Monster Paradise
817 Memory Pieces
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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817 Memory Pieces

After Lin Huang had left for less than 10 minutes, two figures arrived at almost the same time at the battleground where Lin Huang and the skinless monster had fought.

They were an old man and a skinny man.

The elder was about 1.6 meters tall with white hair. However, what stood out was his pair of bright piercing eyes, carefully sizing up the surroundings.

The skinny man was about 1.8 meters tall and he looked like he was 30 years old. He had a gloomy expression. Nobody had offended him but he was born with that face.

"Didn't your disciple follow you?"

"He's over there. The vibrations of the battle ended just now. He's such a burden, that's why came over here first." The elder did not turn his head around and continued sizing up the surroundings.

Obviously, the two of them were very close to each other, so they did not need to be really polite when talking to each other.

"I think it's because he has just leveled up to imperial-level. That's when he likes to watch battles the most," the skinny man said.

"He just got to imperial-level and he thought he can go anywhere he wants. He has no idea how dangerous the world is and he'll have to bear the losses later on," the elder grumbled. He then changed the topic. "Let's not talk about him. What do you think about this battleground?"

"No dead bodies were discovered. Aside from the traces of the battle, only two pieces of flesh could be seen on the ground. I've no idea where they're from. We'll need a forensic expert to evaluate it. However, looking at the traces of the battle and the remaining energy, the situation should be almost the same as what we sensed when we were on our way here. There were five of them, two of whom were extremely strong. The last explosion was on par with a purple gold-rank's power. The other three should've been in a two versus one battle whereby their abilities were relatively weaker…"

"Yes, what you said is along the lines of my observation. Just as the energy fluctuation ended, the warning reported by the defense system was removed. The monster must've been killed and its dead body was probably brought away." The elder nodded his head.

"We can't eliminate the possibility that the hunter might've been killed and the monster has won the fight either. Since the monster was capable of sneaking into the foothold, it means it has the ability to get rid of the defense system. It's possible for it to do the same thing again."

"That could be true but that's less likely to happen. I'm more inclined to another possibility whereby the monster was killed. If what you said is true, it's not difficult for us to ask around whether there's a missing person on yellow gold-rank but possesses purple gold-rank abilities."

While both of them were chatting, the rest of the imperial-levels arrived one after another.

After the defense system had removed the warning alert, they no longer needed to go there. However, almost everybody decided to go as they wanted to see the battle of the purple gold-rank.

Some of them hoped that the hunter had not left yet as they wanted to know him.

While everybody was still searching for clues, Lin Huang had already gone back to his hotel room.

After recalling Charcoal back into its card form, Yi Zheng was released from Kylie's mini world.

Just as Yi Zheng got out of her mini world, he saw that there were blood stains all over Lin Huang's body.

"Are you okay?"

"I'm fine." Lin Huang smiled, shaking his head.

He was injured but thanks to his Divine Regeneration, he quickly healed. Only blood stains remained on his clothes.

"Where's the imperial-level? Did he chase after us? He knows that we're staying here." Yi Zheng thought that Lin Huang had escaped from the imperial-level and that it was not safe to be in the hotel room.

"Don't worry. He's dead."

"He's dead?" Yi Zheng was startled. He then looked at Lin Huang with an incredulous expression.

"Yes. He's really strong. I've almost used up all my trump cards to kill it." Lin Huang briefly told him what had happened and was not going to explain any further. He did not want to tell Yi Zheng that the imperial-level was actually not a human but a yellow gold-rank monster instead. He was not trying to hide his abilities but it would take him a lot of effort to explain himself.

When he heard this, Yi Zheng knew that he should not ask any further. Since it involved Lin Huang's trump cards, even though they were friends who trusted each other, he did not need to know about it.

He then recalled the independent dimension where Kylie had brought him to. He gave up his intention of asking any further.

"Are you sure you're okay?"

However, he was still worried about whether Lin Huang's body was fine. The bloodstains looked like it was not an ordinary wound. In fact, he was injured because he had saved his life.

"Look at me."

Seeing that Yi Zheng was still worried about him, Lin Huang sighed, taking off his clothes and revealing his upper body. There were muscles rippling across his body but no scars could be found.

"I have a secret skill that can heal my body. As long as I have sufficient Life Power in my body, I can recover regardless of how serious the wound is."

"Don't worry that your combat strength is now sealed. The person who sealed your combat strength has died. Perhaps in less than an hour, the seal in your body will be destroyed and your combat strength will be restored. There's an underground auction tomorrow. Go back to your room and rest well."

After sending Yi Zheng off, Lin Huang burnt the stained clothes and took a shower, cleaning all the blood on his body.

He took out the two palm-sized God's Figurines from the bathtub.

Most of the rewards were still in his opponent's Emperor's Heart Ring. He was not going to take them out yet. After all, the most valuable items were the two God's Figurines.

One of them looked like a cat with a wry face. It had a slender body and there were cheetah stripes all over its fur.

Another one was a snake-headed hooved monster with black scales all over its body, resembling a statue made of black metal.

Lin Huang had never seen the two monsters in the monster guide before.

If he managed to train the two God's Figurines, he could level up to immortal-level rank-3. However, he knew that it was not the time yet.

One of the reasons was that Yi Zheng was with him. It was difficult for him to explain to him how he managed to move up by two ranks in a day.

Another reason was that he knew that the people from the Wanbao Auction paid close attention to his identity. He would be in trouble if there was an upgrade in his combat strength.

Putting the two God's Figurines away, his body slowly submerged into the water. He closed his eyes, recalling the battle that had just happened.

Lin Huang had to do his homework this time.

Each time after experiencing an intense battle, he would recall the entire process of the battle, analyzing every detail. He had to figure out what he did wrong so that he could avoid making the same mistake the next time. Another thing he had to do was to analyze his opponent's strength and determine if there was anything he could learn from his opponent. Also, he would also think from a different perspective, reviewing the entire battle and thinking about whether there could have been a better solution.

Those scenes constantly ran through his mind…

Yi Zheng had been kidnapped. He had saved Yi Zheng and got engaged in an intense fight with the imperial-level. The monster then revealed its real body, offering a sacrifice to the God's Figurine combat souls and its Life Palace.

His brain played back all those scenes very quickly and he recalled all the details. He replayed them again and again.

"I actually had the chance to kill it when it revealed its real body before the appearance of the God's Figurine combat souls and the Life Palace. Before it offered the sacrifice to the Life Palace, I had a chance to kill it as well. I missed two chances…"

"The dragon flames with Charcoal was effective. I've defeated five of its combat souls."

"Nobody can withstand the attack by a demigod relic, not even a demigod. Its clone managed to block my attack as a result of the integration of the clone and the demigod-level. Such a secret skill must've been derived from the cloning skill. Luckily, I figured it out in time and knew that the demigod-level armor isn't on its body but on the clone's body instead. I eventually made the right decision, killing it with my clone."

"It was too risky to make such a decision. If I misjudged and its real body was wearing the demigod-level armor, I wouldn't have been able to kill it. The dimensional portal would've been destroyed and I'd have killed myself since the effect of the combat strength upgrade can only last for three seconds…"

Before he could finish analyzing everything, a few scenes suddenly flashed through his mind. He calmed himself down and began checking what they were. After a short while, he finally found out the sources of those scenes in his Life Lamp. "These are the memories of the skinless monster…"


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