Monster Paradise
810 To Catch Bandits, First Catch the Ringleader
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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810 To Catch Bandits, First Catch the Ringleader

The greatest advantage of the God's Figurine was that it had an unbeatable body. As long as the opponent's damage was unable to destroy the God's Figurine body (or the protoss' body), it would be immune to all kinds of injuries. The protoss was at least on the True God-level. One could imagine how strong its body was.

Nobody in the gravel world could destroy a God's Figurine combat soul, let alone Lin Huang.

Fortunately, only the physical body of the God's Figurine combat soul could be strengthened, but its combat strength would still depend on that of the combat soul. The combat strength of the two combat souls was only on the first rank of imperial-level: black gold-rank. They were not invincible.

The problem was how could he get rid of the two God's Figurine combat souls.

The pale man was happy on the inside.

He clearly saw that Lin Huang was injured as he fought the God's Figurine combat soul.

"The dragon flames no longer work and you can no longer engage in close combat. I'd like to see what you can still do!" The pale-faced man dominated the two God's Figurine combat souls and again, he pounced towards Lin Huang.

However, Lin Huang had learned from the first lesson. He did not use any sword skill to deal with the two God's Figurine combat souls anymore. Instead, he activated his Dark Mirror.

The defense power of the Dark Mirror was 10 times mightier than Lin Huang's strongest attack. Moreover, it possessed a 100% reflection effect. The attack power of the two God's Figurine combat souls would not exceed the Dark Mirror's maximum defensive power. Therefore, regardless of what kind of attack they were going to launch, their attacks would be reflected by the mirror.

Although Lin Huang would be affected by the aftershock, it was much better compared to the aftershock he faced from the front. The consumption of his Life Power was relatively lower as well.

Noticing that the attacks launched by the God's Figurine combat souls in mid-air were rendered useless, the pale man's face turned grave. Soon, he noticed that even he himself and the God's Figurine combat souls would be unable to break through Lin Huang's defensive skill.

He stared at Lin Huang for a moment and soon, he shifted his gaze from Lin Huang to Charcoal.

"In order to control Lin Xie, the both of you must first kill the dragonkin!"

Sensing that he was unable to break through Lin Huang's defense, the pale-faced man decided to attack Charcoal.

"I don't think that your defense skills can protect the dragonkin!"

After receiving new instructions from the pale-faced man, the two God's Figurine combat souls soon changed their target and gave up fighting Lin Huang. Charcoal was now their hunting target.

The pale man then pounced towards Lin Huang.

He knew very well that the ability of his close combat was incomparable to that of Lin Huang. However, as long as he was not going to fight him face to face, it should not be a problem to gain a little control over him.

Watching the man who was advancing towards him, Lin Huang laughed. "You choose to come to me by yourself."

Just as Lin Huang wondered how he could approach the while being bugged by the two God's Figurine combat souls, he did not expect the man to come to him by himself.

Catching a glimpse of the direction where the two God's Figurine combat souls were heading, Lin Huang instantly knew his intentions and he grinned.

The pale man went right in front of Lin Huang at lightning-fast speed. He opened his hands wide and his sharp claws were about to seize Lin Huang's head.

The hellish claws gathered by his black Life Power then grabbed Lin Huang's head with a deadly aura.

Lin Huang picked up his sword and his black Life Power immediately enveloped the entire blade of the sword. A black beam with a crescent moon-like glow then instantly gushed out of the blade of the sword, streaking across the sky!

The crescent moon-like glow then ripped the sky apart, instantly colliding with the claws mid-air.

Just as they crashed into each other, the terrifying claws were ripped apart. It was akin to a paper that was rent into half in a split second. It then collapsed, turning into black ashes, and faded away.

The wan man did not dodge. A flash of fury flashed through his eyes and he struck several blows with his claws. He completely ignored Lin Huang's sword attack.

On the other hand, the two God's Figurine combat souls launched an attack towards Charcoal.

The snake-headed monster pounced towards Charcoal, raised its hooves up high and was about to stomp hard on Charcoal's head.

The wry-faced monster was agile as it quietly went next to Charcoal. It lowered its body, extending its sharp claws and aimed for Charcoal's abdomen.

Charcoal's eyes flashed with mockery.

Just as the monsters' attacks were about to strike it, two Dark Mirrors were instantly formed.

The two God's Figurine combat souls were stunned when they saw the Dark Mirrors. However, it was too late for them to stop their attacks.

The snake-headed monster stomped hard with its hooves and it struck the mirror. An immense force reflected and struck its hooves, sending it flying away

The wry-faced monster encountered the same thing as well. As it stealthily attacked Charcoal with its sharp claws, its attack was reflected by the mirror and it sailed away.

Not far away, the pale man who was engaged in a fierce fight with Lin Huang could sense the situation of the battle on the God's Figurine combat souls' side. His face turned grave.

In order to control Lin Huang, he had put on demigod-level combat armor to battle him. He did not defend against his attack and was continuously attacking Lin Huang. However, Lin Huang still barely managed to pin him down.

He did not expect that the control he had over Lin Huang could do nothing to him. He initially wanted to make use of the two God's Figurine combat souls to get rid of the dragonkin. However, the dragonkin had similar defensive skills to what Lin Xie possessed, so the two God's Figurine combat souls could do no harm to it.

After the failed attempt, it was meaningless to fight Lin Huang any longer. The sallow man stomped in an attempt to get away from the fight.

"Trying to run away? It's too late!" Lin Huang smirked.

The next moment, the man felt that there was a force dragging his ankles down. He saw nothing as he looked downwards. After several moments, his facial expression changed drastically.


Although he could not see it, he could feel that both of his ankles were being tangled by at least tens of threads. He then detected the terrifying scene with his spiritual strength.

Aside from his ankles, his wrists, neck, knees, elbows, and other joints were entangled by countless telekinetic threads. There were more than thousands of them.

If Lin Xie wanted to do so, he could turn the pale man into his puppet.

The man's back was drenched in sweat as he had not realized that at all.

"Did you just understand the situation you're in?" Lin Huang smiled calmly.

"With my demigod-level combat armor, even if you're able to control me, you can't kill me. There's a time limit for the advancement in your combat strength. As long as the upgrade in your combat strength ends, I'll still be the winner!" The man still did not think that Lin Huang was capable of killing him.

"It's true that I can't break through the defense of a demigod relic. What if the Life Power in your body is depleted?" Daggers gushed out from his sleeve like swimming fishes. They were all arranged in a row in front of him, totaling to about 7,000 daggers.

Witnessing what just happened, the pale man was upset.

He knew very well that his Life Power would be consumed in order to maintain the defensive power of a demigod relic. The consumption of Life Power would increase each time when he was being attacked. Once his Life Power was drained, the demigod relic would return back into his body as it no longer had any energy supply. His body would need to endure all of Lin Huang's attack by then. Without any Life Power to protect himself against those attacks, he was as weak as tofu when he was attacked by a sword that carried imperial-level power.


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