Monster Paradise
813 The Imperial-Level Versus the Imperial-Level
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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813 The Imperial-Level Versus the Imperial-Level

At the bottom of the pit, Lin Huang was quietly resting. There was a bowl-sized hole on the left side of his chest that penetrated all the way to the back of his chest. He had even lost his heart.

His breathing was extremely weak and his body was about to die. However, he still had his consciousness.

Flesh grew out of nowhere in his chest. In less than two seconds, a heart was quickly formed, connecting all the blood vessels. His body was then further healed.

Lin Huang's breathing slowly stabilized and he gradually opened his eyes. He then realized that he had almost died just now. However, his Divine Regeneration had saved him.

He could feel an immense pain throbbing from every part of his body, accompanied by numbness as if he had experienced an electric shock. Through his Territory skill, he could sense that the skinless monster had appeared on top of him. He wanted to get out of the pit, but he was unable to do so. Even moving his fingers was difficult for him.

Fortunately, Charcoal appeared and blocked the skinless monster's attack.

"The difference in ability is too large…" Lin Huang forced a wry smile.

The skinless monster managed to break the Dark Mirror with its claws. The remaining force even penetrated the Dark Mirror and struck its chest with ease, almost killing Charcoal.

"After returning to its real body, aside from its combat strength that's being upgraded to yellow gold-rank, even its strength and speed have changed," Lin Huang secretly analyzed the difference between them in his mind, "It seems like I need to upgrade my combat strength to imperial-level."

"Xiao Hei, if Charcoal's combat strength is advanced to immortal-level rank-9, which level can I upgrade my combat strength to?"

"Normally, your combat strength can be four ranks higher, bringing you to crimson gold-rank. However, there's a limit on your body. The maximum limit is only black gold-rank. Therefore, you can only reach the peak of black gold-rank."

"That should be enough. I'll use four Monster Upgrade Cards and upgrade Charcoal's real battle ability to immortal-level rank-9," Lin Huang instructed without a moment of hesitation.

"Consuming Monster Upgrade Card x4.

"Monster card used. Charcoal has obtained an upgrade in combat strength.

"Its new combat strength is Immortal-level rank-9!"

After Xiao Hei had finished its sentence, Lin Huang felt an immense strength gushing into his body.

There was an instant breakthrough in his combat strength, leveling him up from immortal-level rank-9 to imperial-level.

The aura of the black gold-rank that was released from his body grew stronger. It then stopped growing as it reached its peak and was about to get to the imperial-level. (The Knight skill is activated after the first ride on the summoned monster. The user does not need to be riding the summoned monster all the time.)

After attacking Charcoal, the skinless monster was about to instruct the two God's Figurine combat souls to capture Charcoal alive. It then sensed that Lin Huang's aura was growing drastically from the deep pit.

"Did he just level up to imperial-level?!" The skinless monster was shocked. Soon, it realized that Lin Huang's aura had stopped growing as it reached black gold-rank. Sarcastically, it said, "I might be afraid of you if you were to level up to crimson or yellow gold-rank. If you're just a black gold-rank, perhaps you can only stay alive for a little longer."

"Is that true? I think a black gold-rank is enough to kill you!" Lin Huang steadily rose from the deep pit, holding a golden ink sword in his hand. It was a demigod relic that he had just gotten from the Stairway Mall.

The sword name was Ba Huang and Lin Huang had exchanged 120 million points for the sword. It was an expert-grade demigod relic.

The skinless monster soon noticed the combat sword in Lin Huang's hand.

"It's an expert-grade demigod relic! Why do you have such an awesome weapon?" Greed filled the skinless monster's eyes.

Lin Huang stood up straight with his sword, pointing the tip of his sword towards the skinless monster.

The skinless monster opened its mouth wide and it disappeared abruptly from its original position.

On the other hand, Lin Huang's body transformed into a silhouette and gradually faded away.

In mid-air, the two figures crashed into each other again and again like lightning bolts.

Each collision resulted in an blast like a nuclear explosion. The ground that was thousands of meters away shook as if it was afraid of the collision between the both of them.

The vibrations even stirred up the atmosphere and radiated everywhere. The wind was blowing strongly along with howling in the air.

The ground that was hundreds of meters away from the two of them became flat. Even the grass could no longer be seen.

On the other hand, Charcoal continued to fight the two God's Figurine combat souls.

Charcoal had leveled up to black gold-rank and the combat strength of the two God's Figurine combat souls was affected by the skinless monster whereby they had leveled up to gold flame-level.

Basically, Charcoal was incapable of fighting the two God's Figurine combat souls. It was difficult for it to fight even one of them since there was a huge difference in combat strength.

However, it decided to fight in a nasty way by hiding behind the Dark Mirror all the while.

If the two God's Figurine combat souls happened to launch an attack, it would block the attacks with the Dark Mirror.

Since it could use all the skills possessed by Lin Huang, the effect of the skills would be exactly the same. That being said, despite Charcoal being the one who activated the Dark Mirror, the defensive effect would still be the same. The defensive power of the Dark Mirror was not 10 times of its maximum attack power but was that of Lin Huang's attack power instead.

Of course, the two God's Figurine combat souls would be unable to break through it. They hit it again and again, but they were reflected again and again.

Charcoal was secretly laughing behind the Dark Mirror. "Haha, it's such a magnificent skill to use."

Thousands of kilometers away, many imperial-levels were heading towards the battleground where Lin Huang was.

Many of them bumped into their friends and they headed towards the battleground together.

"You've just leveled up to black gold-rank. Why are you going over there? It's a yellow gold-rank monster!" An old man with a white beard who was about 1.6 meters tall frowned as he lectured a man who was at the age of 40 with a height of about two meters tall.

"I'm going over there for fun. I'm not going to fight." The middle-aged man scratched his head. He did not expect to bump into his teacher. "Sir, I thought you've gone to Division 1."

"I just came back two days ago." The old man took a glance at his disciple. "Stop distracting me! Just watch the fight later. Don't fight! Don't you know how strong you are? It's a yellow gold-rank monster. I need to be careful too…"

The middle-aged man suddenly raised his head, looking in the direction where the monster was. "The vibrations are strong. That person arrived so quickly!"

The old man's face turned grave as he turned in the same direction. "There's more than just one vibration wave. There are three of them! One of them is extremely strong and the remaining two are slightly weaker. All of them are on imperial-level! You can only feel one of them because the frequency of its collision is much higher to the point that it's covered the other two vibration waves."

"Do you mean that there are three battles happening simultaneously at one battleground?" The middle-aged man did not sense the two collisions that were slightly weaker.

"No. From the collision itself, it seems like there are two monsters being blocked by three humans. It could also be there are three monsters attacking two humans. However, there must be more than one monster!" The old man's facial expression was stern as he said this.


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