Monster Paradise
807 Lin Huang Versus the Imperial-Level
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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807 Lin Huang Versus the Imperial-Level

Lin Huang extended his right arm with his palm facing up.

A palm-sized God's Figurine instantly appeared on his palm, floating a few centimeters off his palm.

"Can you see it now?" Seemingly, Lin Huang was not worried that he would snatch it away. He did not put it away after showing him the God's Figurine. "Can you let him go now?"

"That's great!" The pale man grinned. "Since you've brought it along, there's no use keeping both of you alive."

After finishing his sentence, the man gradually faded away from his original position and appeared right in front of Lin Huang without a trace. He penetrated through Lin Huang's chest as he struck a blow at him.

At that moment, his facial expression changed as Lin Huang's body distorted slightly and disappeared.

"Kylie, bring Yi Zheng away."

In front of Yi Zheng, two figures appeared abruptly. One of them was Lin Huang whereas the other one was Kylie.

Kylie grabbed Yi Zheng's arm and the both of them instantly disappeared.

Seeing Yi Zheng being brought to Kylie's mini world, Lin Huang grinned. He lifted his head, looking at the pale man with an insulting expression.

"An illusion? You did a great job." The man soon responded to him coldly.

"It's just a trick. Not worth mentioning though," Lin Huang said calmly as if fooling an imperial-level with his ocular skill was just a small matter.

"Why didn't you run away? Do you think that I won't kill you?" The man did not panic when Yi Zheng was evacuated.

"Make another guess." Lin Huang smiled.

The man squinted and glanced at Lin Huang for a while. "You look confident. It's either a big bluff or you have a trump card in hand which makes you think that you're capable of fighting me."

"You're smarter than I can imagine." Hearing the answer, Lin Huang smiled again. "However, I need to correct you. I'm not thinking that I'm capable of fighting you. Instead, I know that I have the ability to kill you."

"That's a funny joke. I don't feel like killing you now. If I were to make you my pet, you could tell me jokes when I'm bored…" The man tilted his head slightly, looking at Lin Huang. "Hmm… Let it be. It's too troublesome to have a pet. I shall just kill you to make a new leather bag."

"A leather bag?" Lin Huang could not understand his rationale. However, before he could ask further, Kylie walked out from her mini world.

"Your pet is back. I've been waiting for her." After uttering his words, an invisible wave spread out from his body, passing through Lin Huang and Kylie and spread further away.

Lin Huang could instantly feel that it was causing their surroundings to freeze. He took a glance at where Kylie was at and the same thing seemed to happen there.

"Is it a dimensional territory?" Lin Huang raised his brows, looking at the pale man.

"You've got 20/20 eyesight." He stared at Lin Huang and grinned. "To stop you from running away like what you did just now, I purposely waited for the return of your pet before sealing the dimension."

"Nothing is affected as the entrance is still open," Kylie contacted Lin Huang through her mind.

Lin Huang grinned. Even if Kylie had not told him about it, he knew that his effort of sealing the dimension would be rendered useless. Kylie's mini world was left on this land by someone who was at least on the Virtual God-level. Regardless of how powerful the imperial-level's territory was, it was impossible for it to affect it.

"Would you believe me if I tell you that I'm not going to run away?" Lin Huang spoke the truth with a smile.

"It doesn't matter whether if I trust you or not. You're going to regret what you said." The man's killing intent immediately grew. He was not going to secretly attack Lin Huang as he was going to kill him from the front, snatching his Emperor's Heart Ring away.

"Such a strong intent to kill. You're scary." Lin Huang sounded like he was teasing him. However, he was really careful. From the aura he released, Lin Huang could sense that he was not an opponent that was easy to deal with.

"Come out, Charcoal!"

Lin Huang then summoned Charcoal whose height had been reduced to only five meters tall.

A non-humanoid monster was needed to activate the Knight skill.

Seeing the appearance of Charcoal, the pale-faced man squinted. "A dragonkin?! And the concentration of its blood isn't low!"

Sensing Charcoal's blood purity, instead of being fearful, the man got more excited. He extended his tongue, licking his own lips. "I can't wait to taste the delicious monster!"

Although he was just mumbling to himself, Charcoal who had just been summoned could hear everything clearly. He immediately targeted the pale man, spitting black dragon flames towards him.

The black dragon flames gushed out like the tide, instantly enveloping the area where the man stood.

Right at this moment, Lin Huang's pupils dilated. He immediately grabbed Kylie's wrist and rode on Charcoal's back.



The two skills were unleashed simultaneously.

Kylie then transformed into a beam of black light and penetrated through Lin Huang's chest. Lin Huang's combat strength then began to advance.

Immortal-level rank-1!

Immortal-level rank-2!

Immortal-level rank-3!

Immortal-level rank-9!

Charcoal received a similar upgrade in its combat strength.

The entire process sounded long but it actually happened within seconds.

After the upgrade in combat strength, a figure appeared on top of Lin Huang. Impressively, it was the pale man who was shrouded in the dragon flames earlier.

"That's your trump card!?"

He then struck a blow from the sky. A black, gigantic claw that was formed by his Life Power went after Lin Huang and Charcoal. The gigantic claw could be compared to the size of about four basketball courts. Lin Huang and Charcoal had nowhere to flee.

Seeing the gigantic claw on top of him, Charcoal's bloody eyes flashed with a trace of fury. Just as it was about to spit its dragon flames, on its back, Lin Huang swiftly dashed his sword forward.

A black glow that resembled a crescent moon streaked across the sky, crashing into the black, gigantic claw in an instant.

In the next second, the huge claw was sliced into half like tofu, revealing a smooth surface.

After slicing through the gigantic claw, the glow of the sword that was akin to a crescent moon did not collapse. Instead, it went towards the pale man who was in the sky immediately.

Witnessing what had just happened, a flicker of fear flashed through his eyes. For the first time, he had a serious expression on his face.

The glow of the sword arrived right in front of him in an instant.

Just as the sword was about to strike him, he grabbed the blade of the sword. Exerting force on the black glow with five of his fingers, the black glow collapsed into pieces like broken glass.

Although he managed to dodge Lin Huang's attack without getting injured, he did not look fine. He had to admit that the young man in front of him was really capable of fighting him.

He was not being naïve or swashbuckling.


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