Monster Paradise
811 The Pale Man“s Trump Card
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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811 The Pale Man“s Trump Card

There were three ways to kill the God's Figurine combat soul.

The first way was to kill the God's Figurine. However, only a True God could do so.

The second way was to kill the monster soul inside the God's Figurine. However, the strength requirement to kill the combat soul was extremely high. Since the pale man's combat soul was on black gold-rank, only a combat soul that was at least two ranks higher, which was yellow gold-rank, would be capable of killing it.

As for the third way, it was to exhaust the Life Power of the God's Figurine.

This method was very time-consuming. Since the God's Figurine defense was exceptionally strong, it could sustain the attacks with its body and its Life Power would not be consumed at all. Therefore, in order to deplete the God's Figurine Life Power, the only way was to let the God's Figurine attack continuously so that their Life Power would be constantly used during the fight.

Another way was to kill the owner of the God's Figurine in the combat soul.

As long as the owner of the God's Figurine in the combat soul died, the combat soul inside the God's Figurine would collapse. Consequently, the God's Figurine would return to its initial form which was a palm-sized statue.

Lin Huang was unable to execute the first two methods. The third method was way too time-consuming. Therefore, he chose the fourth method.

Lin Huang was still thinking how to get rid of the two God's Figurine combat souls and approach the pale man. He did not expect him to instruct the two God's Figurine combat souls to surround Charcoal and come to Lin Huang by himself.

It was a fantastic chance and, of course, Lin Huang would not miss it.

The two God's Figurine combat souls would certainly fail to kill Charcoal. To avoid the pale man from running away after the failed attempt, he secretly set up everything with his telekinetic threads, so the man did not discover anything.

This explained everything that had happened up till now.

The man's limbs and neck got entangled by thousands of telekinetic threads. He was now being strung up in mid-air like an insect trapped in a spider web. He could not break free from it at all.

"I don't know where you're from and I don't need to know either." Lin Huang stared at the man coldly. "It's because there'll only be one type of person who'll hurt me and the people around me, which are the dead."

After finishing his words, Lin Huang pointed in the direction where the pale man was.

The telekinetic daggers then sped towards the pale man, resembling piranhas that were attracted by the smell of blood.

The man became a live target as he was entangled by the telekinetic threads.

The daggers struck the pale man like swimming fishes and the sound of colliding metal could be heard. The sound could be heard so frequently as if it was a torrential downpour.

As he was protected by the demigod relic, he did not sustain any injuries. Still, he looked upset because he could clearly sense that the Life Power in his body was gushing out uncontrollably in an attempt to restore the Life Power of the demigod relic.

"I can't let this continue. It can last for five minutes at the most and my Life Power will be drained." He immediately contacted the two God's Figurine combat souls, issuing a new instruction.

The two God's Figurines got out of the deep pit, appearing right in front of the man in a flash.

One of them surrounded its sharp claws with Life Power, striving to tear the telekinetic threads apart. Another one stood right in front of the man, blocking all the attacks.

"You're really naïve." Lin Huang was amused.

He moved his fingers slightly and the telekinetic threads then headed out for the wry-faced monster. It immediately dodged the threads and was unable to assist the man.

Again, Lin Huang snapped his fingers.

The trajectory path of the telekinetic daggers began to change. They avoided the snake-headed monster that was blocking the front of the man and continued attacking him without any obstacles.

The man's plan had failed again. He was furious.

"Don't worry about me. Activate ranged attack and destroy all the telekinetic daggers!"

After receiving a new instruction, the two God's Figurine combat souls did as they were told.

The snake-headed monster lifted its hooves up and stomped hard on the telekinetic daggers surrounding it. The wry-faced monster extended its sharp claws as well, attempting to destroy the telekinetic daggers.

"Although it's stupid, it's still acceptable." Lin Huang guffawed when he saw that. He had a plan in store.

After patting Charcoal's head, Lin Huang and Charcoal opened their mouths at almost the same time. Black dragon flames rushed out of their mouths again, enveloping the entire area where the wan man was.

Although the spitting of dragon flames looked the same as the last time, in fact, Lin Huang and Charcoal had hidden a spiritual attack within the flames. They wanted to avoid affecting the impact of the telekinetic threads and the telekinetic daggers.

They did not intend to attack with the spitting of dragon flames. Instead, they wanted to create an environment that was beneficial to them.

Of course, this sped up the consumption of the pale man's Life Power as well.

Seeing the arrival of the dragon flames from mid-air, the man had an urge to criticize and curse out loud.

The next moment, everything in front of him turned dark. He could not even see the two God's Figurine combat souls.

He could sense that they were not far away from him.

Still, the two God's Figurine combat souls who were drowned in flames stood there without any defenses.

Aside from the black flames, both of them could not see anything. They were unable to attack the telekinetic weapons now.

The black daggers moved freely in the flames. It was hard to even trace these black daggers as they were covered by the dragon flames.

However, the coverage of the dragon flames was akin to a huge territory whereby he could sense everything that happened inside. The same went for the pale man's position. The daggers managed to accurately strike his body each time.

In addition to the burning effect of the dragon flames, the consumption of Life Power in the body of the pale man did not slow down; it sped up instead.

The energy reaction of the dragon flames had far exceeded the telekinetic power. Although they were very close to each other, as long as it was not visible to the naked eye, the two God's Figurine combat souls would be unable to sense the existence of the telekinetic daggers. They seemed completely blind.

They could occasionally sense the position of the daggers that were slightly nearer to them. However, before they could react, the daggers had disappeared into the dragon flames.

Sensing the condition of the two God's Figurine combat souls, the pale man had to admit that he was doomed.

"Lin Xie, I admit defeat now. Please let me go and I promise that I'll not get you into trouble in the future."

"Admit defeat?" Lin Huang raised his brows when he heard that. "Do you think that you're playing a game now whereby you can replay after you've lost the game?"

"What do you want? Are you asking for compensation?" The pale man looked in the direction where Lin Huang was through the dragon flames. "Make me an offer."

"It seems like you have a bad memory." It was obvious that Lin Huang was not going to let him go. "I've made everything clear just now. Only the dead will attack me and the people around me! You kidnapped Yi Zheng and even attempted to kill me in order to snatch away the God's Figurine. It's enough for you to die twice!"

"Are you sure you want every one of us to die?" The man's tone became calm. In fact, he could not see Lin Huang, but could roughly tell where Lin Huang was, shifting his gaze towards him.

"Just use whatever skills you have since you don't have much time left." Lin Huang was not worried that the man could threaten him. "If I'm not mistaken, you have one minute left and your Life Power will be completely drained. You won't have any chance by then."

"I'll do as you wish then. I hope that you won't regret it later!"

After finishing his words, the man's Life Power that was depleting was restored abruptly.

Lin Huang could even feel that there was a breakthrough in the pale man's combat strength. His aura grew stronger and stronger.

Just as his aura reached the pinnacle of black gold-rank, it lasted for about three seconds and again, he made a breakthrough in his combat strength, leveling up to crimson gold-rank! His aura continued to grow and it had no means to stop.

Lin Huang was stunned as he sensed the changes. He felt even more surprised by what he had just seen.

A claw that looked like a sharp blade extended from the head of the pale man. Looking from the top, it seemed like a sharp claw had penetrated through his head. The blood stains could still be seen clearly.

As the claw penetrated through the man's head, it moved down slightly, resembling a paper cutter cutting a piece of paper.

Lin Huang frowned when he saw this.

The sharp claw continued to move downwards and blood spurted wherever it passed. The claw stopped cutting when it reached his abdomen, retracting back into the man's body.

After a moment of silence, the squishing of the flesh could be heard. Blood began to ooze out from the man's wound. The shape of his body began to change as if there was something struggling in his body. He looked like he was in so much pain as he let out some weird sounds that no normal human being could.

Lin Huang's eyes were wide open as he fixed his gaze on the tremendously terrifying scene.

The man's wound was being stretched open by an invisible force and there was blood all over his body. A ferocious monster then gradually crawled out of the wound on his body. The man had died, turning into bloody flesh as if he had lost his skeleton.


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