Monster Paradise
825 I’m Sorry, Boss
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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825 I’m Sorry, Boss

A tremendous battle was going on in a valley.

There was a fiend and an imp on one side while an Earth Ursine was on the other side of the battle.

The Earth Ursine was a triple mutated monster with midnight-black skin and a layer of golden armor on its head, abdomen, and back. The golden armor was not put on. Instead, it grew together with their skin since birth.

The strongest suit of such a monster was its body whereby it could tear most of the double mutated monsters of the same combat level into half like a piece of thin paper. Its defense ability was strong enough to protect itself from most of the monsters of the same combat level, preventing them from breaking their defenses.

This Earth Ursine before them had a combat level of immortal-level rank-9.

The shocking fact was that the Malachian Fiend, which combat level was only on immortal-level rank-7, was going strong against the Earth Ursine.

His green skin showed signs of turning into a metallic armor which expanded his body further, making him look even bigger. He was initially two meters tall, but with the addition, he looked at least 2.5 meters. However, he was still a fat meatball.

Meanwhile, the Earth Ursine was over 30 meters long. Even if the Malachian Fiend expanded by heaps, it would still be a tiny bean before the Earth Ursine.

The Inferior Imp who was on the same side as the Malachian Fiend was hovering hundreds of meters away from the battle. It seemed like it was just a spectator.

However, if one was to study it with spiritual strength, they would see the hundreds of telekinetic threads being released from his body. The other ends of those telekinetic threads clung onto the Earth Ursine's limbs and neck.

The telekinetic threads were breaking one after another as a result of the Earth Ursine's immense strength. However, the Inferior Imp reconnected them again and again. The strength the Inferior Imp was putting in was nothing lesser than the Malachian Fiend that was fighting on the battlefield.

"You damned Fatty, why couldn't you have chosen an easier prey?!" The Inferior Imp's bloodshot eyes seemed like they were going to spit fire. "Forget about those before this that had crazy strength! This ursine has such insane defense. The both of us might not be able to kill it even if we keep doing this until the next morning!"

"Big Bull, you don't know the fun in fighting at all," the Malachian Fiend replied immediately, "Such a collision of power is the biggest joy a man could have!"

"Stop calling me Big Bull!" The Inferior Imp objected.

"It's you who called me Fatty first."

"It's because you're fat! Fat*ss!"

"Then, I'll call you Big Bull because of the bullhorns on your head and your nose that looks like a bull," the Malachian Fiend retorted rudely.

"Do you want to fight?!" The Inferior Imp really sounded mad now.

"Come at me! I'm not afraid of you! I've despised you since the beginning." The Malachian Fiend threw a punch at the Earth Ursine and turned around to look at the Inferior Imp.

The Earth Ursine retreated slowly and did not attack the Malachian Fiend sneakily from his back.

To the Earth Ursine, these two foes were on par with it when they fought together. It was uncertain who would emerge as the winner eventually. However, this was undoubtedly an advantage for the Earth Ursine since both of them had an internal conflict now. It decided to strike the last blow when they seriously injured each other later. It required little effort, and the Earth Ursine was happy to do it. It chose to watch aside decisively.

Meanwhile, the two silhouettes were about to collide.

The Inferior Imp's close-range ability was not too shabby. It was just that he had gotten used to fighting methodically. However, he was not at a complete disadvantage fighting with the Malachian Fiend.

The Earth Ursine was watching the fight delightedly, sitting on the ground not far away. It would have been perfect if there were snacks like popcorn or sunflower seeds for it to munch on.

In the air, the Inferior Imp soon fell at a disadvantage. After all, he did not have much opportunity in close-range confrontations in real life and its body was not as powerful as the Malachian Fiend's.

It crawled out of the ground slowly after being punched by the Malachian Fiend while spitting a mouthful of blood that looked like lava onto the ground. He lifted his head to look at the Malachian Fiend while resentment filled his eyes.

"What else do you have? Show me all of it now or else you won't have the opportunity to when I kill you later," the Malachian Fiend said fearlessly while crossing his arms.

"Since you want to die so badly, I'll make your wish come true!" The red glow in the Inferior Imp's eyes grew. "If you're that powerful, don't dodge my next attack!"

"I won't dodge then! I'm not afraid of you!" As soon as the Malachian Fiend was done speaking, a spark lit up in the sky. It was extra bright in the night sky like a meteor that was plummeting from outer space.

Evidently, the meteor was flying towards the battlefield in the valley.

The Earth Ursine that was watching aside noticed that something was off immediately. It could not help but open its mouth wide seeing the meteor that was flying towards them. "It can't be! How can he summon a meteor... shower?!"

Before the Earth Ursine was done speaking, it saw the second and third meteor raining down from the sky. Sparks fell one after another. Soon, there were hundreds of them.

"a This fella has such terrifying technique!" The Earth Ursine gaped at the Inferior Imp with fear now.

However, it soon noticed that the Malachian Fiend was just hovering where he was, maintaining his stance of crossing his arms without showing any signs of dodging.

"Is this fella a little dumb? Is he really not dodging?!" The Earth Ursine was secretly glad after being concerned for the Malachian Fiend for a split second.

"As soon as the Malachian Fiend is dead, I shouldn't worried about that Inferior Imp. He has already unleashed a big hit, so he should be exhausted by now. He shouldn't be able to execute such a powerful blow for the second time in a short period of time. I'll be able to do anything I want with him by then."

The Earth Ursine retreated a distance away and did not leave. It was waiting for the duo to finish their fight and it would pick up whatever was left.

Hundreds of meteors come raining down from the sky. They could even hear the air-piercing whistles from far away.

The meteor shower added vibrant color to the quiet night sky.

However, grave danger came after the beautiful scene.

Each of the meteors was burning furiously. They were dropping to the ground at a terrifying speed. One could only imagine how much damage they would bring.

The more the Earth Ursine watched, the more terrified it felt. Among the meteorites, the smallest one was just slightly smaller than the Earth Ursine.

It was even mourning a little for the Malachian Fiend. "I'm afraid such an attack could even kill an Inferior Imperial-level."

However, the Malachian Fiend remained hovering where he was with no plan to escape. The meteorites arrived close to the valley in the blink of an eye, aiming at the Malachian Fiend.

"There's no way that he can turn the situation around at all." The Earth Ursine found it hard to watch the disaster that was Inferior Impending.

However, something changed. The meteorites in the air moved in an arc in the air while the Earth Ursine now became their target.

"What happened?!" The Earth Ursine was stunned to see that. It reacted right away and shouted at the Inferior Imp and Malachian Fiend, "The both of you tricked me!"

The first one landed as soon as it uttered its last word.


A deafening thud exploded while a huge piece of the ground collapsed in the valley.

Amongst the endless chunks of dirt flying in the air, a gigantic silhouette flew out in devastation and fell hard into a mountain range in the valley.

The Earth Ursine fell deep in the mountainside and could not help but spit a mouthful of blood out. It had tried to defend itself from the attack with its palm in panic. Now, it's entire arm was entirely obliterated as a result of the collision while the golden armor on its chest had faint cracks on it. Meanwhile, its organs went through a serious tremor while it felt a burning sensation as if there was a fire in its lungs when it breathed.

The second meteorite came crashing into the mountainside before it could even catch its breath.

Followed by the third, fourth, fifth…

Over 200 meteorites fell like cannonballs, and the entire valley was smashed into a flatland completely.

Meanwhile, the Earth Ursine was killed upon the crashing of the eleventh meteorite.

"That ursine's so dumb to even believe what a Malachian Fiend says. He actually thought we were having an internal conflict!" The Malachian Fiend landed slowly on the ground which was now completely ruined.

"We Inferior Imps are born con men and actors." The Inferior Imp walked over slowly too while looking at the Malachian Fiend with a smirk. "I've taken so much physical pain from this round of attacks which caught it off-guard."

"I'm sorry, Boss…" The Malachian Fiend turned into a scaredy-cat in a split second.

"Do you think an apology does anything?" The Inferior Imp remained smiling.

"Ugh… I think we should look for the next prey now. If we can't accomplish the mission within three days, we'll lose a month's supply of junk food." The Malachian Fiend changed the topic immediately.

"It's your fault, Fat*ss. You pick preys that are getting harder and harder to kill!" The Inferior Imp was enraged as he thought about this point.

"Big Bull, I'm warning you. Stop calling me Fatty! And don't even think about calling me Fat*ass!"

"What did you call me?! I'll summon the meteorites to kill you."

"I'm sorry, Boss…"


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