Monster Paradise
829 Flat-Chested like a Boy
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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829 Flat-Chested like a Boy

"Found it!"

Bloody finally managed to find the new crack after it looked around.

Lin Huang was shocked as it projected the scene monitored by the Leech Pods.

"Isn't that the crack that we discovered earlier? Is the seal no longer working?!"

The location displayed on the screen was the crack Lin Huang had discovered in a cave a few months back. The wall looked exactly the same.

Right at this moment, the black mist was coming out from the purple-black crack as if it was alive, spreading out from the fissure.

"It's not because the seal is no longer working. Instead, the second crack was found in the same position," Bloody said, projecting an image. "This is the photo I captured earlier. You can compare them."

"It seems like there are some cracks that look different over there." Lin Huang could immediately recognize the differences between them.

"That's not the point," Bloody explained, "If you were to look at it carefully, you should realize that the crack initially looks like a huge spider web. The additional crack is just another spider web. The new spider web is a new channel and it's completely different from the seal that you discovered a few months ago."

After listening to Bloody's explanation, Lin Huang soon realized that it was correct. The new crack seemed to be overlaid with the original crack. One would feel that the original crack was spreading, which was not true. Just like what Bloody said, there were two spiders forming two spider webs that were completely different in the same position.

"I didn't discover it earlier as there used to be a crack over there. I didn't pay close attention to it. Until today, the black mist was released from the crack. Only then did I notice that something was wrong." Bloody had put a lot of effort into looking for the crack. It did not expect it to be the one. "I felt the same too. I thought there was something wrong with the seal. After observing it carefully, I noticed that it's a new channel created after the previous channel was sealed."

"Let's go there and have a look."

Lin Huang immediately flew into the sky, heading towards the cave where the Devil's Psykid had been a few months ago.

It took him more than an hour to reach there. He then immediately recorded the latest situation of the new crack in the cave with his Emperor's Heart Ring as well as capturing some high-definition images.

It was about 2 a.m. now after getting all this done.

"Bloody, you may stay at the Abyss Brink and monitor the killing process of Bai and the rest. I have somewhere else to go." Lin Huang immediately gave new instructions as he got out of the cave.

The Emperor's Heart Ring had no network connection and signal in the Abyss Brink, so Lin Huang had to leave the Abyss Brink if he wanted to send the message.

Lin Huang immediately strode into it after activating his dimensional portal.

Bloody waited at the entrance of the cave where the crack was, patiently waiting for Lin Huang to return.

As he passed through the entrance of the Abyss Brink, Lin Huang immediately sent the videos and photos he recorded in the cave to Yao Lan and dialed her number as well.

Lin Huang did not know many people in Division 3. Yao Lan was royalty and also the member of the Adventurer's Paradise. In addition to her previous task being related to the crack in the world, Lin Huang had thought of her in the first place.

It was about 2 a.m. now. However, Lin Huang's video call request was answered in just a heartbeat.

"Why are you disrupting my sleep in the middle of the night?!"

As soon as Yao Lan's voice was heard, Lin Huang could see from the video that the room was brightly lit and Yao Lan had just gotten up from her bed. Her upper body was exposed outside the blanket and she was naked…


Seeing that the person in the video call was Lin Huang, Yao Lan was shocked. Soon, she heard an ear-piercing scream. She immediately grabbed the blanket to cover her body and wrapped herself tightly in the blanket. Not even her neck could be seen. She then shifted her gaze towards Lin Huang.

"Lin Xie, what did you see?"

"No, I didn't see anything," Lin Huang answered innocently with his palms up.

"You did!"

"I saw nothing for real…" Lin Huang mumbled, "You're flat-chested like a boy. What can I see?"

"What did you say?!" Yao Lan heard it clearly and she got even angrier.

"I didn't say anything. I have something serious to tell you." Lin Huang immediately changed the topic.

"It's 2 a.m. now and you're making a video call. Do you think that I'm that close to you?!"

"There's another crack that's appeared at the second layer of the Abyss Brink." Lin Huang knew very well that there was no need to continue the conversation with her, so he went straight to the point. "I've just sent the videos and photos to you. Have a look first."

Yao Lan was stunned. She rolled her eyes at Lin Huang then tapped the images open and videos. She frowned.

"Isn't the position similar to the one discovered earlier? Was it unsealed?"

"It's the same position, but it's a different crack." Lin Huang shared Bloody's observation, "You'll know once you compare it to the photo that was taken previously."

"I got it. I'll check whether if it's true later. If it is, I'll make a report immediately." Yao Lan nodded her head. Just as she was about to hang up the call, a question ran through her mind. "Why did you go back to the cave?"

"I'm hunting for monsters. I went back to the cave to have a look since I was nearby. I then saw what was captured in the videos and photos." It was impossible for Lin Huang to tell Yao Lan that he had killed an imperial-level monster and had gotten the clue from the monster. Therefore, he then lied to her.

"Can you please tell a more plausible lie?" Yao Lan knew that he was lying.

"I'm telling the truth. Let it be if you don't trust me." Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders.

"I'm not going to trust you." Yao Lan knew that she would not find anything out from him and did not bother talking nonsense to him any longer. She then hung up the call.

Lin Huang grinned after she hung up the video call. "She's really flat-chested like a boy…"

Lin Huang did not go to the cave after he returned to the Abyss Brink. He recalled Bloody instead and did not meet Yao Lan as well.

One of the reasons was that the flat-chested lady would get him into trouble.

Another reason was that when he last met her, he was only on crimson flame-level. His combat strength had leveled up to immortal-level rank-3 in less than half a year. Such an upgrade was unusual.

The crack in the world was found and he had informed the person-in-charge as well. Lin Huang had basically completed his task at the Abyss Brink.

"The last thing to do now is to obtain the cross-ranking reward!" Lin Huang had gathered 30 cross-ranking rewards from immortal-level rank-1 to rank-3.

Since he had used the Combat Strength Upgrade Card, the system did not consider the imperial-level skinless monster that Lin Huang killed a few days ago as a cross-ranking kill. Otherwise, there would be 29 cross-ranking rewards remaining.

"My combat strength is now on immortal-level rank-3. It belongs to beginner-level immortal-level. My combat strength can still be upgraded to black gold-rank if I were to combine the Knight and Integration skills." Xiao Hei had given a detailed explanation regarding the upgrade in combat strength when the Knight and Integration skills were activated. For a beginner-level immortal-level, authority would be restricted to black gold-rank. Despite achieving immortal-level rank-3 whereby Lin Huang's body could barely manage to withstand the combat strength of crimson gold-rank, the level of authority he had would not change. Only an immortal-level rank-4 to rank-6 would be granted the authority of crimson gold-rank.

"I suppose yellow gold-rank is sufficient to perform a cross-ranking kill since the second layer of the Abyss Brink can only bear monsters of yellow gold-rank. The efficiency of killing them will be increased if Killer and the Evil Dominator are summoned." Lin Huang pieced his plan together and soon, he decided his first hunting target.

"The first monster to kill is the Rakshasa Mother. It's never too late for revenge. It seems like it's been less than half a year since I last came."


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