Monster Paradise
831 Die, Rakshasa Mother!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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831 Die, Rakshasa Mother!

The Life Palace lingering in mid-air looked like an ordinary house. It had a red roof and white walls that seemed completely new.

The wooden door of the house was automatically activated right with the arrival of the Life Palace and humanoid monsters then strode out of the door. The most surprising fact was that all the monsters looked like 15-year-old teenagers.

There were thousands of monsters like this and the one with the weakest combat strength was on immortal-level rank-9. The one with the strongest combat strength was on crimson gold-rank, placing next to the Rakshasa Mother.

However, there was only a small number of imperial-level; there were three of them. There were two crimson gold-ranks and a black gold-rank. The rest of the immortal-level rank-9s had just completed their double mutation.

They must be the Rakshasa Mother's adopted children. Oddly, their bodies did not exude the aura of a living creature.

"Kill all of them!"

The humanoid monsters immediately pounced towards Lin Huang and the three monsters after receiving the instruction from the Rakshasa Mother.


Lin Huang was not afraid of being outnumbered by his opponents. With Charcoal's dragon flames, as long as their combat strength was weak enough, it was just a waste of effort regardless of the number of opponents.

As an advanced dragonkin that had completed its third mutation, its dragon flames would rip off the skin of the triple mutated monsters of the same rank, let alone those that were weaker in combat strength.

Charcoal was now on black gold-rank. When he encountered the double mutated immortal-level rank-9s, they would turn into ashes in less than a minute if they were tainted by its dragon flames. There would be no exception.

Upon receiving the instruction, dragon flames then gushed out of Charcoal's mouth. The ocean of black flames instantly engulfed the thousands of monsters summoned by the Rakshasa Mother.

The two teenagers on crimson gold-rank managed to break through the dragon flames and fought the two Regal Sword Killers.

Lin Huang smirked as he looked at the Rakshasa Mother. "It seems like your troops made of your children are going to die soon."

"Don't count your eggs before they hatch!" The Rakshasa Mother did not look nervous at all.

At that moment, Lin Huang heard Charcoal whisper, "They have a tremendously terrifying recovery ability. Their recovery rate is on par with the speed that my dragon flames can harm them."

Lin Huang's vision penetrated through the dragon flames with his ocular skill and he could see how the humanoid monsters looked.

Charcoal's dragon flames had destroyed their bodies at a speed visible to the naked eye. At the same time, their body recovered rapidly as well. It looked like the effect of Divine Regeneration.

"I guess it's not Divine Regeneration or any regeneration type skill. That'd consume an extremely large portion of Life Power. Their Life Power is in its active state and still at its peak condition. There are no signs of their Life Power weakening." Lin Huang felt that it was suspicious. "Moreover, Divine Regeneration is an extremely rare secret skill. It's impossible for thousands of monsters to possess such a secret skill."

"It seems like you've found out." The Rakshasa Mother noticed Lin Huang's facial expression as she smirked. "My children are immortal. Regardless of the way you use to harm them, they'll be able to recover on their own in an instant."

"This is the effect of your Life Palace." Lin Huang soon understood after listening to the Rakshasa Mother.

"You made the right guess!" The Rakshasa Mother clapped its hands and laughed. "The power of my Life Palace is called 'mother's love'. As long as my children are cultivated by my Life Palace, they'll be protected by their mother's love. No matter what injury it is, they'll instantly be nurtured by their mother's love. Therefore, my children will never be killed. Are you feeling disappointed now? Your Life Power will eventually be drained. I'm still going to be the winner!"

"I have to admit that the ability of your Life Palace is immensely strong and you've got a sound plan. However, you didn't realize that you're the weakest link in your entire plan. As long as you die, all the little monsters that have been assimilated by your Life Palace will immediately perish." Lin Huang grasped the key point.

"Then, let's see if your dragonkin is capable of killing me before its Life Power is depleted. How long can the spitting of its dragon flames last? Is it three minutes or five?" The Rakshasa Mother grinned evilly. "The only thing that I need to do is to wait until the exhaustion of its Life Power. My children will be able to get rid of its dragon flames then."

"Trust me. You'll never be able to wait until its Life Power is depleted."

Lin Huang did not bother to explain any further as he encountered another opponent that mistakenly estimated the timing of the dragon flames.

With his black gold-rank combat sword in hand, he brandished his sword with his fastest skill, Thunder Sting.

His legendary-level sword skill, Star Dome, was used as an outline and the pseudo-mythical-level Almighty Surgical Knife was the core of the skill. There were also hundreds of human and monster sword skills being integrated as the basis of the skill. His Level-5 sword realm would play a leading role. The modified Thunder Sting could never be compared to an ordinary epic-level sword skill.

Thunder Sting maximized the speed of the sword attack. Each attack was unleashed at lightning-fast speed. The attack struck just as he brandished his sword.

The same thing happened to the yellow gold-rank Rakshasa Mother as well. It was unable to capture the entire process when Lin Huang advanced. It could see that him brandishing his sword. In the next moment, it appeared right in front of it and his black gold-rank combat sword then struck it.

It attempted to block the attack with its claws.

In mid-air, ten black claws hindered the attack from the black sword that looked like a crescent moon.

Right at this moment, tens of daggers shot out of Lin Huang's sleeve, streaking across the sky. The daggers then made their way through the Rakshasa Mother's arms and crushed its vital parts.

The Rakshasa Mother's pupils dilated. The attack was out of its expectations.

It stomped hard and immediately retreated as its body made several turns in the air and managed to avoid most of the attacks. Still, a few of the daggers managed to penetrate through its body.

Lin Huang did not give it any chance to rest. Before it could balance itself, his Thunder Sting was unleashed again.

It appeared right in front of the Rakshasa Mother in a flash.

The Rakshasa Mother felt a strong sense of doom as it was struck by the attack. It retreated again and the wounds on its body did not have time to heal.

Lin Huang flourished his sword which sliced at the Rakshasa Mother like tarsal bone maggots.

The Rakshasa Mother extended its claws and collided with his sword. A loud clang was heard and the aftershock of the collision spread throughout an area that was tens of kilometers away.

Lin Huang took a step in the air and chased after it.

Both of them then pursued each other and the battle lasted for about ten minutes.

The Rakshasa Mother was severely injured. However, Charcoal's Life Power had not been drained yet and its children had no way to get rid of the dragon flames.

Lin Huang did not expect the Rakshasa Mother to withstand the attack for so long.

It was just trying to dodge Lin Huang's attack, not initiating any attack at all because it wanted to drag the battle on.

However, it never knew that with the condition that Lin Huang and Charcoal could both share their Life Power, it would be impossible to drain Charcoal's Life Power. Its Life Power would never be emptied despite spitting dragon flames for three days and three nights.

The Rakshasa Mother that was severely injured withstood the attack for ten minutes and it seemed to have reached its limit.

"How could it be? Why can't it use up its Life Power?"

"There's something that I forgot to tell you." Lin Huang grinned as the Rakshasa Mother mumbled. "Charcoal is rather special as its Life Power can never be drained. It can continue spitting dragon flames for three days and three nights. That's why I told you that you won't have the chance to wait until its Life Power is depleted."

The Rakshasa Mother was stunned. Although it did not completely believe what Lin Huang said, from the aura released by Charcoal, it could tell that Charcoal's Life Power had never become weak.

As the saying went, one false step might ruin you forever. The Rakshasa Mother had risked its own life because of a misjudgment.

Thousands of immortal-level rank-9s and a black gold-rank were drowned in the dragon flames and they had no way of escaping. The two crimson gold-ranks were fighting the two monster pets and could hardly escape from them as well.

They were unable to fight Lin Huang even if they were to fight face to face. The situation had worsened as the Rakshasa Mother was now severely wounded and had to fight Lin Huang on its own.

After checking its own condition, the Rakshasa Mother pondered to itself. It decided to continue defending itself from Lin Huang's attack while waiting for its children to escape from the dragon flames. Still, it did not believe that Charcoal's Life Power was inexhaustible.

Its heart sank as time passed.

11 minutes, 12 minutes…

As it reached the 16th minute, it could not hold it any longer.

His Thunder Sting that was akin to a black electric glow streaked across the sky, piercing through the Rakshasa Mother's neck.

Immediately, blood began to drip out of its wound and soon, its head fell off. Blood then gushed out of its neck like a fountain, splashing all over the sky.

After the Rakshasa Mother's death, the red house lingering in mid-air broke into pieces.

The body of the two crimson gold-rank monsters that fought the two Regal Sword Killers began to collapse. Besides that, the thousands of monsters that were shrouded in the dragon flames began to collapse.

After a couple of moments, everything turned into ashes.

Aside from the dead body of the woman with a broken head, there were only traces of blood splatter that remained…


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