Monster Paradise
830 It’s Never Too Late for Revenge
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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830 It’s Never Too Late for Revenge

Lin Huang encountered the Rakshasa Mother when he entered the Abyss Brink for the first time to hunt for the Devil's Psykid.

The Devil's Psykid was the Rakshasa Mother's adopted son. After Lin Huang killed it, he was attacked by the Rakshasa Mother.

The Rakshasa Mother's clone chased after him until he escaped to the first layer of the Abyss Brink. Finally, Lin Huang managed to kill its clone with his God Crasher.

As the saying went, every dog had its day.

Lin Huang was going to take revenge that day.

Along with the Regal Sword Killer and the Evil Dominator, Lin Huang rode on Charcoal's back and arrived at the Rakshasa Mother's lair.

"It's you!" The Rakshasa Mother saw Lin Huang from afar and could recognize him at first glance.

Less than half a year had passed. The Devil's Psykid had been the one with the greatest potential among all its adopted sons, so of course, it could clearly remember how Lin Huang looked like since he had murdered the Devil's Psykid.

"It seems like you can still remember me, Rakshasa Mother." Lin Huang lowered his head, shifting his gaze towards the Rakshasa Mother in its red robe.

Catching a glimpse of Lin Huang, the Rakshasa Mother soon noticed Charcoal and the two pseudo-mythical-levels. Seemingly, she did not notice anything special about the Regal Sword Killer and the Evil Dominator. Soon, it shifted its focus back to Lin Huang.

"There are three triple mutated immortal-level rank-9 monsters and a dragonkin. It's a solid combination, but their combat strength is rather weak. Human brat, do you think that you're capable of fighting me with your three little monster pets? I have to admit that you're too naïve and a little cute."

The Rakshasa Mother stood about 1.8 meters tall in its red robes. It had a curvy body and was extremely seductive. It was beautiful and it spoke like a human.

However, Lin Huang knew that the monster could disguise itself as any female creature it had ever seen. Only when it was emotionally aroused or engaged in a fight would it reveal its true self. It had a green, ghastly face with fangs. One would not describe it as beautiful at all.

"You'll know soon enough whether if I'm capable of fighting you or not." After uttering those words, Lin Huang's Knight skill was activated. Charcoal and his combat strength immediately grew to black gold-rank.

The Rakshasa Mother was surprised by what unfolded before it. "It's indeed a great skill to level up straight away from immortal-level rank-3 to black gold-rank. However, if that's your trump card, perhaps you won't even have a chance to run away later."

"I'm an imperial-level rank-3 on yellow gold-rank. If you were to ask for help from three monsters on crimson gold-rank, you might get me into trouble. At least, you'd have a higher chance of running away. However, since this is the case, the four of you came to me by yourself and you're going to be my snack. Hmm, I can imagine that you're going to be delicious," the Rakshasa Mother cackled, licking its lips.

"It still remains unknown who's the one who has to be extra careful." Lin Huang did not want to talk nonsense to it. After sending a message via his mind, Charcoal was the first one to launch an attack.

It opened its mouth wide, black dragon flames beginning to gush out of its mouth and covering an area with a circumference that spanned tens of kilometers in an instant.

"You've destroyed my lair. You're digging your own grave!"

Along with the yell, dragon flames spat out of the Rakshasa Mother's mouth. Its entire body was covered by a layer of red Life Power. Seemingly, it could defend itself against flames to a certain degree as it did not seem to be injured by the dragon flames. Its once pretty face turned green with fangs while two glimmers of bluish green light glowed in its eyes.

Just as the dragon flames struck, the Rakshasa Mother immediately flew up into the sky, pouncing towards Lin Huang and Charcoal.

Right at that moment, a shadow appeared in front of it abruptly.

Before the Rakshasa Mother could figure out who was blocking its way, a black sword glow flashed in the air. The sword glow streaked across the sky and spanned hundreds of meters, resembling a gulf that blocked the Rakshasa Mother's way.

Sensing the danger coming from the sword glow, the Rakshasa Mother's flaming eyes dilated. "That's incredible!"

It did not dare to fight it straight away. Pointing its finger at the crack in the air that was tens of meters long, it instantly collided with the gulf-like black sword glow.

A snap was heard. Soon after, the crack and the sword glow collapsed at almost the same time.

Just as the Rakshasa Mother appeared again, another sword glow that looked exactly the same struck from behind.

Even Lin Huang was startled. Two Regal Sword Killers blocked the Rakshasa Mother's way. One of them came from the front whereas the other came from behind. They looked exactly the same.

However, Lin Huang soon figured out what was happening now. The Evil Dominator had transformed itself into the Regal Sword Killer.

Lin Huang could still remember that one of the skills possessed by the Evil Dominator was called Evil Blood Substitute. As long as it managed to obtain one drip of its target's drop of blood, it could create a clone that looked exactly the same as its target. Also, it could perfectly duplicate all the abilities of its target. Even if the substitute was killed, it would not die. It could still create another clone and continue the battle.

It was apparent that it had borrowed blood from the Regal Sword Killer, creating a clone that looked exactly the same as the latter and perfectly inherited the Regal Sword Killer's abilities.

The Regal Sword Killer itself was shocked when it saw what just happened.

The Rakshasa Mother felt that it was facing difficulties that it had never encountered before after being attacked by the two Regal Sword Killers.

It used to think that they were only on immortal-level rank-9. Despite the fact that they were triple mutated monsters with special bloodlines in their body, it would be amazing if their abilities were on par with a black gold-rank's. However, it seemed like the two monsters were of crimson gold-rank.

"Have the two of you… Gone through deification?!" The Rakshasa Mother exclaimed.

A deified 1 monster was a monster that had gone through its fourth mutation.

"No. We're just halfway through deification," Killer admitted its weakness.

The Evil Dominator then continued, "Otherwise, I'd be able to kill you on my own."

In fact, if Killer and the Evil Dominator were not of pseudo-mythical-level but true mythical-level, Lin Huang would have been unable to summon them with his current level of authority.

The Rakshasa Mother was slightly relieved. However, it began to have its guard up and staying aware of Lin Huang who had yet to fight. It knew that since Lin Huang was capable of taming the two monsters, his abilities could probably be much stronger than the monsters.

Still, Lin Huang who was in mid-air did not launch an attack.

He could tell that the Rakshasa Mother had not given its all yet. It was still capable of fighting the three of them. Occasionally, it managed to strike out at the two Regal Sword Killers as well as fighting Charcoal.

The intense battle lasted for about half an hour. However, no flaw was found in the Rakshasa Mother's attack.

Lin Huang knew that it was meaningless if he were to continue waiting.

He then brandished his sword, unleashing his Thunder Sting.

It was an extremely quick attack and was more than 10 times quicker than Killer's maximum speed. His sword appeared right in front of the Rakshasa Mother at almost the same time when he wielded his sword.

The Rakshasa Mother was unable to defend against it in time. It moved its body slightly, attempting to dodge the attack.

However, it was unable to act as fast as Lin Huang's sword. Despite not being annihilated by the attack, a wound that was about 10 centimeters long was formed on the right side of its waist. One could even see its internal organs through its wound.

He joined the battle with a powerful offense, severely injuring the Rakshasa Mother in just one hit.

One must not underestimate the injury caused by an expert-grade demigod relic.

Lin Huang did not hold back against his opponent. He did not even give the Rakshasa Mother a chance to breathe. The second attack was then launched.

The Rakshasa Mother felt a strong sense of doom advancing towards it. Withstanding the pain coming from its wound, it attempted to flee. However, it was blocked by Killer and the next attack struck it.

Again, the black sword glow streaked across the sky.

It clenched its teeth, extending its claws and pouncing towards Killer. It knew that Lin Huang's attack would be much scarier.

At that second, the Evil Dominator stealthily attacked from the side.

The sword shot out rapidly like a crescent moon. There was nowhere else for the Rakshasa Mother to dodge and another wound formed on the left side of its torso.

The injury was less serious than the one caused by Lin Huang. Still, blood dripped out of its wound.

The Rakshasa Monster covered its wound with its left hand, glaring at Lin Huang and the rest with a stone cold expression on its face.

She had been struck by two consecutive attacks. She knew that she might not have the chance to use her trump card any longer if she did not use it now.

Before Lin Huang made his third attack, it summoned its trump card.

A bloody red Life Palace appeared. It's called deification here instead of mythical. Mythical-level refers to the level of a card. For example, a triple mutated monster is of legendary-level but going through three mutations is known as the ultimate mutation.


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