Monster Paradise
824 We Fight, We Fight for A Head
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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824 We Fight, We Fight for A Head

The monsters were most active at night in the Abyss Brink.

However, the second layer of the Abyss Brink was slightly different from usual that day as there were fourteen rather different monsters blending in.

There was a sky dragon that looked like T. Rex with a body over 30 meters long running out of control on the meadow.

Meanwhile, a silhouette that looked like a human was chasing it.

If one were to look closer, the human-form monster was over three meters tall. It had a muscular body and wore a pair of army green capri pants while it chased the monster in bare feet.

Deep footprints were imprinted on the ground every step it took as if it was stepping on the sand at the beach. It would move hundreds of meters forward with every leap it took, getting closer and closer to the sky dragon in front of it.

The sky dragon was roaring in rage as it ran out of control. There were a couple of obvious wounds on its body. The wounds did not look like they were caused by weapons. Instead, they resembled more like the result of a monster's claws and teeth tearing through the flesh. Some of them were still bleeding continuously. However, the monster could not be bothered about its wounds right now. All it could do was to run as fast as it could.

Meanwhile, the human-form monster behind it was getting closer and closer.

300 meters!

200 meters!

100 meters!

50 meters…


As it was catching up to the sky dragon, Tyrant released a roar of excitement and accelerated. It extended its hand and grabbed the sky dragon's tail.

The sky dragon that was running for its life felt the great pulling force that came from its back and soon its feet were lifted from the floor before it was smashed hard on the ground.

With both of its hands, Tyrant lifted the sky dragon's body by grabbing its tail and smashing it on the ground hard. It repeated the same thing over and over again.

The gigantic sky dragon was like a giant hammer at the moment which was continuously being smashed by Tyrant.

Around ten minutes, Tyrant released its hands and tossed the body of the sky dragon on the ground.

This immortal-level rank-9 sky dragon seemed to have no intact bones left in its body while it was at its brink of death now. It seemed like it would die any second.

Tyrant leaped onto its stomach and stomped towards its head.

However, a bloody glow came out of Tyrant's body at that moment and pierced through the sky dragon's eyes. In the next second, the gigantic monster lost its pulse completely.

"Hey, you didn't put any effort this time. Also, how dare you take the head from me?" Tyrant frowned as it looked at the sky dragon's head and shouted.

"Don't be selfish, big guy. All of the prey will be yours after I elevate to immortal-level rank-9," A tiny brain came out of the sky dragon's nostril. It was just the size of an adult's thumb. There was a layer of semi-transparent mucus covering it. "Look at this. The fella has quite a big brain. I can give you some. Do you want to eat it?"

"No," Tyrant declined right away, "I'll help you elevate to immortal-level rank-8 and you'll help me back. Then, I'll help you boost yourself to immortal-level rank-9 after that. But you must help me to get to immortal-level rank-9 later on. If you disagree with that, we'll just part ways now."

"Deal!" The Eclipse Boa agreed to that immediately. "This sky dragon's brain is much juicier than those before it. Are you sure you don't want any?"

"No. Finish it now so that we can proceed on our journey." Tyrant declined again.

"We fight! We fight for a head and we got a dumb dragon. We smash! We smash its head open and indulge in a fresh dragon's brain…" 1 A tune was sung from where the sky dragon's head was after a short moment of silence.

"Shut up!"

"Hehe, it tastes good!"

On a cliff, there was a gigantic dark gray bird with golden patterns on it. It was looking at a swamp not far beneath it.

"I see the prey that Bloody mentioned."

"You've such great eyes. I've looked around three times and saw nothing but some mosquitoes." Thick white mist flowed continuously from the Sanguine Overlord's white flaming eyes on his skull. He had a crown on his head and a red robe around on his body. "How does the monster look like?"

"It should be a Champsosaurus-type of sky dragon. It's pretty big — at least 30 meters long, but it has a great disguise whereby it almost blends with the swap completely. It makes sense that you can't see it." Thunder's eyes did not leave the swamp when it was speaking. "The swamp's its home ground. I think it'll take us a great effort to kill it."

"That's easy. We'll just have to make it our home ground," Bloody Robe snickered.

"How do we do that?" Thunder turned around to look at Bloody Robe.

"I'll turn this swamp into lava." Bloody Robe turned his head too and locked eyes with Thunder.

"Alright, let's use your method to get it out."

"Wait, we must make it clear before we do it. Whose will this prey belong to later?" Bloody Robe seized the opportunity to ask.

"It'll be yours, okay?" Thunder was quick to respond. "You'll do the last hit, I won't do it."

"Deal!" As soon as the both of them came to a consensus, they then attacked the monster below.

Dark red lava emerged from the underground and drowned the entire swamp in an instant.

The prey had finally shown itself. It was a giant Champsosaurus close to 50 meters long.

It climbed out of the lava while roaring. Then, it looked at the two culprits after lifting its head. It bellowed in rage, "Who is your master? Don't you know the rules?"

"In fact, we don't actually know." Dark clouds were formed in the sky as soon as Thunder said that. A purple lightning bolt flashed through the night sky and struck the Champsosaurus's body accurately.

"How dare the both of you attack me? Do you know that my boss is Master Ku Long?!" Not sure if enraged or if it was the lighting's doing, the Champsosaurus was shaking as it was speaking.

As soon as it spoke, another purple lighting bolt struck followed by the second one and the third one...

Lightning was striking one after another. Not only did the Champsosaurus not have the opportunity to fight it, but Thunder also did not even give it the opportunity to speak.

"I... want... to see your... master..." The Champsosaurus expressed what it wanted while being interrupted.

"You'll definitely see him, but that'll only happen after you're dead." Thunder did not stop its attack.

"This fella has such thick skin. It feels like your attacks are just numbing it temporarily while no physical damages are done at all," Bloody Robe who was aside said while stroking his chin, "Let me help you."

Bloody Robe extended his hand and a couple of flaming chains materialized out of thin air.

The Champsosaurus that was numbed by the lightning strikes had a drastic change of expression seeing that. It tried its very best to dodge, but only managed to move ten meters away before Bloody Robe's Punishment Chains bonded it tightly. Its Life Power retreated back into its body while it felt a clear gush of weakness spread all over its body.

Another lightning struck in the next second.

"Ahh!!!" A burn that it had never experienced before shocked it, causing the Champsosaurus to release a devastating wail.

"Bondage, electric shock and devastating wail… What a perfection combination!" There was joy in Bloody Robe's voice. "It'd be even more perfect if there are some tentacles. Hmm, I'll replace the lava with that…"

In the next second, the ground beneath the Champsosaurus turned into lava instantly.

Mạny lava tentacles clung onto its body and went into its eyes, nose, and mouth like they would not let go of any holes there were on its body...

Under the duo's attacks in the condition of Life Power being sealed, it only managed to hold on to dear life for less than five minutes before it was killed on the spot despite its powerful body defenses.

"It hasn't even been five minutes. How pathetically weak! What kind of male animal is this that it can't be even challenged for half an hour?" Bloody Robe clearly wanted more fun.

"Let's go for the next one." Thunder flapped its wings and lifted into the air.

Bloody Robe flew immediately and caught up with Thunder. "Hey, Thunder, I just thought of a new way to play. Put your lightning onto my lava tentacles and let's see what's the effect of electrical tentacles…"

"I disagree!" Thunder who was flying ahead declined determinedly before Bloody Robe could finish what he was saying. Author's note: Please sing this in the tune of 找朋友(a classic Chinese children's song).


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