Monster Paradise
820 Mutan
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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820 Mutan

Each and every artificial man was different. The auctioneer only gave a simple description like a summary about them due to the time constraint at the auction.

At the same time, the organizing team projected the detailed information of each of the artificial men on the screen behind the auction stage.

From the projected information, it was clear that these artificial men were very different from one another.

Some of them were proficient in either Sword Dao, Saber Dao, close-distance combat or telekinesis.

"They have an ability on par with a double mutated monster and come with five skills. They're similar to customized summoning beasts in the form of humans and their price is equivalent to purchasing an immortal-level rank-9 summoning beast."' Lin Huang raised his eyebrow after reading the details. "But coupled with the fact that obtaining new skills from learning makes them more powerful than summoning beasts, I just can't understand why their price is higher than summoning beasts."

Lin Huang was not exactly interested in artificial men like those. He already had more than ten summoning beasts which talents were more powerful, so it was unnecessary for him to purchase such artificial men. Moreover, such living creatures could not be made into cards directly like how he could with Bai and the rest. He would not mind purchasing one if they could be made into cards so that he could train them bit by bit.

However, Lin Huang had no idea if artificial men were classified as humans or monsters. If they were humans, there would be no Monster Card given when they were killed. The most one could get was Skill Cards. If they were monsters, the chances of getting Monster Cards were slim even if all 20 of them on the stage were killed.

Lin Huang decided not to participate in the auction after giving it some thought.

"Lend me some Life Crystals if I don't have enough later," Yi Zheng who was sitting beside him said through Voice Transmission suddenly.

"Sure." Lin Huang nodded directly. He did not lack money and he was not afraid that Yi Zheng would not return the money.

The artificial men were sold one after another on the auction stage.

Yi Zheng, who sat next to Lin Huang, suddenly called his bid when they were auctioning the sixth artificial man.

"150 million!" Lin Huang was stunned to hear his price and turned to ask, "What do you want to do with this thing?"

"I want the military to study them," Yi Zheng replied through Voice Transmission, "If possible, I'd like to purchase three of them: a spear cultivator, a sword cultivator and one that's proficient in close-range combat."

"Sure, let me know if you're out of Life Crystals." Lin Huang nodded.

Yi Zheng had grown up in a military family and he actually had a job in the military. However, it was just a cinch whereby he had little power in his position.

The objective of him going to Division 3 to train was mainly for him to add colors to his experience. Just like those who were studying their Ph.D. on Earth, many of them were required to study abroad.

Although Yi Zheng's direction of development in the military had nothing to do with research, it would be an achievement for him to bring the artificial men back. Furthermore, the military would definitely reimburse his spending.

After intense bidding, Yi Zheng managed to purchase the sword cultivator at 270 million.

Later on, he purchased a spear cultivator at 230 million and a close-range combat cultivator at 240 million.

The man in red mask right behind Lin Huang and Yi Zheng could not help but mumble out loud, "I wonder what's he going to do with so many male artificial men given that all of the ones he purchased are strong." He was judging Yi Zheng beneath his mask.

"I'd like to purchase an artificial female, but the thing is, there isn't any…" Yi Zheng forced a smile while shrugging helplessly.

Most of the other bidders only purchased one while a minority of them purchased two. Yi Zheng had purchased the most and he happened to purchase the three strongest ones. However, he was analyzing the three artificial men's abilities and the fact that they possessed the skills and test reports from the factory. He did not notice how the artificial men looked like at all.

In reality, just like the man in the red mask, most of them were hoping to see the female version after seeing this batch of artificial men. However, the auctioneer revealed they had yet to perfect the manufacturing technique of the artificial females, so none were produced this time. It might be next year if the technical issues were solved.

Soon, the 20 artificial men were all sold out. Bunny Ears then presented the second collection.

The staff brought ten cabinets that were around two meters high onto the auction stage.

Ten metal cages were revealed when the red cloths were lifted. There was a lady in each cage. They were naked and seemed no different from humans, just that their breasts were much larger than ordinary ladies'.

"Busty women…" Lin Huang frowned. It was not his first time seeing busty women being auctioned. He had seen them once when he went to the Mystery Auction with Leng Yue Xin in the past.

Busty women were not human; they were mutants produced by human and busty monsters.

However, these mutants almost went extinct 800 years ago. It was impossible for ten of them to exist even if they were the Descendants of the Sin.

Clearly, these ten busty women were created through genetic modification elixir made of living female bodies through genetical technique. One wondered how many women died from the modification process for them to come up with ten end products.

"This Wanbao Auction must be related to the Mystery Auction." Lin Huang had not thought of that earlier when the artificial men were auctioned. Now that he saw these busty women, he figured that these two auctions must have the same supplier or may even be run by the same person.

Soon, the busty women created an outburst that was even bigger than before.

It was clear that Wanbao Auction had arranged that on purpose. They auctioned male artificial men first to gauge the crowd's anticipation of artificial females. Although there were no artificial females, they could get many busty women.

Although he pitied these women, Lin Huang did not participate in the bidding while next to him, Yi Zheng did not bid since his last purchase.

The reason being that it was redundant for him to purchase them. As long as there was no end to the production of such mutants, there would be more busty women and other mutants sold at various auctions.

As he thought of the mutant's situation, Lin Huang could not help but think of Xiao Mo who he met at the Purple Crow training camp. The kid was a mutant too.

Although he seemed like a human on the surface, there was a Descendants of the Sin's mark on his body. It was a mark of shame for him that would follow him for the rest of his life.

"I wonder how's that kid Xiao Mo now…"

Soon, the ten busty women were sold out in the heat of the crowd's enthusiasm

The third item was a batch of combat-type mutants.

Lin Huang was in deep thought when he saw the third batch of items.

"There must be an organization that does genetic modification exclusively behind this Wanbao Auction which captures humans illegally and creates these mutants in mass production. These artificial men might even be related to the organization. They dare to do this in the ruling area of the Union Government, so perhaps even the Union Government's internal department isn't that clean too."

Lin Huang thought of the bunch of demigods who had plotted to kill Mr. Fu as he thought about this. He was frowning even more now.

"They knew the catastrophe from the Abyss Brink is coming soon, but they're still thinking of ways to benefit themselves unscrupulously."


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