilic Angels. All of the local monsters in this ruins were either spirit or undying types, which were the targets for Nephilic Judges to evolve.

"Bloody, look around for triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 Sword Dao monsters for me please," Lancelot gulped the dried vegetable in his mouth down instantly and said to Bloody.

"Don't worry. I always have that in mind," Bloody said while smiling and nodding.

Lancelot then put another dried vegetable into his mouth and chewed on it slowly.

"Do your best in these three months. You'll be rewarded with three months worth of junk food if you perform well!" Lin Huang patted Lancelot's shoulder.

Two blue rays shot out of Lancelot's blue eyes when he heard that. He said to Lin Huang immediately, "I would like dried carrots, please!"

Lin Huang nodded while smiling and he thought to himself, 'Am I feeding a rabbit now?'

Lin Huang only summoned Kylie and Thunder after setting his coordinates on the Dimensional Portal. They then sat on Thunder's back and headed toward the destination Bloody had told them about.

Soon, Lin Huang saw the Spirit Skeleton that was almost three meters tall with red flames burning in its eyes.

The monster noticed Lin Huang and the rest at an instant. However, it turned around in an attempt to run away when it sensed Lancelot, Kylie and Thunder's powerful aura. As usual, Bloody curled itself around Lin Huang's arm and hid its aura just like Lin Huang did.

As Kylie waved her hand, at least 300 Nephilic Judges made their glorious entry.

Although the Nephilic Angels did not participate in the confrontation, the Spirit Skeleton was drowned by the overwhelming amount of Nephilic Judges. It was killed in the blink of an eye while its bones were scattered all over the place.

"Wow, a human wave attack is kind of scary," Lin Huang could not help but exclaim out loud after witnessing that.

"Two o'clock, 128 kilometers."

Thunder deviated immediately. They arrived at their second destination in less than a minute as Thunder flapped its wings.

The Nephilic Judges were just as fast as Thunder as they caught up with it subsequently.

The target was another triple mutated spirit monster in the form of a beast skeleton. Its eyes were the same with the skeleton earlier whereby they burned with red flames as well. However, it had a more powerful combat strength at immortal-level rank-8.

The Nephilic Judges charged at it all together again. The spirit monster only managed to hold on to its dear life for less than five seconds before it turned into a pile of broken bones.

At that moment, one of the Nephilic Judges experienced a blaring, white glow shooting out of its body, and soon it turned into a white cocoon.

"Is the evolution of a Nephilic Judge into a triple mutated Nephilic Angel this simple?" Lin Huang thought it was a little odd as he witnessed that.

He had spent quite some effort to elevate Lancelot and the rest to perform their triple mutation.

"It should've something to do with the mini world in my body." It was clear that Kylie shared a similar thought. "I've been having a subtle feeling recently that I might elevate to quadruple mutated mythical-level directly if all of them elevated to triple mutation."

Lin Huang was elated to hear that but he realized something immediately. As soon as Kylie elevated to mythical-level, she would surpass his own limit and he would not be able to summon her any longer. By then, the army of over 300 triple mutated Nephilic Angels would be sealed altogether and he would not be able to use them in battles.

"I can clearly sense that the mini world in my body has been urging me to make this happen as soon as possible in order to elevate to mythical-level," Kylie could not help but reveal the secret that she had been hiding all this time. "Actually, I've been having this feeling ever since the first Nephilic Judge evolved to a Nephilic Angel. The feeling's getting more and more intense following the increasing number of Nephilic Judges evolving into Nephilic Angels."

"Don't overthink so much. Just go ahead on your elevation. My summoning limit should open when I break through to imperial-level." Lin Huang did not plan to stop Kylie's evolution, especially when she was currently in such a situation.

Lin Huang knew if he was not mistaken, the summoning authority of mythical-level Monster Cards should expand when he elevated to imperial-level. Even if Kylie elevated to mythical-level now, she would only be sealed temporarily.


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