Monster Paradise
808 You Can“t Imagine the Happiness of Spitting Dragon Flame
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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808 You Can“t Imagine the Happiness of Spitting Dragon Flame

Mid-air, Lin Huang was standing on Charcoal's back.

It was his first time combining the two skills: the Knight skill and the Integration skill. He was quite satisfied with the effect.

Charcoal was on immortal-level rank-5 and the combat strength of the two skills could only be upgraded three levels higher. However, there were some uncertainties about the advancement of the combat strength as it could increase anywhere from one to three levels higher. However, Lin Huang combined the two skills and his combat strength was four levels higher. He managed to reach his pinnacle – immortal-level rank-9.

It was his first time fighting an imperial-level with the combat strength he currently possessed.

Lin Huang could confirm that the estimation he made for his ability was correct in just one blow.

The pale man who was on black gold-rank was pinned down by him.

Despite the fact that it was also his first time engaging in a fight while standing on Charcoal's back, the both of them could communicate really well with the help of the Knight skill. Lin Huang felt that Charcoal was an extension of his body. Apart from being able to instantly express what he wanted to Charcoal without saying anything, he could even see how the world looked like from Charcoal's point of view.

It was unbelievable that the combination of the Integration and Knight skills could result in such an effect.

After combining with Kylie, not only did she share her abilities and skills with Lin Huang, but she also shared them with Charcoal too.

Aside from possessing Kylie's speed and agility, Charcoal had perfectly inherited all the skills she owned as well.

Lin Huang felt that he had never been so powerful before.

However, the pale man did not have a good time there.

He was familiar with Lin Huang's identity as an Imperial Censor and could tell that Lin Huang might have had a provisional upgrade in his combat strength. He knew this clearly because he had seen Yi Zheng's memory before.

However, he did not expect Lin Huang to be able to level up from immortal-level rank-1 to rank-9. It was unbelievable that Lin Huang, who was on immortal-level rank-9, was capable of fighting him and even possessed the ability to suppress him.

He had underestimated him previously as he used to think that he could pin him down easily. However, he now had to go through a big obstacle getting the God's Figurine.

"I've underestimated you," the pale man admitted unwillingly. He then glanced at Lin Huang vengefully. "You're hiding your skills well!"

"I didn't. It's just that you've underestimated me. " Lin Huang laughed. "Everybody thinks that an immortal-level rank-1 is just an ant to the imperial-level and that they can be easily defeated. However, they never knew that ants could kill too."

"Regardless of how powerful your combat strength is, your time is limited. After that period of time that you receive an upgrade in your combat strength, I can still do whatever I want to you." Despite the fact that Lin Huang's ability had surprised him and he was in disbelief about it, the sallow man still had good control over the battle as he was not blinded by fear. "Regardless of what upgrade you've experienced in your combat strength, you're just an immortal-level rank-1. That's my greatest advantage."

After finishing his words, a monster soon formed in front of the man. Soon, there were seven monsters and each of them was on imperial-level.

Seeing what just happened, Lin Huang frowned.

His opponent was not an Imperial Censor and the monsters that appeared were not summoning monsters. Instead, they were combat souls.

Their combat strength had been upgraded from immortal-level rank-9 to imperial-level. Of course, they would have nine combat souls.

After getting to imperial-level from immortal-level, the combat souls would transform as the souls were strengthened, leveling up to imperial-level. The combat souls would again be the greatest assistance to the imperial-level.

The pale man had excellent control over them, the reason being regardless of how many ranks higher Lin Huang's combat strength could reach, he was just an immortal-level rank-1. He would only have one combat soul.

Seven imperial-level combat souls were summoned and there were two more that had not been summoned yet. Lin Huang could not confirm if the two remaining combat souls were the strongest ones or if they had been destroyed and could no longer be summoned.

However, it was difficult for him to kill the seven combat soul monsters.

Among the seven combat souls, two of them had gone through their third mutation. There were also two undying species that could hardly be killed.

Seven of them had appeared at the same time. Even Lin Huang felt that it was difficult to defeat them.

Lin Huang would, of course, had a higher number of summoning monsters. After getting into immortal-level, his summoning authority had been activated. The number of summoning monsters he was allowed to summon increased from 10 to 15.

However, most of his summoning monsters were on immortal-level rank-5. They could not join the fight.

A thought suddenly ran through Lin Huang's mind and he decided not to summon Bai and the rest.

"Charcoal!" Lin Huang shouted and soon, Charcoal received Lin Huang's instruction in detail in his mind. Flapping its wings, its huge body then strangely disappeared from its original position.

In the next moment, a human and a monster then appeared on top of the monsters.

"Dragon flames!"

At almost the same time, Charcoal and Lin Huang opened their mouths wide. Dragon flames then spewed out of their mouths.

The two flames did not repel each other. Instead, they grew stronger rapidly, gushing towards the seven combat souls and the pale man.

Black flames then engulfed the eight of them like a tsunami, spanning tens of kilometers from where they were and turning the entire region into a black ocean.

Unexpectedly, the force that resulted from Charcoal and his dragon flames did not just double. Instead, it went far beyond that. Its damage and power had multiplied many times. Although the effect might not be as powerful as what Charcoal could achieve when it officially leveled up to imperial-level, the effect was similar.

"It's less likely that they can get rid of our attack as the range of attack is very wide. Most probably, they'll be forced to fight back. If that happens, even if we can't kill the seven combat souls, they'll be severely injured," Lin Huang thought to himself.

This was also the reason why he had activated this skill. He wanted to reduce the number of enemies that could threaten him.

It would be terribly disastrous to be besieged by seven imperial-levels. Despite the fact that they were merely combat souls with no real bodies, their abilities were not much weaker than those with physical bodies. He would feel more relieved even if only one of the combat souls got injured.

The spitting of dragon flames lasted for several minutes. Lin Huang and Charcoal had no means of stopping.

Under normal circumstances, as a dragonkin, Charcoal would not spit dragon flames in such a way. The spitting of dragon flames lasted for just a couple of seconds each time, the longest one lasting for only about 20 seconds. It never lasted longer than half a minute.

It was because the use of dragon flames depleted a large portion of its Life Power. The Life Power in its Life Wheel drained drastically every second like a tidal wave.

It was very important for a dragonkin to rationally distribute the use of its Life Power.

If the time it took to spit dragon flames got too long, its Life Power would be exhausted and it would become a drawback. If the dragon flames were unable to kill its enemy, it would be killed by its opponent.

However, it was not a problem to Lin Huang as he possessed Divine Fire in his body. Compared to the rest of the people, the speed at which his Life Power could be restored was like the difference between a nuclear power plant and a hydraulic power plant. After possessing the Divine Fire, the Life Power in his body was inexhaustible. He could constantly channel it to Charcoal.

Spitting dragon flames for a month would not be a problem to him, let alone a few minutes. Of course, their jaws would feel tired if they were to spit dragon flames for a month.

Charcoal got to enjoy the satisfaction of spitting dragon flames for the first time after getting a constant supply of Life Power from Lin Huang. Nobody could imagine its delight of spitting dragon flames.

Its brutish nature and its desire to destroy things could finally be satisfied. It was like a Husky, which had been kept indoors for a long period of time, happily tearing apart a leather sofa that cost tens of thousands of Life Crystals, three pairs of Armani jeans, a Louis Vuitton bag, and an iPad…


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