Monster Paradise
814 The Imperial-Level Life Palace
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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814 The Imperial-Level Life Palace

Lin Huang had crashed into the skinless monster more than 10,000 times within five minutes.

The skinless monster appeared to be nervous as it knew very well that its aura had been discovered. The imperial-levels of Wanbao City would be there at any time.

He wanted to leave with the dimensional portal right after killing Lin Huang. However, he was unable to kill him now and was even bugged by him now. It was difficult for it to get rid of Lin Huang.

To its dismay, the two God's Figurine combat souls had to deal with Charcoal and were unable to help it.

As for its opponent Lin Huang, he only got stronger and stronger in the fight.

After leveling up to imperial-level, there was an increase in his abilities. Still, it was hard for him to get used to the new combat sword.

Soon, he adapted to the new combat sword after colliding with the skinless monster several times. He then had perfect control over his combat strength and Life Power.

Lin Huang noticed that the skinless monster was being impatient. Of course, he knew the reason behind that, so he grinned widely.

"Are you regretting that you didn't kill me before my combat strength was upgraded to imperial-level?"

The skinless monster remained quiet but secretly agreed with what Lin Huang had just said.

"Before upgrading my combat strength, you had the chance to run away. However, that opportunity is gone now.

"Most of the imperial-levels in Wanbao City have gathered at the center of the foothold. They're about 2,000 kilometers away. Your aura has been targeted by the defense system of the foothold. In less than half an hour, more than 80% of the imperial-levels will reach here.

"Five minutes have passed. I need to fight you for another 25 minutes and the reinforcements will arrive. White gold-ranks or even the purple gold-ranks might turn up. I personally think that you might be captured alive.

"Once you're captured alive, the people from the Union Government will start digging secrets from you. For example, they'll ask how you sneaked into the Grade-A foothold? Why do you want to collect the God's Figurine? Who's the God Master that you just mentioned? The answers to all these questions will soon be revealed…"

"Should I thank you for thinking from my point of view?" The skinless monster interrupted Lin Huang.

"I'm just telling the truth." Lin Huang shrugged his shoulders.

"If I'm not mistaken, the time limit for the upgrade in your combat strength should be stricter, shouldn't it? How long can it still last? Half an hour? 20 minutes? Or is it even shorter than that? You're telling me this because you hope that I can end the battle before the upgrade in your combat strength ends."

Lin Huang laughed and did not deny the skinless monster's speculation. "Do you think that you have any other choice? If you want to drag the battle on, I can do it with you. However, can you afford to do so?"

Again, the skinless monster remained quiet. He knew that that was part of Lin Huang's trick. However, he had no other choices because he really could not afford to let the battle drag on.

The reinforcements from Lin Huang's side could arrive at any time. The battle was now at a standstill. If the reinforcements arrived, even if there were only one or two of them, its chances of running away would be much lower.

The skinless monster soon made its decision after thinking thoroughly.

"Lin Xie, you've no idea what kind of monster you've offended," said the skinless monster in a low voice as it slowly raised its head. It placed its hand in front of its chest and mumbled.

Lin Huang found that it was strange as the skinless monster looked like it was mourning. A huge shadow soon appeared on top of its head.

He frowned as soon as he saw the shadow. It was a very huge altar made of countless white bones.

Lin Huang could see more than 10 types of skeletons. There were palms of giants, a dragonkin's spine, a wolf's fangs, and a god's blood skull…

There were nine dragon's teeth that were tens of meters long surrounding the altar.

A raised platform that was about three meters tall stood at the center of the altar. It was made of tens of skeletons of different sizes.

On top of it, there was a god's blood skull that looked similar to a human's skull. It was slightly bigger in size and was golden in color. It seemed like it was made of gold.

Lin Huang's face turned grave as he could recognize that it was the skinless monster's Life Palace at a first glance.

An imperial-level's Life Palace would usually be created in their body.

One might think of a palace when they came across the name of Life Palace. They might think that creating a Life Palace was like creating an actual palace in their body.

However, that was far from the truth. A real Life Palace could take any form. It could be a building, a mutated monster, or even a human. It could also be in the form of a weapon, armor, or a spaceship.

The form of a Life Palace would depend on its function.

The function of a Life Palace that resembled a weapon would be related to the increment in combat strength. For instance, it could be upgrading one's skill, attack power, or obtaining attack skills with immense power.

Most of them who majored in sword would choose a Life Palace like that as it was the simplest one.

The function of a monster-like Life Palace was basically related to the skill of the monster itself. Some of them would create a Life Palace of an undying monster. With the Life Palace they had, they could probably inherit the traits of the undying species so they could hardly be killed. Some of their Life Palaces would be in the form of a dragonkin whereby they could obtain dragon flames.

The most peculiar type of Life Palace was the prop type of Life Palace.

The owner of a Life Palace like that would obtain strange auxiliary abilities.

Lin Huang had heard from Mr. Fu before that a few of them possessed such a Life Palace.

Someone even had a Life Palace that looked like a clock. The ability of his Life Palace was to stop the time of the region covered by his Life Palace. Of course, it could last for only three seconds at the most.

Another person's Life Palace was a multi-faceted dice with a total of 160 numbers on the dice. The number obtained from the dice would be the number of times of increment in his attack with the highest being 160 times.

However, Lin Huang knew that the Life Palace could not be created based on one's preferences.

First of all, the form of a Life Palace depended on the Life Base of the imperial-level monster killed by an imperial-level.

Aside from that, it also depended on the skill level mastered by the person, their Elemental Enlightenment and many other aspects.

Thirdly, the Life Palace would be created randomly.

Even twins who had similar qualifications and had obtained similar Life Bases could have completely different Life Palaces formed.

The Life Palace could take any form on and would result in different effects.

Just like the altar of the skinless monster which was made of skeletons, Lin Huang had no idea what its function was.

The altar was then completely formed.

The skinless monster gradually raised its head, pointing its finger and slitting its left wrist.

Blood started oozing out of the wound on its wrist, flowing towards the altar like a river.

Soon, the blood flowed into the god's blood skull through its hollow eyes.

After a couple of moments, two beams of red lights flashed through the eyes of the god's blood skull at the center of the altar as if it had suddenly opened its eyes!


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