Monster Paradise
809 Lin Huang Had a Headache
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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809 Lin Huang Had a Headache

10 seconds...

20 seconds...

30 seconds…

The pale man was secretly counting the time Charcoal took to spit the dragon flames. As time passed, his face turned ghastly.

When Lin Huang and Charcoal spat the dragon flames, he thought of sacrificing two combat souls to interrupt the spitting of the flames. The area covered by the dragon flames was too vast and it was unavoidable. There were only two ways to deal with such an attack. They had to either interrupt it or dodge it.

However, he knew that the time for a dragonkin to spit dragon flames would be limited. He only needed to bear it for about 20 seconds as it would drain a huge portion of its Life Power. The depletion of its Life Power had far exceeded the Life Power consumed by his defensive skill. It would be beneficial to him if a large amount of its Life Power became exhausted.

Therefore, he chose to fight against them.

However, half a minute had passed and the flames did not weaken.

He could clearly sense that apart from the two triple mutated combat souls, there were some problems with the defense layer of the five combat souls. "Hold on a little longer. Their Life Power won't last that long."

He had miscalculated. One whole minute had passed and the dragon flames were still as powerful as ever.

He began to panic.

The defense layer of the five double mutated combat souls was shaking and could collapse at any time. Despite the demigod-level armor which he was wearing completely isolating him from the dragon flames, he was pressured as the armor was constantly exhausting his Life Power.

"It's lasted for a minute…" The sallow man then looked at the combat souls in front of him. Only the two triple mutated combat souls could still bear the dragon flames and were moving against them. The closer they were to the origin of the dragon flames, the higher the damages and the temperature. The combat soul might become destroyed if they were to go against the dragon flames. As he thought of this, the man ground his teeth and decided to bear it. "According to the consumption of Life Power of the dragon flames, I don't think it can still last any longer!"

One minute and 10 seconds…

One minute and 15 seconds...

One minute and 20 seconds…

He continued calculating the time. Every second was a torment to him.

After one minute and 23 seconds, the defense layer of the first combat soul had collapsed. The Life Power of the combat soul was being depleted, turning into ashes in less than two seconds after being burnt by the dragon flames.

After one minute and 26 seconds, the defense layer of the second combat soul collapsed as well…

After one minute and 32 seconds, the third combat soul was destroyed.

After one minute and 36 seconds, the fourth…

After one minute and 42 seconds, the fifth…

As for the two undying species, after their Life Power was drained, there was no way of reviving them and they were burnt to ashes as well.

The defense layer of the two remaining triple mutated combat souls began to collapse…

A third of the Life Power of the pale man remained.

He had made many mistakes in this battle and suffered great losses.

The spitting of dragon flames had lasted for more than one minute and 40 seconds. Still, the flames did not weaken to his utter shock. He could not understand why the dragon flames were now stronger than what he had seen coming from Lin Huang's mouth earlier.

At that moment, he felt regret instead of shock.

He regretted not interrupting the spitting of dragon flames. He regretted choosing to fight Lin Huang in terms of Life Power consumption. If he had made the right decision, there would still have been losses, but not to such an extent.

Seeing the two triple mutated combat souls about to collapse, he had a steely determination in his eyes. Two palm-sized statues suddenly appeared in his hand.

Mumbling, he looked at the two statues in his hand. "God Master, I've ruined your treasure. I'll offer my apology with death when I return."

After finishing his words, he pressed the two statues against his chest.

In a short while, two figures appeared in front of him.

They were two mutated monsters. Their aura barely managed to cover the aura of the two triple mutated monster souls.

One of them looked like a cat but had a wry skeleton-like face. It had sharp teeth that looked like steel nails. Its body was long and it looked like a magnified cheetah with stripes all over its body.

The second one was a snake-headed monster and its lower body looked like a hoofed mammal. However, it had metallic scales all over its body and four extremely huge hooves that could be compared to a basin. Most of the monsters feared being trampled on by the hooves.

Lin Huang had no idea what the name of the two mutated monsters was. They were standing in the middle of the ocean of dragon flames without any defenses. Seemingly, they were completely fine in the ocean of flames.

"Stop the spitting of the dragon flames!" After receiving the instruction from the pale man, the two mutated monsters then looked into the sky. Soon, they could locate where Lin Huang and Charcoal were.

The two figures then blasted off into the sky, heading towards the dragon flames.

The black dragon flames that possessed terrifying destructive power and extremely high temperature surged towards the two mutated monsters. However, it did no harm to their bodies as if they were completely immune to the dragon flames.

Of course, Lin Huang and Charcoal realized this. The dragon flames were like a huge territory to them and they could sense whatever that happened within it easily.

Lin Huang could clearly see the pale man take the two statues out.

"How is it possible for him to have two God's Figurines?!"

Lin Huang's face turned grim as he saw the man pressing the two God's Figurines against his chest. In fact, it was within his expectations when he integrated the God's Figurine with his combat soul, summoning two combat souls with the figurine.

The tablet had told Lin Huang about the characteristics of the God's Figurine.

Although the combat strength of the combat soul would not increase after the integration of the God's Figurine with his combat soul, the combat soul would obtain a god-level body. It would be impossible for any force below god-level to leave any trace on its body, let alone destroy it. The physical defense of such a combat soul could be completely immune to forces below god-level.

This was also the reason why the two combat souls could resist the dragon flames without the use of any Life Power. They could easily go against the dragon flames.

The two mutated monsters gushed out of the dragon flames and pounced towards Charcoal and Lin Huang. The second Lin Huang saw that, he immediately took out his sword. His attack transformed into a crescent moon-shaped black glow and struck the two mutated monsters.

The two mutated monsters howled, but they did not dodge the sword attack and went after it.

Just as they collided with the sword, the glow of the sword that was capable of fighting a black gold-rank collapsed.

The two mutated monsters dove towards them without any obstacles.

Lin Huang's Life Power immediately sheathed the blade of the sword and it turned completely black. Lin Huang leaped down from Charcoal's back and headed for the two mutated monsters.


A loud thud was heard just as the blade crashed with the claws of the mutated monsters. The impact stirred the atmosphere.

Lin Huang could feel that there was a force flowing through the blade of the combat sword. The aftershock of the force had far exceeded all the forces he had ever encountered in his life. His combat sword almost detached from his hand when they crashed into each other. The blade shrouded by his Life Power immediately collapsed and the cracking of bones could be vaguely heard coming from his arms.

The next moment, Lin Huang's body flew away and landed on the ground very far away.

Of course, the two mutated monsters were not completely fine. Although their bodies were strong and nobody could break through their defenses, they were not completely immune to the impact that resulted from Lin Huang's sword. They flew away as well and two huge pits were formed on the ground.

Charcoal immediately stopped spitting dragon flames. It flapped its wings and soon, it appeared on top of Lin Huang. Worriedly, it gazed down at the ground where a pit was formed.

"I'm fine."

Thanks to his Divine Regeneration, Lin Huang's broken arms were recovered in the blink of an eye. His injuries resulting from the aftershock were almost recovered as well.

He then got onto Charcoal's back.

The pale man returned to the sky as well after getting rid of the dragon flames. He then recalled the two triple mutated combat souls back into his body. Although they had not collapsed, their Life Power was almost depleted and they could no longer fight.

Apparently, Lin Huang had won the fight as he managed to deal with seven combat souls with just one skill.

Seeing the two monsters that got out of the pits without any injuries and appeared right in front of the man in a flash, Lin Huang felt a headache coming on.


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