Monster Paradise
835 The Fallen God Land
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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835 The Fallen God Land

There were a total of 183 monsters being recorded in the True Spirit Encyclopedia. Each of them was born to be a True God. Some of them were of a higher level whereby they had immense strength to destroy everything in their adult phase.

The most surprising fact was that with the visualization skill, Lin Huang only had to stare at the image of the monster for ten seconds. The image of the monster would then be created in his mind. He could visualize the growth experienced by the monster and each of its battles could clearly be seen. He was like an onlooker, watching the entire life of the monster.

However, the progress of the visualization was extremely slow.

The first monster he visualized was the Divine Sun Tree. It took him exactly three days to visualize the germination of the Divine Sun Tree's seed. A sprout that was shorter than the little finger then grew.

"According to my current process, I guess I'll need to visualize for another ten years to be able to see the formation of the Divine Sun Tree…" Lin Huang was speechless. The visualization skill was not as simple as he thought but he did not expect it to be so difficult.

"The visualization speed is related to your spiritual strength and your comprehension ability. Your comprehension ability usually won't change much. However, your spiritual strength will grow as your combat strength becomes stronger. The stronger your spiritual strength, the faster the visualization speed will be. Therefore, you definitely don't need to wait for ten years. I guess two to three years should be enough for you," the stone tablet explained. "If you happen to have a chance of epiphany, it'll probably be created in less than two years."

Two to three years were short to the stone tablet. It gave Lin Huang the True Spirit Encyclopedia for his long-term development instead of accomplishing it within one stroke.

However, two to three years were very long to Lin Huang. After all, it had been two years since he traveled to this word from Earth.

However, Lin Huang was suddenly enlightened after listening to the stone tablet.

"Epiphany can speed up the process!"

Exchanging ten card draws for an Epiphany Card, Lin Huang crushed the card without a moment of hesitation. Again, he began to visualize.

With the effect of the Epiphany Card, Lin Huang felt that his brain seemed to have detached from his body and his mind had never been so clear before.

He seemed to own the whole world and the entire growing process of the Divine Sun Tree could be observed. It seemed like someone had fast-forwarded the growing process of the Divine Sun Tree as well. Time passed very quickly in this dimension.

In just the blink of an eye, the Divine Sun Tree that was about one meter tall grew. The Life Soul in Lin Huang's first God Figurine had completely turned into a tree with a height of one meter as well. It looked exactly the same as the tree visualized and it was surrounded by the aura of an imperial-level.

Right at that moment, the effect of the Epiphany Card disappeared. Lin Huang then snapped out of his visualization.

Before he could check on his body condition, Bloody's voice was heard.

"You've been visualizing for nine days. The reading authority that you asked Yao Lan to apply for has been approved. However, the first level of authority is only opened to you for three days and you have complete access to the second level of reading authority. She said that this is what the Union Government can do at the most. If you're not going to accept it, you can ask for other rewards."

"Also, Chan Dou from Division 1 has called you twice. He's left a message, asking you to contact him immediately once you're free. He didn't tell what has actually happened."

Lin Huang did not know that the epiphany would have taken so much of his time.

After replying Yao Lan's message regarding the reward, he immediately called Chan Dou's number.

As soon as the video call was answered, Chan Dou appeared, still looking the same. He was in his elegant white shirt, holding a green beverage in his hand.

"Lin Xie, how long has it been since you showered? You need to shave."

"I've been really busy these days. I immediately called you back as soon as I received your message. What happened?" Lin Huang then noticed that he did appear rather sloppy.

"I heard that you're looking for a God Figurine?" Chan Dou took a sip of his drink and asked.

"How did you know that?" Lin Huang was stunned.

"I have my way. I even know that you've bought the God Figurine sold at the Wanbao Auction," Chan Dou laughed as he said.

Lin Huang frowned when he heard that. The information of the VIP members at the Wanbao Auction was supposed to be kept private.

"Don't worry. Everyone has their secrets. I'm not interested in knowing the reason why you're looking for a God Figurine." Chan Dou knew what Lin Huang was worrying about. "I'm calling to tell you that I know there's a place where you can probably find one."

"Where?" Lin Huang immediately asked.

"Fallen God Land," Chan Dou uttered.

"Are you referring to the war ruins where many of the True Gods died?" Lin Huang had heard of the ruins before. It was the second largest ruins in Division 3. "Isn't it only opened to imperial-level?"

"A new crack has appeared at the Abyss Brink in Division 3 recently. Those from Division 1 and Division 2 have been investigating this issue and the crack has been discovered as well. Although we managed to seal it in time, it shows that the condition at the Abyss Brink has deteriorated. We predict that the crack will become uncontrollable within five years. However, it seems like it can't even last for three years.

"The Union Government from different divisions have been discussing this. However, they've not come up with a solution yet. There are a few things that have been confirmed. One of them is to train more transcendents, increasing the number of imperial-levels. Therefore, many of the sites and ruins that are only opened to imperial-level will be opened to immortal-levels and holy fire-levels too. The number of people allowed has been increased as well.

"Also, the Union Government and other organizations fully support the development of the Genius Union. Aside from some of the extremely dangerous areas, we have access to almost all of the ruins and sites. Only the members from the Genius Union are given the privilege to access the sites.

"The Fallen God Land in Division 3 will be activated once in 100 years. It's now about a month away from the next opening. It's going to be the first 7-star ruins opened to immortal-levels and holy fire-levels."

The 5-star ruins could be threatening to demigod-levels and the 6-star ruins could be dangerous to Virtual Gods as well. As for the 7-star ruins, they were the sites and ruins with the highest danger level and could even be threatening to True Gods.

"However, the Fallen God Land has been activated many times. It's been explored by many imperial-levels in the past." Lin Huang was not really interested in it as the 7-star ruins were too dangerous. Moreover, the ruins had been explored by many people and the rewards were very limited. The probability of obtaining the God Figurine would be too low.

"You're wrong. The area of the Fallen God Land is extremely big. The war ruins keep on drifting in the dimension and they merge with other war pieces as they drift. The area will be expanded each time during the activation of the Fallen God Land."

"Furthermore, the ruins are only opened for three months. In addition to the limited number of imperial-levels available and Division 3 not allowing people from other regions to enter, not even a fifth of the area has been explored. The area of the Fallen God Land will become larger this time and probably only a seventh or an eighth of the area has been explored," Chan Dou explained and Lin Huang began to feel excited.

"So, are you asking me to go into the ruins?"

"Yes, you're right. The Heaven Alliance was given 10 quotas and I'm going to give one to you." Chan Dou placed the beverage that he was holding down and said, "One thing good about it is that your combat strength is only on holy fire-level. The imperial-level won't fight you. The immortal-levels from other organizations won't fight you as well. In addition to you being capable of fighting the high immortal-levels, as long as you keep a low profile when you enter the ruins, most of the enemies that you'll encounter will be on holy fire-level. Therefore, you have a higher survival rate compared to the others."

Obviously, he could not sense Lin Huang's aura from the video call. Chan Dou thought that Lin Huang's combat strength was still on holy fire-level since it had just been a few months since they last met on the Stairway Tree.

Lin Huang did not bother to explain that his combat strength had been upgraded to immortal-level rank-3. He asked another question that he was rather interested in instead, "Who's the most powerful person among the immortal-levels that enter the ruins?"

"Why are you asking about this?" Chan Dou found it strange.

"I have to run away if I happen to bump into them." Lin Huang sounded reasonable.

Chan Dou was stunned. Soon, he said, "The Holy Sons from a few of the organizations are going and they're very powerful. Although they're the Holy Sons that have obtained a lower ranking, they're all supreme geniuses. They're on at least black gold-rank. The strongest one has to be the Seventh Prince. His abilities are capable of fighting a crimson gold-rank."

"The one who's capable of fighting a crimson gold-rank is only ranked seventh?!" Lin Huang was bewildered. Chan Dou and the rest who were capable of fighting crimson gold-ranks had been the Five Princes in the old days.

However, since Chan Dou sounded calm, Lin Huang began to feel that his capability of killing a crimson gold-rank was merely what Chan Dou showed the others. His true abilities could be much stronger.

"The dynasty is strong. Even among the underworlds in Division 1, their abilities are ranked the top 3. They're doing pretty well in Division 2 and Division 3. Especially in Division 3, they're undoubtedly strong. The First Prince is one of the Five Princes – Huang Wuji.

"Aside from the Holy Sons like the Seventh Prince, there are also the EA.2 members from the Union Government, the Hunter King from the Hunter Association, and the Adventure King from the Adventurer's Paradise… Their abilities can be compared to the Holy Sons from the underworld.

"Other than that, try to avoid the imperial-levels as well. Under normal circumstances, an imperial-level won't bother to fight a holy fire-level. Many of them are from the underworld and some of them might have psychological problems, so they might probably fight you."

"And also the demigods…" Lin Huang forced a smile.

"You don't need to worry about them. The demigods aren't going to enter the ruins since it's less likely they'll get an upgrade. Therefore, they gave the opportunity to the rest. Those that enter the Fallen God Land with the highest combat strength will be on purple gold-rank."

"Can you please tell me who are the nine of them that will enter the ruins?" Lin Huang asked again.

"It hasn't been confirmed yet. I've just come up with the list, but not everyone is willing to take the risk." Chan Dou had nothing to hide. "I can now confirm that Tan Lang is going. His abilities are on par with the Seventh Prince. The rest that I've chosen are those with strong survival abilities and are on immortal-level rank-9."

Among the three deputy chiefs of the Heaven Alliance, Tan Lang was one of them and he had the strongest abilities in the Heaven Alliance.

"Is Tan Lang going to be the leader? How are we going to divide the rewards then?" Lin Huang asked realistically.

"It doesn't have to be in teams. Everyone will go by themselves. As for the rewards, they belong to the person who manages to get it. The Heaven Alliance isn't going to divide the rewards. However, if there's anything you want to sell, please first consider selling it internally in the Heaven Alliance."

"Alright, I agree to join." Lin Huang then accepted the invitation to join.

"The Fallen God Land will be activated on the first of November and the gathering point is at the Magical Sky City. You may arrange your time and don't delay."

"I got it."


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