Monster Paradise
823 One-Month Junk Food Reward
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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823 One-Month Junk Food Reward

After the conversation with the stone, Lin Huang felt a stronger sense of danger and he was eager to achieve an upgrade in his combat strength

After integrating the two God's Figurines into two different Life Wheels, it took Lin Huang a whole day to completely refine the figurines.

"I've finally managed to get to immortal-level rank-3." Lin Huang, who was in the meadow, slowly opened his eyes. He could clearly distinguish that there was an advancement in his combat strength. "It seems like my combat strength can be quickly upgraded as long as I have enough God's Figurines. I can even level up to immortal-level rank-9!"

After confirming that, Lin Huang knew that before getting to imperial-level, his main task would be to collect the God's Figurines!

In fact, he was already doing that now.

He had contacted the black market earlier to ask about the God's Figurine. He asked Yi Zheng to contact him as well if there was any information from the Union Government.

However, as for the secret of the God's Figurine, he had had a question in mind while he fought the skinless monster earlier. However, he had forgotten about it because he had been really busy these days.

"Stone tablet, you told me earlier that the God's Figurine can be activated as long as it possesses divinity. For example, if a demigod-level possesses divinity in his body, he'll be able to activate a God's Figurine. The skinless monster which I encountered earlier was just an imperial-level. How could it have activated the God's Figurine as well?"

"Because it's not just an abyssal monster, but also a god's blood monster. It possesses god's blood in its body. Under normal circumstances, possessing god's blood alone can't activate the God's Figurine. However, it seems to have some sort of secret skills whereby the divinity of the god's blood was activated. That's how it managed to activate two God's Figurines. If I'm not mistaken, the skill must've been taught by the God's Master it mentioned. It makes sense for the True God-level to own such a skill," the stone tablet explained.

"It means that most of the time, other than those who are on demigod-level and me, it's useless for the rest to own a God's Figurine," Lin Huang sought confirmation.

"In fact, that's what normally happens," the stone tablet continued, "However, I realized that most of the demigods don't know that the God's Figurine can actually be integrated with a combat soul. Therefore, not many people collect the God's Figurine like you do."

"The Union Government must've known something about it. Otherwise, they wouldn't have blocked all relevant news about the God's Figurine on the Heart Network. I'm not sure about the other organizations though." Lin Huang was slightly relieved. "That's good news for me. The lesser the number of people who know this, the better it is. I'll have lesser opponents and collecting the God's Figurine will be way easier."

After resolving his doubts, Lin Huang then left Kylie's mini world.

By the time he returned from Kylie's mini world to the deserted city, it was about six o'clock in the evening. The sky was turning dark.

Under the lights along the street, a faint white glow was emitted and the area was brightly lit.

There was the scent of food in the air. It was time for dinner.

There were two boys chasing after each other, laughing and having fun as they ran down the street.

Lin Huang had an illusion as if he had gone back to Earth when he saw this.

"Everything will be destroyed if it's invaded by the higher world…" Lin Huang clenched his fists tightly.

Walking halfway down the street, he flew up into the sky, transforming into a meteorite and headed to the second layer of the Abyss Brink.

When he arrived at the entrance, he did not stop at all and went straight into it.

The timezone at the second layer of the Abyss Brink was the same as the outside world. The sky had also turned dark.

Lin Huang gradually landed on the ground and summoned Bloody.

"Bloody, please check the distribution of monsters. You may then parasitize some of the monsters in different areas. Let's see if there's anything odd." After instructing Bloody, Lin Huang summoned the rest of the monster cards: Bai, Tyrant, Lancelot, Kylie, Ghastly, Thunder, the Sanguine Overlord, the Malachian Fiend, the Imp, the Eclipse Boa, the Death Knight, the Fallen Knight, and two Dark Crescent Snakes.

Similar to Bloody, after Lin Huang leveled up to immortal-level rank-3, the 14 monsters cards were upgraded to immortal-level rank-7 as well. Lin Huang did not summon Charcoal because its combat strength was already on immortal-level rank-9.

"You are now currently on immortal-level rank-7. However, the maximum combat strength you can actually achieve is immortal-level rank-9. Therefore, in the next few days, form a team of two and kill the abyssal monsters so that you can level up to immortal-level rank-9."

Lin Huang issued this instruction because most of the immortal-level monsters would occupy the entire region on their own. They would rarely come in a group. Without a doubt, allowing the monster cards to kill separately would definitely increase their efficiency instead of killing as a group.

"Bloody will send all the dead bodies to me and it'll take care of it. The only thing that you need to do is to hunt for monsters so that your combat strength can be upgraded.

"I'll now divide all of you into different groups. Bai teams up with Ghastly, Tyrant teams up with the Eclipse Boa, Thunder teams up with the Sanguine Overlord, the Malachian Fiend teams up with the Inferior Imp, and the Death Knight teams up with Dark Crescent Snakes. Lancelot and Kylie can fight on their own because they have the sword servants and Starlight Beasts to back them up."

The 14 monsters were divided into eight groups.

"Bloody, you're in charge of contacting them. You need to provide them with various information as well as the hunting paths and plans."

"It's now free and easy time, but there are three rules that you must obey. First of all, don't stray from the hunting path given by Bloody. Otherwise, you'll probably encounter imperial-level monsters or humans.

"Secondly, don't ever fight humans unless you're forced to do so. If you ever attempt to provoke humans or kill them, you'll be sealed and be stuck in your card form forever. I'll never summon you." As Lin Huang said that, he glanced at the Supreme Overlord.

"Thirdly, try not to fight the imperial-level monsters. Most of them have gone through their third mutation as you have. Even if your combat strength is on immortal-level rank-9, it's still risky to kill them. Also, it's a waste of time and strength.

"Lastly, let's talk about the rewards. You'll be given one month of junk food as a reward if you manage to complete the upgrade within three days. You can exchange it for other items if you don't want junk food. As long as it's a reasonable request, I'll try my best to satisfy you."

Everyone was excited to give it a try when they heard this.

Even Bai, who used to be calm, was about to act immediately.

Although the Supreme Overlord looked like it was not interested in it at all, its eyes flashed with a trace of uncertainty.

Seeing everyone being so exhilarated, Lin Huang knew that his trick had worked.

Despite the monster cards being unable to go against his instructions, he still wanted them to complete the task willingly as this would obviously increase their efficiency.

"That's all. Bloody will contact you afterward. You can now spread out according to your groups."

After Lin Huang had given his orders, the eight teams then chose a direction and left.

Bloody asked him after Bai and the rest had left, "Master, the rewards that you just mentioned…"

"The task assigned to you is much more important than the rest. You'll be rewarded without any upgrade in combat strength." Lin Huang patted Bloody's head.


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