Monster Paradise
822 The Truth About the Crack
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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822 The Truth About the Crack

After obtaining the 23 God Crashers, Lin Huang had finally accomplished his ultimate goal of going to Wanbao City this time.

The items that were auctioned later were some contrabands which sale was prohibited by the Union Government. Nevertheless, Lin Huang and Yi Zheng had little interest in those items.

The third day of the auction had finally come to an end when it was almost 12.30 a.m.

The staff arranged for Lin Huang and the rest to remove their masks and cloaks respectively. Then, they were transported back to Wanbao City.

The Wanbao Auction managed the underground auction in complete confidentiality. The communication and positioning system on everyone's Emperor's Heart Ring were locked, so none of the guests knew where it took place.

Although Wanbao Auction clearly had the Union Government supporting them and sleeper agents, they were cautious and prudent in managing the auction to eliminate the possibility of being held ransom.

"They're worthy of being the top ten in Division 3. The way they handle things is extraordinary." Even Lin Huang admired their efforts on confidentiality.

The night passed by peacefully. What Lin Huang was unaware about was that the imperial-level powerhouses in Wanbao City had been looking for the killer who destroyed the monster which invaded the city.

However, that had nothing to do with him since he was ready to leave.

Lin Huang said goodbye to Yi Zheng when they were having breakfast early in the morning.

"I've sent you all the detailed documents on the segregation of Division 3's organizations. You must be extra cautious when you get into the territory of underground organizations. Never underestimate those fellas whose combat strength are lower than yours. It's messy in there and they can do anything to achieve what they want. Even a person on holy fire-level could possibly plot against you. You must watch out for that…"

"You told me that you'd leave after the auction ended. I thought you'd stay for at least another one or two days. I didn't expect you to leave so soon," Yi Zheng said while shaking his head with a smile.

"I came to Wanbao City to purchase God Crashers. Since I've gotten them, why should I continue staying here?" Lin Huang shoved half a fried egg into his mouth.

"So, where are you heading to next? Mind sharing?" Yin Zheng asked rather curiously.

"I'll drop by the Abyss Brink. There's something that I need to handle there."

"The Abyss Brink…" Yi Zheng's pupils shrunk when he heard that name.

The Abyss Brink was ranked the No. 2 forbidden land in the entire continent. There were a massive amount of immortal-level monsters wandering on each level. It was not exactly safe even for an immortal-level powerhouse.

Yi Zheng had some goosebumps just from hearing the name. He did not ask any further.

"You already have ancient relic-level equipment now but have as many life-saving measures as you can on stand-by. Borrow Life Crystals from me if you don't have enough. Don't be embarrassed to do so. Please contact me if you get yourself into unsolvable troubles. You have my number. Don't be embarrassed to ask. Your reputation isn't as important as your life," Lin Huang advised.

"Alright." Yi Zheng looked helpless. Although he was the senior between the both of them age-wise, Lin Huang was advising him instead.

"There's something that I almost forgot to tell you." Lin Huang recalled suddenly. "I've sent you the Genius Union invitation code earlier. Take some time to sign up. There might be a virtual assessment by then, and you should be able to pass it with your abilities as long as you roughly prepare yourself."

"Genius Union?!" Naturally, Yi Zheng had heard of the organization. He was a little dumbstruck hearing Lin Huang talking about it so casually.

"Yes, sign up and familiarize yourself. I can be your referrer to the Heaven Alliance if you want to join the genius organization by then."

Yi Zheng had no idea what the Heaven Alliance was. Only people in the internal management of Genius Union or those in the higher management of major organizations knew the names of Genius Union's internal organizations. Yi Zheng's eyeballs might fall out now if he found out that the Heaven Alliance was the No. 1 organization in the Genius Union.

Lin Huang got the idea of getting Yi Zheng and the rest to join the Genius Union in order to obtain more resources after seeing the latter purchasing equipment at the auction. He had always thought since Yi Zheng came from a rich family, his family should not lack cultivation resources.

It was past eight in the morning when they were done with breakfast. They walked to the hotel lobby as they chatted.

Yi Zheng then sent Lin Huang to the hotel entrance after he checked out of his room.

"Please don't die. Your sister's waiting for you to go home," Lin Huang said while smiling and waving after summoning a Dimensional Portal.

"Same to you."

Lin Huang stepped into the Dimensional Portal and vanished after the portal was shut.

Seeing the Dimensional Portal disappear, Yi Zheng then turned around slowly while a faint smile appeared at the edge of his lips. "I can't believe this kid who wasn't even on iron-level has grown to what he is now in a short two years. I really won't be able to catch up with him if I don't work harder."

In a deserted city in a Grade-B foothold near the second layer of the Abyss Brink, a white Dimensional Portal slowly opened in a residential alley. A young man walked out of it.

The young man mumbled softly after putting the Dimensional Portal away, "There's no need to stay in a hotel this time. I'll just go straight to the second layer of the Abyss Brink after I refine the two God Figurines."

"Kylie, bring me to your mini world." A lady in black armor appeared following his soft mumbling.

She grabbed the young man's wrist and both of them disappeared in the next second.

Lin Huang sat in a meadow after entering Kylie's mini world. He then took out the two God Figurines that he had obtained after killing the skinless monster.

One of them was a feline with a grimacing skull face. Its body was slender while it was covered in leopard fur. It looked like a specimen that was made of a tiny feline's carcass.

Another one was a hooved monster with the head of a snake. It had black armor covering its entire body like a sculpture made of black metal.

"The Grimace Feline Demon and the Snake Ungulate are combat-type of protosses. When they were alive they were True Gods which combat strength was on the medium-rank True God-level." The stone tablet's voice came out of nowhere.

"Is it weaker than the Petal Devil that I obtained earlier?" Lin Huang remembered the stone tablet had mentioned before that the Petal Devil was a high-rank True God-level.

"You can't compare them like that. That's just the difference in combat strength. The Petal Devil's still more powerful than both of them in terms of combat strength. After all, the Petal Devil isn't a combat-type protoss," the stone tablet explained.

"So, what kind of combat souls are these two suitable to visualize?"

"The Grimace Feline Demon's most suitable visualization is a Ninetails Lynx while the Snake Ungulate should visualize the Destructive Divine Mammoth," the stone tablet proceeded. "The Ninetails Lynx is the most energetic monster in the True Spirit Encyclopedia. It's said that a peak-level Ninetails Lynx has the ability to control space whereby it can traverse the world as it wishes. Meanwhile, the Destructive Divine Mammoth is a monster of strength. It's definitely worthy of being ranked in the top ten among the strength-type of living forms. I heard the most powerful one has the ability to crash the galaxy, suppressing the other side of the world."

Lin Huang was lost just by listening to that. He only grumbled to himself after a while, "The more I listen, the more I think that this True Spirit Encyclopedia's fabricated by some novel author. It's either traversing or crashing the galaxy…"

The stone tablet heard what he said and refuted, "What does a kid like you know? You'd know that those descriptions of creatures whose power surpasses True God are valid as soon as you witness it."

It seemed to recall something suddenly, then it rhetorically said, "What do you think caused that massive crack next to this foothold? It's a crack in the world that was created as a result of the fight between True God-level powerhouses."

"Do you mean the Abyss Brink…" Lin Huang seemed to have heard an earth-shattering secret.

"Also, that ocean named the Peaceful Ocean or something… Wasn't it caused by the collapsing of continents due to the fight between True God-level powerhouses too?" The stone tablet revealed another shocking news.

"Hmm, are you sure those are done by humans?" Lin Huang was in disbelief.

"Well, do you think it's by natural causes?" If the stone tablet had eyes, Lin Huang was sure that it had to be rolling its eyes at him when he said that.

"Alright then…" Lin Huang felt his world perspective being reconstructed.

If what the stone tablet said was true about the True God-level powerhouses being able to cause such damage to the continent, it was possible for those powerhouses above True God-level to crash the galaxy.

"What's exactly behind the crack in the Abyss Brink? Do you know?" Lin Huang asked in a testing manner. He was not sure if he could get a direct answer from the stone tablet.

"Such a crack in the world could lead to anywhere. If one's lucky for it to lead to a gravel world of the same level, the abilities of the living forms should be similar to what you have here. A world war is the worst that could happen. If one's unlucky whereby the crack connects to a higher world, a world invasion would take place even if it's just a small world as long as it has a complete set of rules and regulations of its own. That would happen because to the higher world, your gravel world's just a subsidiary space. Put simply, your world's just a model or a test run in a game for one to brush up their experience by playing it."

The stone tablet's words sent chills down Lin Huang's spine.

From the conversation he had with the True God Wu Mo from the tribe, Lin Huang knew that the reason the ancient era had perished was due to the complete opening of the crack in the Abyss Brink. It had led to an insane amount of powerhouses from the outside world carrying out a massacre. Wu Mo even speculated that the ending of each era of the continent was caused by the same thing.

"If what you said is true, the latter might possibly be what happened to our continent," he said, feeling helpless although he was unwilling to admit it.


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