Monster Paradise
821 Auctioning the God Crasher
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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821 Auctioning the God Crasher

Time flew by and it was soon the third day of the underground auction.

Lin Huang saw many genetical products on the first two days.

Apart from artificial men and mutants, there were many genetically modified monsters that did not exist in the monster encyclopedia.

It reminded him of the Scarborough Workshop.

He clearly remembered that there were many similar monsters on the Enigma Island created by the people from the Scarborough Workshop.

"It seems like the supply to the Wanbao Auction might be coming from the Scarborough Workshop. They might even have more collaboration. After all, organizations such as the Scarborough Workshop would need massive financial backing to run studies like these." The name Leib Lab flashed through Lin Huang's mind. Since it was an organization that originated from the Scarborough Workshop, it might be working on studies on a similar track. However, Lin Huang could not be sure of that since he did not know much about it.

His mind wandered off as he sat on his seat at the auction until the appearance of the God Crashers on the auction stage.

"The eighth collection today is something that many have been waiting for…"

Thick black barrels were revealed as the red cloths were lifted. The muzzles pointed at the audience's direction, causing many to exclaim out loud.

"These are 28th generation God Crashers that the Union Government's military has eliminated. There are a total of 30 of them. They've been left alone in the warehouse ever since they were produced and have never been used before.

"Perhaps some of you aren't aware of what the 28th generation God Crasher is. Let me take some time to explain this.

"The 28th generation God Crasher ranks second in power among all God Crashers. It's ranked right behind the 3rd generation God Crasher. However, the flaw of the 3rd generation God Crasher is very obvious. Some of you might have heard that although it's powerful, it can only be used for ten times. It's completely worthless after ten times.

"Meanwhile, the 28th generation God Crasher is the improved version of the 3rd generation God Crasher. Its power is equivalent to 82% of the latter which is enough to cripple an imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse. Moreover, its effect will last more than 60 times. Experienced Gunmasters can even use it for 100 times…"

A lot of them who were proficient in guns and firearms realized that the rabbit-eared auctioneer was actually mixing up the concepts on purpose. The 28th generation God Crasher was only effective for 30 uses whereby the muzzle would begin to deform after that. Naturally, the data was the result of test after test in which the God Crasher was not maintained at all during the process.

Meanwhile, Gunmasters would usually maintain the muzzle, so it would basically only begin to deform when it was used for more than 60 times.

On a certain level, Lin Huang was not considered a certified Gunmaster, so he was usually rough when he used God Crashers. Taking time to maintain them? He would rather spend the time practicing his sword skills. However, the precise 30 uses of the 28th generation God Crasher was enough for him.

The auctioneer was intentionally mixing up the concepts to confuse those who knew nothing about God Crashers.

After some introduction, the auctioneer finally named the starting price.

"The starting bid of the 30 God Crashers are the same which is 150 million Life Crystals! Each bid has to be an increment of at least five million Life Crystals. Now, let's begin the bidding of the first God Crasher!"

"200 million!" Someone in the audience named his bid as soon as the auctioneer was done speaking.

The person who bid was even faster than Lin Huang.

Lin Huang raised his eyebrow under his mask and spoke directly before the second person could bid, "250 million!"

As soon as the bid was out, nobody in the crowd made a sound.

Most of the wise buyers knew very well that the 28th generation God Crashers were auctioned at 230 million on average. Any price higher than that was not worth it.

Furthermore, there would be 29 more later. It was unnecessary to fight with Lin Huang at 250 million.

"250 million, going once!

"250 million, going twice!

"If nobody is bidding at a higher price, our first God Crasher will go to this man in the silver mask.

"250 million going, thrice! Sold!

"Now, let's begin the bidding of the second God Crasher…"

"240 million!" Lin Huang was the first one who bid.

Bunny Ears attempted to pique the interest of the others, but nobody was willing to bid at a higher price.

"240 million, sold!" The second God Crasher became Lin Huang's too.

"230 million!" This time it was not Lin Huang who called out the price.

However, Lin Huang's voice followed. "240 million!"

He purchased the third God Crasher.

"Now, let's begin the bidding for the fourth…"

"240 million!" Again, Lin Huang was not the first one who called out the price.

"250 million!" Lin Huang was the second to call out the price again. He purchased the fourth God Crasher.

"Now, let's begin the bidding for the fifth…"

"250 million!" It was not Lin Huang who called out the price first.

"255 million!" This time, Lin Huang only added five million. He purchased the fifth God Crasher.

The bunny-eared auctioneer was a little speechless. The starting bid of the God Crasher was only 150 million, but it rose above 250 million because of Lin Huang which blew the other buyer's desire to bid.

Lin Huang purchased ten God Crashers at a price of around 250 million each with the same method. Finally, somebody could not help but challenge Lin Huang when it came to bidding for the eleventh one.

The both of them competed until the bid went all the way to 350 million. Finally, the person gave up and let Lin Huang win the God Crasher.

The rest turned solemn after finding out that Lin Huang's base price had exceeded 350 million.

He then proceeded to purchase the remaining God Crashers at around 250 million each. Almost nobody competed with him.

When they were auctioning the last few God Crashers off, the participants could not tolerate Lin Huang for dominating the auction, so they began to bid too.

The 21st God Crasher was sold at a high price of 410 million. Finally, Lin Huang was not the buyer this time.

However, he was a troublemaker in the coming auction whereby he kept bidding and raising most of the God Crashers' price to over 400 million.

Meanwhile, he purchased two more God Crashers at 390 million and one more at 400 million.

The bidding of the last three God Crashers was intense. They were sold at 490 million, 530 million, and 610 million respectively.

Since Lin Huang purchased 23 God Crashers, he became the biggest winner and was resented by the participants at the auction.

"Aren't you afraid that you'd be targeted for buying so many God Crashers yourself?" Yi Zheng teased.

"They don't know who I am anyway," Lin Huang said like he did not care, "These are trump cards to save my life. Of course, the more the better. I just don't want people to think that I'm an idiot who splurges, or else I wouldn't have let go of any of the 30 God Crashers."

He knew very well that the other buyers would definitely raise his price if he was determined to purchase every single God Crasher available at the auction. By then, 600 million aside, he might not even be able to purchase them at six billion. Therefore, he made up his mind to stop bidding after purchasing 20 God Crashers. The three that he purchased later was actually a bonus to him.


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