Monster Paradise
834 Monster Paradise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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834 Monster Paradise

Lin Huang summoned the two intelligent monsters, Bloody and Ghastly to discuss the construction of the Life Palace.

According to what Lin Huang and Bloody had read and by referring to all the Life Palaces owned by the imperial-level that the three of them had encountered, it took them the entire afternoon to come up with three solutions.

The first one was most people's popular choice which was to upgrade themselves as a whole and build a Life Palace that could strengthen them in a fight.

With such an elemental Life Palace, Lin Huang would become stronger regardless of the weapon he used. Be it a sword, Life Power, gun, or even mechanical skills, they could be boosted.

The second one would suit Lin Huang best which was to simply build a Sword Dao Life Palace.

Such an elemental Life Palace could further improve Lin Huang's Sword Dao and upgrade Lin Huang's abilities directly. Such an upgrade would, of course, be much stronger than the one that improved one's ability in a fight. Furthermore, it could probably derive other abilities in his Sword Dao.

The third idea was a result of the Rakshasa Mother's Life Palace which was to structure a Life Palace that gathered all the monster cards.

The Life Palace he attempted to build was the one that possessed unlimited revival ability. After all the monster cards were inserted into the Life Palace and connected to it, the spirit would return to the Life Palace on their own each time after death. They would then be revived with Life Power and could be summoned again to engage in the next fight. As long as there was sufficient Life Power, they could be revived endlessly.

Lin Huang named the Life Palace Monster Paradise.

Bloody had something to comment about this.

"It's a great idea. However, the ability of such a Life Palace is way too complicated. Also, the building process of the Life Palace is out of your control. It might turn out not to be the effect that you desire. I personally do think that the first two ideas are rather safe. At least, its final product won't deviate much from the targeted one."

"As for me, if there are a total of 100 marks available, the first idea would've failed. The second one would get a score of 70 whereas the last idea would get 99 marks." Ghastly fully supported the third idea instead.

"I'm more inclined to the third one." After falling into deep thought, Lin Huang then decided, "If it turns out not to be the effect I desire, I'll just take it as I've never obtained a Life Palace Card before anyway."

Lin Huang then took out his Life Palace Card. "Activate Life Palace Card."

"Life Palace Card (Non-elemental) activated.

"Please name your Life Palace.

"Monster Paradise.

"Please briefly describe the ability of the Life Palace that you would like to set up in one sentence. Do not exceed 20 words."

"I want my Monster Cards to have unlimited revival abilities with my Life Power." Lin Huang intentionally restricted it to his Life Power as he was afraid that during the construction of Life Palace, other types of energy would be used to revive his Monster Cards by default. They could be spiritual energy, spiritual strength, or even one's life. All this were possibilities As for Lin Huang who possessed the Divine Fire, what he had in excess was Life Power.

"The idea is verified. Beginning construction..."

The Life Palace Card transformed into a golden stream and trickled into Lin Huang's chest.

After a short while, Lin Huang noticed that a golden palace had quickly formed in his body in less than an hour.

As soon as the luxurious golden palace was formed, all the Monster Cards in Lin Huang's body transformed into beams of lights and were inserted into it. Soon, the lights became real objects with monstrous physiques.

In the Life Palace, a dimension that looked exactly the same as Lin Huang's surroundings had been created.

The hotel room looked exactly the same and there were buildings of different heights outside it. Even the shape of the clouds looked exactly the same… The entire dimension was exactly the carbon copy of Lin Huang's physical world.

However, aside from Bai and the rest of the Monster Cards as well as some plants, there were no other creatures.

Lin Huang soon discovered that there was a border in the dimension of the Life Palace. If he were the center point, the area that was three kilometers away from him was separated by an invisible, hemispherical isolation layer. Bai and the rest could look at the scenery that was three kilometers away from them. However, they were unable to leave the radius. Their movements were restricted by the isolation layer.

"Perhaps this is the active range of the territory of my Life Palace." Lin Huang was not surprised by it. "As I grow stronger, the range will probably increase."

"The construction of Life Palace 'Monster Paradise' has been completed!

"Life Palace: Monster Paradise.

"Life Palace Ability: If the monster dies within the active range of the territory of the Life Palace, its spirit will return to the Life Palace and its body will be restructured with Life Power, completing the revival process."

"Territory of Life Palace: Taking the host's body as the center point, it will be within a three-kilometer radius (expandable).

"Ability Restriction: Each monster can only be revived three times at the most within 24 hours. The spirit will immediately collapse if it exceeds three times and it will be unable to return to its Life Palace (can be trained).

"Ability to Derive: None (activated for imperial-level)"

The card information was soon revealed after the construction of the Life Palace.

"In fact, it's unable to have unlimited revivals.Three revivals in 24 hours are pretty decent though. The number of times can be increased later on." Lin Huang was quite satisfied with the construction of the Life Palace.

He then immersed his body in his consciousness while observing the situation in the Life Palace.

Bai and the rest had separated, exploring the completely new world. Although the radius in which they could move was not large, there were quite a number of houses available. It would be good for them to familiarize themselves with the environment.

Just as Lin Huang was checking on his Life Palace, his Emperor's Heart Ring suddenly vibrated. Lin Huang immediately regained his consciousness.

Seeing that the caller of the video call was Yao Lan, Lin Huang knew that it was regarding the rewards dished out by the Union Government.

Answering the call, Yao Lan had donned an office lady look with black-framed glasses on her nose bridge.

"What is a God Figurine?" As soon as the video call was answered, Yao Lan immediately demanded.

"Good afternoon," Lin Huang greeted with a smile, completely ignoring her question.

"Stop interrupting me. I'm asking you what a God Figurine is."

"It's just a statue that's used for decoration," Lin Huang answered as he raised his brows.

"You lie! If you're not telling the truth, I'm not going to give it to you." Yao Lan intimidated him with a smile.

"You didn't manage to get it, did you?" Lin Huang said confidently.

"What makes you think so?"

"It's simply because right until now, you didn't take anything out." Lin Huang remained calm. "If you've already gotten the God Figurine, you'd have taken it out in the first place when I answered your call. You'd show off before asking me what it actually is."

"Alright, it's true that I didn't manage to get it. The Union Government has rejected your request. They said that the reward that you requested has exceeded what they can give and asked if you can request for something else," Yao Lan had no choice but to admit. Still, she did not give up and asked, "What is a God Figurine? I can't seem to find anything about it online. Apparently, the information has been blocked by the Emperor's Heart."

"It's just a unique god item. You don't need to ask anything about it anymore. For those below demigod-level, it's similar to an ordinary decorative item but its hardness is slightly stronger," Lin Huang briefly explained and changed the topic as he did not want to get into trouble. "Since I can request for something else, I'll do so. I want to be granted the highest reading authority in the central library in Division 3!"


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